The DUSTOFF Association Scholarship is administered for the DUSTOFF Association by the AAAA (Army Aviation Association of America). The DUSTOFF Association Memorial Scholarship is open to DUSTOFF Association members, spouses, children and grandchildren of DUSTOFF Association members.

Due to rules of the AAAA Foundation, each applicant must be a member of the AAAA. This means either the DUSTOFF Association parent or student must be a member of the AAAA and the DUSTOFF Association. The time period of one year is waived for DUSTOFF Association children/grandchildren and they only have to be a member at time of application for the scholarship. In most cases the purchase of a Student Membership in AAAA is the least expensive alternative.

To find out how to apply, Click HERE to visit the AAAA Web site. You will find all the information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) required to contact and get in the running for this year’s scholarship.

Applications are completed online and must be submitted by the deadline of 15 December. Click HERE to get the application. The application for this year must be completed and the application must be submitted by 15 December.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: When filling out the application you must check the DUSTOFF Association block (see red arrow below) to be eligible for the DUSTOFF Association Scholarship and have the one year AAAA membership requirement waved.

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