Ray Salmon

Ray Salmon deployed to Vietnam in 1964 with the 82nd Medical Detachment. His first experience in combat resulted in numerous awards recognizing his exceptional aviation skills and bravery. The citations reflect his consummate skills with the aircraft and “his total disregard for hostile fire raking the landing zone while rescuing soldiers wounded in action.” He returned to Vietnam with the 45th Medical Company as Operations Officer. The 45th was converted into an Air Ambulance Battalion covering the entire III and IV Corps Tactical Zones. Ray later served in Germany as Commander, 30th Medical Group. His final assignment was Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations of the Health Services Command, then providing health services support to more than 5 million personnel. He was selected as a 1987 Distinguished Member of the AMEDD Regiment. Ray Salmon’s memory will always live in the heart of Army Medical Department Aviation. His dedication, courage, and unquenchable desire to save lives on the battlefield will always be in the hearts of those who served with him and benefited from his stalwart example. Ray Salmon was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 21 February 2004.
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