Hall of Fame Members

Posts of the Members of the Hall of Fame with Picture and Citation

David Dryden

COL David Dryden is a multi-skilled aviator, commander, and health care administrator. One of the first MSC pilots to become a Helicopter Instrument Instructor and Standardization Pilot, he completed two tours in Vietnam, flying 1036 combat hours and evacuating over 2500 patients. Facing almost insurmountable challenges involving aircraft and maintenance support, he activated and commanded …

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Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson was an extraordinarily accomplished enlisted /officer medic. After a tour as a combat medic in Vietnam, he volunteered for DUSTOFF duty. On a night mission during a tropical storm in mountains, he flew 9 hours loading and treated scores of wounded under constant enemy fire. Jimmy volunteered to go back again and again …

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Timothy Cole, Jr.

Warrant Officer Tim Cole served his country with dignity, honor, and valor in Vietnam, flying over 800 missions and evacuating over 1600 wounded personnel. Tim was a dedicated pilot who earned the Silver Star, 5 Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, the Purple Heart, and multiple Air Medals during his 9 months in …

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Vince Cedola

LTC Vince Cedola’s first mission of deploying a unit set the stage for the rest of his aviation career, activating and deploying DUSTOFF units to where none had previously existed. Originally assigned to the 274th Medical Detachment in Germany, he was immediately transferred to the 47th Medical Detachment and deployed with them to Lebanon. He …

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Edward G. Bradshaw

Colonel Edward Bradshaw’s 30-year career in the Army epitomized the creed of the Army officer. He held 11 commands; many were unique and can never be replicated by other Army officers. He served in Vietnam as an Infantry Platoon Leader in the 1st Cavalry Division. Returning to Vietnam as a DUSTOFF Aviator, he commanded the …

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Robert Romines

Colonel Robert B. Romines had an outstanding career as a DUSTOFF aviator and professional officer. His performance as a DUSTOFF aviator in combat is legendary. During his Vietnam tour with the 45th Med Co (AA), no one flew more hours, evacuated more patients, took more hits from enemy fire or completed more evacuation missions. He …

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Dan Gower

COL Dan Gower dedicated 27 years of service to Army serving 96 months in command and 147 months as a DUSTOFF pilot. His career was marked with outstanding leadership, selfless service. His unit was awarded the FORSCOM Commander’s Trophy for Aviation Safety in 1981, signifying the number one-rated unit of that size. He developed the Army’s …

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Merle J. Snyder

Colonel Merle J Snyder had a distinguished 30-year career as an aviator, commander, and senior staff officer. He rose from Private to Colonel. In Vietnam, he flew 1,387 missions, evacuated over 3000 patients and is recognized as one of our most respected and heroic DUSTOFF pilots. He negotiated a medical support plan with the Israelis …

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