Welcome our newest DUSTOFF Aviators

Congratulations to our most recent DUSTOFF pilots who graduated from flight school on February 8th! This particular flight school class had five 67J DUSTOFF pilots, of which two were honor graduates – 1LT Suppiah, Jacob -Distinguished Honor Grad and 1LT Schirner, Joshua- Honor Grad. Four of these 67Js are COMPO 1 and one was COMPO 2.

Left to Right (COMPO 1):1LT Bowles, Alexandra, 1LT Suppiah, Jacob, 1LT Schriner, Joshua, 1LT Talalotou, Justin and 1LT Abeln, Zachary (COMPO 2).

We are all very proud of these incredible aviators who have volunteered to fly in harms way to rescue people they have never met and may never know. Bless you all! DUSTOFF!

In other news: 1LT Jacob Suppiah, 67J, was presented with his DUSTOFF Association Life Member Certificate on February 6th, by COL Sam Fricks, Director, MECCD for having the highest Flight School 21 GPA in his graduating flight class and Distinguished Honor Grad. Also present to make the presentation was George Johnson representing Collins Aerospace, the sponsor of the Lifetime Membership Award for each top-of-the-class MSC graduate from flight school and the Critical Care Flight Paramedic Course. We welcome Jacob to the DUSTOFF Family and wish him well as he assumes his duties as a DUSTOFF aviator! Thank you to Collins Aerospace for their continued support! Jacob is the second 67J DHG in two months. Jacob will be headed to Fort Liberty upon graduation from flight school this Thursday.

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