Vince Cedola

LTC Vince Cedola’s first mission of deploying a unit set the stage for the rest of his aviation career, activating and deploying DUSTOFF units to where none had previously existed. Originally assigned to the 274th Medical Detachment in Germany, he was immediately transferred to the 47th Medical Detachment and deployed with them to Lebanon. He later received emergency orders to Fort Benning to assist activating the 54th Medical Detachment for the Cuban Missile Crisis. He then activated the Air Ambulance Platoon of the 11th Air Assault Division. Vince joined the 82d Medical Detachment deploying to Vietnam. He earned a Distinguished Flying Cross and was the first Army Aviator awarded the Vietnamese Air Gallantry Medal and Aviation Badge. He activated and deployed the 571st Medical Detachment in 90 days to Vietnam. His unit was honored by the US Navy for the 5000th, 7000th, and 8000th landings on Navy hospital ships. Because of his leadership, flying skills, and dedication, thousands of wounded patients reached professional medical care. Vince Cedola was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 21 February 2009.
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