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DUST OFF – The Angels of Mercy

Featured in This Edition:

Featured Article: Five Words that transformed Army Aeromedical Evacuation

Army medical evacuation transformed on 1 July 1964 in a field South of Vihn Long in the Republic of Vietnam , MAJ Charles L. Kelly, commanding officer of the sole aeromedical evacuation unit in Vietnam—the 57th Medical Detachment (helicopter ambulance) headquartered in Saigon but operating out of Soc Trang with the unit’s Detachment A—is called to pick up a wounded American advisor.

Casualty Evacuation and the Army of 2030/2040

Army Aviation will play a key role in casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) during large-scale combat operations (LSCO). The scope and scale of casualties of future
conflict may be of a magnitude not seen since the first and second world wars.

Monuments to our DUSTOFF KIAs

The dedication ceremony for our DUSTOFF KIA Memorial was held 18 February 2023.

United States Army Reserve Aeromedical Evacuation Update
By MAJ Shawn Kirby

 Aeromedical evacuation has undergone transformation since its re-integration into the Unit[1]ed States Army Reserve (USAR) with a single Medical Company Air Ambulance in 2009.

President’s Message – Spring/Summer 2023

LTC Chris Wingate, President of the DUSTOFF Association

Executive Director’s Message – Spring/Summer 2023

LTC (Retired) John McMahan, Executive Director of the DUSTOFF Association

Consultant’s Corner – Spring/Summer 2023 A final message from COL Dave Zimmerman

Top of the Schoolhouse – “A Transition Community”

Instructor duty within the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) is highly sought after and competitive.

“From the Wiregrass”

Greetings from beautiful Mother Rucker! Below, you’ll find updates along a few of our many important areas of interest. Its been an extremely busy, yet productive year and I’m excited about the future capabilities the MEDEVAC Enterprise is hard at work to provide for our future force.

New Entries on the Manifest

DUSTOFF Treasurer’s Report – May 2023

Submitted by COL Jack Leech (COL Retired) – Treasurer

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