Hall of Fame Members

Posts of the Members of the Hall of Fame with Picture and Citation

Lee Roupe

LTC Lee Roupe’s distinguished career spanned 36 years. Enlisting in 1976, he proudly served as a Soldier, NCO, Warrant Officer, and Medical Service Corps Aviator. Lee excelled in every metric and was one of the most experienced Master Army Aviators, amassing over 5,500 flight hours in multiple aircraft. He served on seven combat and operational …

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James Wingate

LTC James C. Wingate’s distinguished career with DUSTOFF spanned 47 years in the Army and Industry. He was a humble, compassionate man who focused on the needs of the wounded. In Vietnam he flew 1100 combat flight hours on 805 missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and 34 Air Medals – three for Valor. …

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Ronald C. Jones

COL Ronald Jones evacuated patients from the battlefield in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. During his first tour in Vietnam, he evacuated a number of casualties in the rear seat of his TO-1D aircraft. During his second tour in Vietnam, as the commander of both the 50th Med. Det. and the 326th Med. Co. (AA), …

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Steven D. Vermillion

LTC Steven D. Vermillion completed a highly successful 26-year career as a Master Army Aviator, Armor/Air Cavalry Commander, and senior staff officer. In Vietnam, Steve flew l,450 combat missions, and evacuated more than 2,200 patients. He was a heroic and tenacious combat pilot, flying with fearlessness. but without reckless abandon. Each mission tested his decision-making …

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Ron “Huey” Huether

LTC Ronald (HUEY) Huether spent all but one assignment in AMEDD aviation positions working to mentor junior aviators. He is a Master Aviator with 5,500 hours flight time, qualified in: UH-1, OH-58, T-42, U-21, C-12, and numerous civilian aircraft and holds an Airline Transport Pilot’s rating. After flight school he went to Vietnam earning the …

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Thomas C. Scofield

COL Thomas C. Scofield’s 28-year military career as a DUSTOFF pilot, commander at every level of the AMEDD, and his contributions in key and important staff assignments are immeasurable. During his two tours in Vietnam, he earned four awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with V device for valor and 39 Oak …

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Benjamin Knisely

COL Benjamin Knisely epitomizes the best in AMEDD aviation and our DUSTOFF tradition. At the battle of Hue-Phu Bai he was shot down while attempting a hoist mission in the Ashaw valley. For three days, with no food or water, he evaded capture. After evacuation and nine months of rehabilitation, Ben’s petition to remain on …

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Hank Tuell

COL Hank Tuell had an outstanding career as an aviator, commander and hospital administrator. His initial assignment after flight school was with the 15th Medical Battalion in Vietnam. He flew more than 1,000 combat hours, evacuating over 2,100 patients, demonstrating tenacity and bravery under fire. His combat awards include the Silver Star, six awards of …

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Charles Webb

COL Charles Webb completed training as an infantryman before attending OCS in 1957. Branch transferring to the Medical Service Corps, he had a long, distinguished career as an aviator, staff officer and commander. He commanded at the detachment, platoon, company and battalion levels, had many tours as a DUSTOFF pilot and several years as a …

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