Eldon Ideus

Each day was “another GRRRREAT DAY” for COL Eldon Ideus. A hardworking farmer’s son from Beatrice, Nebraska, Ideus learned to do his best regardless of the sacrifice. His thirty-year career included two tours of duty in Vietnam, command of the 377th Medical Company (AA) and the 1st Medical Group during Desert Storm. Problems were just “opportunities in disguise”. He loomed large in the cockpit and even larger at the aviation proponency office where he mentored new lieutenants giving back to his beloved DUSTOFFers the benefits of his leadership. He helped the AMEDD fight challenging battles to save force structure. He walked the same terrain as his soldiers, lead from the front and pushed the envelope to devise better ways to service the fighting forces. He never stopped teaching, preaching, encouraging, and mentoring. “I would only like to be remembered as a good soldier” was his desire. He is remembered as such. Eldon Ideus was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 21 February 2004.
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