Edward G. Bradshaw

Colonel Edward Bradshaw’s 30-year career in the Army epitomized the creed of the Army officer. He held 11 commands; many were unique and can never be replicated by other Army officers. He served in Vietnam as an Infantry Platoon Leader in the 1st Cavalry Division. Returning to Vietnam as a DUSTOFF Aviator, he commanded the 237th, 68th, and 54th Medical Detachments (HA). His efforts in Vietnam were rewarded with the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star Medal with V device, Purple Heart, and 2 Air Medals. Following his combat time, he commanded units worldwide, including the 236th Medical Detachment, 498th Air Ambulance Company, 15th Medical Battalion, and the 3d Armored Division Support Command, an unmatched accomplishment. His command of the Fort Sam Houston Army Garrison allowed the historical post to flourish as never before. He was one of the most accomplished leaders in AMEDD history. His leadership was an example for every DUSTOFFer and remains the very essence of excellence in our military medical support efforts. Edward Bradshaw was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 21 February 2009.

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