Steven D. Vermillion

LTC Steven D. Vermillion completed a highly successful 26-year career as a Master Army Aviator, Armor/Air Cavalry Commander, and senior staff officer. In Vietnam, Steve flew l,450 combat missions, and evacuated more than 2,200 patients. He was a heroic and tenacious combat pilot, flying with fearlessness. but without reckless abandon. Each mission tested his decision-making skills, along with his tolerance for overwhelming fear. He flew missions regardless of the weather and enemy situation, thereby earning the respect of his enlisted crewmembers, fellow pilots and ground commanders. A 1969 issue of Stars and Stripes contained a quote from his fellow pilots, stating, Steve was “one the best pilots in Vietnam.” Steve dual-tracked aviation and armor assignments, commanding for 87 months, and is the only known Army Aviator to have served as a Motorized Combat Infantry Brigade S3 and Executive Officer. Steve’s awards include the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medal (30 OLC w/V Device). Steve Vermillion was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 13 April 2013.

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