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DUST OFF – The Angels of Mercy

Announcing Reunion 2021!

Featured in This Edition:

Shexander’s Monkey

When I arrived in Vietnam, I was as wet behind the ears as anyone could be.


I arrived in Vietnam on the 4th of July 1969, barely 21 years old. It was an average age for most of the other Army helicopter pilots I flew with in the 237th Medical Detachment in northern I Corps near the DMZ.


Does anyone remember FSB Henderson? In May 1970, we helped with a mass-casualty evacuation. Bodies were lying all over. Guys on the ground were begging for reinforcements….

How I spent Christmas 1967

During its long run, the Vietnam war caused all sorts of tragic losses including the most beautiful car I have ever seen. Let me tell you that sad story.

2020 DUSTOFF Annual Award Winners Announced

Join us in congratulating the 2020 Award Winners of the Aviator, Crew Chief, Medic and Rescue of the Year.

Top of the Schoolhouse – “Change is Good”

“The mission isn’t stopping, so the training isn’t stopping.” The message, relayed by the School of Army Aviation Medicine (SAAM) 1SG, is one of perseverance and resolve…

“From the Wiregrass”

Army Aeromedical Evacuation has been the sole platform for intra-theater patient movement for the last twenty years of conflict.  During that time we have seen changes across the fleet and community from the airframe, mission equipment, and medical equipment sets to the air ambulance provider’s skill set. 

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