Steve Hook

Steve Hook was the “Charles Kelly of Dustoff medics”. He put every life entrusted to his care above his own. He routinely risked his life for the wounded. He walked in minefields for wounded where no other soldier would move. He crossed battlefields under enemy fire for the wounded. He volunteered for missions in weather conditions such that no other aircraft would fly. By his demeanor and example he contributed immeasurably to a unit that suffered 50% casualties and evacuated up to 4,000 patients in a month. He was absolutely fearless, models for all that the combat medic has been or could ever aspire to be. Medals can never measure his contributions to the DUSTOFF mission, the lives he saved, and the inspiration he provided. He was a hero-maker. Others who got more medals stood on the shoulders of men like Steve Hook. He represents all those who made so many heroes and got so little recognition, who saved countless lives but are seldom counted. He is not famous and he did not die in a blaze of glory, but he left his blood and sweat on many battlefields setting an example for all who care for others. Steve Hook was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 24 February 2002.

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