Hall of Fame

The DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame honors people who made 

a) an outstanding contribution to DUSTOFF aviation over an extended period
b) a doctrinal or technical contribution
c) an innovation with an identifiable impact on DUSTOFF Aviation
d) efforts that inspired others, or
e) any combination of above,
and records the excellence of their achievements for posterity. All persons are eligible for induction, except active duty Generals and Colonels. Membership in DUSTOFF Association is not a requirement for individuals nominated for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. Any individual, military or civilian, may nominate an individual for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame consideration.

This white paper expands on the above criteria.

Generous donations by the membership have funded the plaques as well as the DUSTOFF logo and the dedication plaque. The AMEDD Museum Foundation has graciously allowed the DUSTOFF Association a wide degree of latitude in occupying space that could otherwise be reserved for archives.

The standards are published on this site as well as the nomination form and procedures. Please, take the time to research the background and accomplishments of that person you feel is worthy of induction into our Hall of Fame. Take some quality time to work up the required documentation, citation, and nomination narrative and send it to the Association at our post office box.

Our legacy is rich with self-sacrifice, heroism and service to our fellow man. All DUSTOFF crewmembers are a hero in some way or another. Some rise above the rest and deserve special recognition. The Executive Council needs the eyes, ears and memories of our full membership to assist us in appropriately identifying and honoring those worthy of representing the DUSTOFF legacy by induction into our Hall of Fame.




    This Form is to be used for the submission of all nominations for the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame. It may be reproduced locally or additional copies may be obtained from The DUSTOFF Association Secretary by writing to: DUSTOFF Association, P. O. Box 8091, Wainwright Station, San Antonio, TX 78208.


    The DUSTOFF Association sponsored Hall of Fame honors those persons who have made a) an outstanding contribution to DUSTOFF Aviation over an extended period, b) a doctrinal or technical contribution, c) an innovation with an identifiable impact on DUSTOFF Aviation, d) efforts that were an inspiration to others, or e) any combination of the foregoing, and records the excellence of their achievements for posterity. All persons are eligible for induction, except active duty Generals and Colonels. Membership in DUSTOFF Association is not a requirement for individuals nominated for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. Any individual, military or civilian, may nominate an individual for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame consideration.


    The DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame Executive Council will consider only the following in making its selections:

    [1] A 160-word summary of the accomplishments of the individual nominee.

    [2] A Narrative of not more than 1,500 words documenting the accomplishments and qualifying attributes of the individual nominee.

    [3] The nomination must include a photograph of the nominee in any size, preferably in color.


    Any person may submit this Nomination Form directly to the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame Executive Council for consideration. Nominations should be postmarked not later than July 1 and mailed or express-mailed to DUSTOFF Association, ATTN: Hall of Fame Executive Council; P.O. Box 8091 Wainwright Sta.; San Antonio, TX 78208. Nominations material – to include photographs – will not be returned.


    The Executive Council, which is composed of current officers and former Presidents of the Association, is responsible for validating that the candidates meet the Hall of Fame criteria and selecting a specific number of candidates from all nominees received for placement on the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame Ballot.


    The selected candidates, their narratives and their photos will be voted on by current members of the Hall of Fame and the Executive Council. These members will be asked to vote for their choice of the Inductees (or for None) from those candidates appearing in the ballot. Balloting is conducted annually. A nominee must receive 2/3’s of the votes cast to be elected.


    The induction will take place at the Annual Reunion in February each year. The Hall of Fame is located at the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum in Fort Sam Houston, TX. Brass plaques honoring the Inductees will be placed on the Hall of Fame Wall. Plaques will be purchased as funds are available. Induction to the Hall of Fame will not be delayed due to lack of funds for the plaque.

Use this form to fill out and submit your nomination. Remember, nominations must be received by 1 July each year to be eligible for consideration in that calendar year.

