Jim Truscott

Colonel Truscott served two tours in Vietnam, flying 2009 combat missions, 1700 combat flight hours and evacuating 5,232 patients. Among other awards, he earned the Silver Star, 5 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 53 Air Medals and 2 Bronze Stars. Jim commanded three helicopter ambulance units in Germany, including the 421st Evacuation Battalion. He served two tours with Headquarters, US European Command. He also served as Chief, Command and Staff Branch, Academy of Health Sciences. He volunteered for overseas duty in command of a Medical Technical Assistance Field Team in Saudi Arabia. There he was promoted to Colonel and selected to command the combat-experienced 68th Medical Group in Germany. His final assignment was as the Assistant Commander for Force Integration, AMEDD Center and School. Throughout his career, Jim epitomized the courageous leader, inspiring young Soldiers to excel. He always chose the difficult, demanding jobs because conquering those challenges was much more than simply accepting the easy jobs. Jim Truscott was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 5 February 2005.

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