San Antonio site of DUSTOFF Rally

The Alamo Cafe was the site of the first of what we hope to be many local DUSTOFF Rallies. Thanks go out to COL (Ret) Johnny West for his vision and execution of the San Antonio Rally. Our goal is for DUSTOFF communities across the country and overseas to “Rally” together to see old friends and meet new as often as possible. Major General Pat Brady was in attendance at the first ever San Antonio DUSTOFF Rally.  This rally pulled together members of the DUSTOFF community past and present.   The purpose of this rally was to meet and greet old and new friends. Thirty two DUSTOFFers were in attendance. It was as a success!

There will be another rally in the fall.   Everyone is invited for the next rally.

We hope you enjoy the photos!
Even if you have a small group of DUSTOFFers who gather together, please send in your photos with a brief description! We will post to our website and social media!

 “We are going to keep flying exactly the way Kelly taught us to fly, without hesitation, anytime, anywhere.” MG Pat Brady

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