Members of the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame

MAJOR Charles L. Kelly

MAJOR Charles L. Kelly Major Charles L. Kelly was DUSTOFF and DUSTOFF was “Combat Kelly.” The two became synonymous in Vietnam in 1964. As commander of …
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Patrick H. Brady

MG Patrick H. Brady Major (later Major General) Patrick H. Brady, U.S. Army, Medical Service Corps, 54th Medical Detachment, 67th Medical Group, 44th Medical Brigade. Near …
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CW4 Michael J. Novosel

CW$ Michael J. Novosel Chief Warrant Officer (CW3), (later CW4) Michael J. Novosel was a “man for all seasons.” As a DUSTOFF pilot – that almost …
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Louis R. Rocco

CWO Louis R. Rocco SFC (Later CWO) Louis R. Rocco, Advisory Team 162, MACV, Vietnam, was awarded the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity …
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MG Spurgeon Neel

MG Spurgeon Neel Lieutenant Colonel (later Major General) Spurgeon Neel was a pioneer in the development of the principles of aeromedical evacuation of battlefield casualties having …
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Wayne “Tiny” Simmons

Specialist 5 Wayne Simmons was a giant of a man, and much to his delight he was called “Tiny.” In seven months he proved himself …
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Steve Hook

Steve Hook was the “Charles Kelly of Dustoff medics”. He put every life entrusted to his care above his own. He routinely risked his life …
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John Temperilli

In February 1962, CPT John Temperilli, Commander, 57th Medical Detachment, spearheaded events that formed DUSTOFF. Reassigned to Vietnam, they arrived, bringing the first Hueys in …
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Jerome Foust

Brigadier Jerome Foust’s career as DUSTOFF Aviator, commander of medical and medical support units in a variety of combat operations, and as Chief, Medical Service …
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Paul A. Bloomquist

LTC Paul A. Bloomquist exemplified the DUSTOFF spirit throughout his brilliant career. Spending nearly 35 months in Vietnam, he earned 4 awards of the Distinguished …
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Charles Allen

SSG Charles Allen trained for eleven years to treat battlefield casualties. Upon his assignment in 1964 to the 57th Med. Det. (HA) he put his …
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Douglas Moore

COL Douglas Moore had a distinguished career as an aviator, commander, and senior staff officer. During two tours in Vietnam, he flew 1874 combat missions, …
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Eldon Ideus

Each day was “another GRRRREAT DAY” for COL Eldon Ideus. A hardworking farmer’s son from Beatrice, Nebraska, Ideus learned to do his best regardless of …
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Ray Salmon

Ray Salmon deployed to Vietnam in 1964 with the 82nd Medical Detachment. His first experience in combat resulted in numerous awards recognizing his exceptional aviation …
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Jim Truscott

Colonel Truscott served two tours in Vietnam, flying 2009 combat missions, 1700 combat flight hours and evacuating 5,232 patients. Among other awards, he earned the …
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William Hughes

William Hughes’s heroism led to the saving of countless lives in Vietnam. In February 1965, the Viet Cong attacked the village of Binh Gia. A …
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Merle J. Snyder

Colonel Merle J Snyder had a distinguished 30-year career as an aviator, commander, and senior staff officer. He rose from Private to Colonel. In Vietnam, …
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Thomas “Egor” Johnson

SSG Thomas “Egor” Johnson was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame for his life-long impact on the DUSTOFF Association and his contributions to the …
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James “Pappy” Coleman

James “Pappy” Coleman earned 3 Silver Stars, a Distinguished Flying Cross, 2 Bronze Stars and an Air Medal all for Valor, and 2 Purple Hearts; …
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Robert Romines

Colonel Robert B. Romines had an outstanding career as a DUSTOFF aviator and professional officer. His performance as a DUSTOFF aviator in combat is legendary. …
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Dan Gower

COL Dan Gower dedicated 27 years of service to Army serving 96 months in command and 147 months as a DUSTOFF pilot. His career was marked …
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Edward G. Bradshaw

Colonel Edward Bradshaw’s 30-year career in the Army epitomized the creed of the Army officer. He held 11 commands; many were unique and can never …
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Vince Cedola

LTC Vince Cedola’s first mission of deploying a unit set the stage for the rest of his aviation career, activating and deploying DUSTOFF units to …
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Timothy Cole, Jr.

