Lee Roupe

LTC Lee Roupe’s distinguished career spanned 36 years. Enlisting in 1976, he proudly served as a Soldier, NCO, Warrant Officer, and Medical Service Corps Aviator. Lee excelled in every metric and was one of the most experienced Master Army Aviators, amassing over 5,500 flight hours in multiple aircraft. He served on seven combat and operational tours, deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Bosnia. His dedicated loyalty, work ethic, and care for Soldiers and families, saved countless lives, set conditions for the future success of DUSTOFF, and made lasting and positive contributions to the overall success of Army Medicine. A humble servant-leader, he successfully commanded four companies, a battalion, and a provisional brigade with distinction. Though Lee’s life was cut short, he inspirational leadership, devoted care for Soldiers and Families, and steadfast service, lives on in those he trained, mentored, and inspired. Lee Roupe was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 1 April 2017. 
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