Jack Diggs

Jack Diggs CW4 (Ret.) of Ozark passed away Monday, October 4, 2010 at his home. He was 65. Mr. Diggs was born July 27, 1945 in Beach Grove, Indiana and lived the early years of his life in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Diggs was a Medevac chopper pilot with 54th DUSTOFF in Vietnam with over 8,000 hours of flying time.

Following his active duty he was a flight instructor at Ft. Rucker and served with the 282nd “Black Cats” Reserve unit. He sponsored allied military flight students while they were in flight school at Ft. Rucker. Mr. Diggs had a total of 38 years of federal service when he retired on November 2, 2000. He owned and operated the Village Inn of Newton for 22 years and was very active in the community and held numerous Poker Runs for families with sick loved ones and for community organizations. Mr. Diggs was a member of the American Legion and the VFW.

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