Warrant Officer Tim Cole served his country with dignity, honor, and valor in Vietnam, flying over 800 missions and evacuating over 1600 wounded personnel. Tim …
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Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson was an extraordinarily accomplished enlisted /officer medic. After a tour as a combat medic in Vietnam, he volunteered for DUSTOFF duty. On a …
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David Dryden

COL David Dryden is a multi-skilled aviator, commander, and health care administrator. One of the first MSC pilots to become a Helicopter Instrument Instructor and …
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Charles Webb

COL Charles Webb completed training as an infantryman before attending OCS in 1957. Branch transferring to the Medical Service Corps, he had a long, distinguished …
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Hank Tuell

COL Hank Tuell had an outstanding career as an aviator, commander and hospital administrator. His initial assignment after flight school was with the 15th Medical …
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Thomas C. Scofield

COL Thomas C. Scofield’s 28-year military career as a DUSTOFF pilot, commander at every level of the AMEDD, and his contributions in key and important …
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Benjamin Knisely

COL Benjamin Knisely epitomizes the best in AMEDD aviation and our DUSTOFF tradition. At the battle of Hue-Phu Bai he was shot down while attempting …
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Ron “Huey” Huether

LTC Ronald (HUEY) Huether spent all but one assignment in AMEDD aviation positions working to mentor junior aviators. He is a Master Aviator with 5,500 …
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Steven D. Vermillion

LTC Steven D. Vermillion completed a highly successful 26-year career as a Master Army Aviator, Armor/Air Cavalry Commander, and senior staff officer. In Vietnam, Steve …
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Thomas “Hoot” Gipson, Jr.

CWO Thomas “Hoot” Gipson, Jr., the original DUSTOFF 39, twice extended his tour of duty to fly DUSTOFF. Hoot was the first warrant officer to …
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Ronald C. Jones

COL Ronald Jones evacuated patients from the battlefield in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. During his first tour in Vietnam, he evacuated a number of …
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James Wingate

LTC James C. Wingate’s distinguished career with DUSTOFF spanned 47 years in the Army and Industry. He was a humble, compassionate man who focused on the …
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Lee Roupe

LTC Lee Roupe’s distinguished career spanned 36 years. Enlisting in 1976, he proudly served as a Soldier, NCO, Warrant Officer, and Medical Service Corps Aviator. …
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Robert Mitchell

COL Robert “Bob” Mitchell’s 31 years of selfless service are marked with outstanding leadership and significant doctrinal and inventive contributions to the DUSTOFF legacy. His …
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Don Sewell

In one year in Vietnam CW2 Don Sewell flew over 1,000 combat hours, approximately 1800 combat missions, and helped rescue some 4,000 patients. In the …
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Dennis Doyle

Brigadier General (Retired) Dennis Doyle’s 34 years of dedicated, selfless service culminated with his assignment as the 17thChief, U.S. Army Medical Service Corps.  His contributions to …
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LTG Quinn Becker

LTG Quinn Becker In Vietnam, LTG Quinn H. Becker commanded the 15th Medical Battalion, parent unit of the famed  1st Cavalry Division’s Air Ambulance Platoon.  This …
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David MacDonald

COL David MacDonald COL David MacDonald’s distinguished 25-year military career was marked with lasting contributions to MEDEVAC structure, doctrine, and materiel across the full spectrum of …
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Scott Heintz

Scott Heintz COL David “Scott” Heintz’s exemplary 26-year career embodies the DUSTOFF tradition. He set the foundation for the Army’s Aeromedical Evacuation transition into the 21st …
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Stephen Peth

Stephen Peth LTC Stephen Boyer Peth enlisted as a Private and rose to Lieutenant Colonel. Serving as a Warrant Officer with the 159th Medical Detachment in …
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