The DUSTOFF Prayer, penned by Chaplain Connie Walker

Kind and Merciful Heavenly Father, thank You for “calling” and “sending” DUSTOFF Teams on missions of mercy, under the most hostile conditions, in a deeply Dedicated and Unhesitating Service To Our Fighting Forces of all ages and ranks. Lord, history has us standing on the shoulders of the faithful and courageous DUSTOFF Teams who have gone before. Bless them forever. We follow their stalwart leadership steps. Lord, may each of us hear afresh Your summons, “Follow Me.” Heroic cries like “When I have your wounded … ” captivate and ring in our ears, hearts and prayers, even today as we fly on missions of mercy to Lift for Life and Hope. Heavenly Father, we trust in Your saving and sustaining Grace, now and forever. In the Name of our Great God, Redeemer and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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