Charles Allen

SSG Charles Allen trained for eleven years to treat battlefield casualties. Upon his assignment in 1964 to the 57th Med. Det. (HA) he put his training into practice under the leadership of the legendary Major Charles Kelly. He placed his dedication and devotion to duty above his own chances for personal advancement defining his distinguished twenty-year military career. His ability to quickly and calmly gather and treat battlefield casualties under fire was an inspiration to the officers and men with whom he served. His vast knowledge of administering aid to trauma patients was passed on to the younger and inexperienced medics of his detachment resulting in saving countless lives. As a pioneer of the new concept of aeromedical evacuation, he led by example, never asking anyone to do anything he would not do, flying missions day or night, fair weather or foul, demonstrating the very essence of a combat flight medic. He served among the best DUSTOFF had to offer and became one of them. MSG Charles Allen was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 21 February 2004.
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