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Featured in This Edition:

Medevac Units Fly In The Thick Of Battle To Retrieve Casualties

The first medevac helicopter circles down, kicking up a storm of dust and scattering the red smoke. There is nowhere to land and the pilot hovers at 50 meters as the medic, Staff Sgt. Bradley Robbins, attaches…

Always Ready

Many have earned awards for risking their lives to save troops on the ground and have worked to improve their skills to save even more lives than ever. They have been in high demand for almost two decades…

Miracle at Landing Zone Ross

The recollection of that unbelievable medical evacuation mission on Saturday, 13 Sep 69—two days before my 27th birthday—flashed through my mind. I was standing bareheaded at “attention”…

The Ash Tray

This story actually is a compilation of three major events culminating into one final outcome. My father, David Richardson, was an Air Force Rescue pilot in Vietnam. In the last few years he took the time…

Lake Havasu Rescue

I am certain most pilots have experienced strange things happening during their flying days, so let me share one of mine. COL (R) Doug Moore

Teaching Aviation Medicine during a pandemic

“The mission isn’t stopping, so the training isn’t stopping.” The message, relayed by the School of Army Aviation Medicine (SAAM) 1SG, is one of perseverance and resolve…

“From the Wiregrass”

What you do in support of your fellow Soldier in the noble mission of the MEDEVAC is vastly important and appreciated. Throughout this year, the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges…

A small sampling of “old aviator sayings”

While not a complete list – these pretty well hit the high points

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