Financial Report S/S 2022 Newsletter

1/1/2022 through 06/30/2022 (Cash Basis)


        Interest Inc 		$     5.39	
	Membership Dues		$ 3,550.00	
	Memorial Donations	$37,530.43	
	Reunion Income		$28,456.51	
	Sales Income		$ 4,846.13	
	TOTAL INCOME		$74,388.46	
        Memorial Expenses	$41,040.00	
	Operating Expenses	$ 1,276.78	
	Reunion Expenses	$19,485.34	
	Sales Expenses		$   441.73	
	Tax			$    37.06	
	TOTAL EXPENSES		$61,839.18
	OVERALL TOTAL		$12,549.28

NOTE: Reunion income represents the Reunion held in 2021. Expenses for Reunion have some down payments made for the Reunion 2023. Memorial income represents funds raised to install five granite monuments in honor of our fallen brothers and sisters who died in the conduct of a medical evacuation mission. This year's reunion showed a very nice profit and had a larger attendance than the 2021 reunion held in Georgia. There remains a $16,000 payment to the monument installation company that will complete the memorial fund raising efforts. Residual funds raised for the monuments are to be donated to the AMEDD Museum.    
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