Hall of Fame Members

Posts of the Members of the Hall of Fame with Picture and Citation

Merle J. Snyder

Colonel Merle J Snyder had a distinguished 30-year career as an aviator, commander, and senior staff officer. He rose from Private to Colonel. In Vietnam, he flew 1,387 missions, evacuated over 3000 patients and is recognized as one of our most respected and heroic DUSTOFF pilots. He negotiated a medical support plan with the Israelis

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William Hughes

William Hughes’s heroism led to the saving of countless lives in Vietnam. In February 1965, the Viet Cong attacked the village of Binh Gia. A massive air assault was launched and four helicopters were shot down. He ran through heavy automatic weapons fire to the downed aircraft, repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire while rescuing

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Jim Truscott

Colonel Truscott served two tours in Vietnam, flying 2009 combat missions, 1700 combat flight hours and evacuating 5,232 patients. Among other awards, he earned the Silver Star, 5 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 53 Air Medals and 2 Bronze Stars. Jim commanded three helicopter ambulance units in Germany, including the 421st Evacuation Battalion. He served two tours

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Ray Salmon

Ray Salmon deployed to Vietnam in 1964 with the 82nd Medical Detachment. His first experience in combat resulted in numerous awards recognizing his exceptional aviation skills and bravery. The citations reflect his consummate skills with the aircraft and “his total disregard for hostile fire raking the landing zone while rescuing soldiers wounded in action.” He

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Douglas Moore

COL Douglas Moore had a distinguished career as an aviator, commander, and senior staff officer. During two tours in Vietnam, he flew 1874 combat missions, evacuated 2782 patients and piloted the aircraft that recovered three American POWs from the North Vietnamese in a highly sensitive mission along the Cambodian Border. Between Vietnam tours, he helped

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Eldon Ideus

Each day was “another GRRRREAT DAY” for COL Eldon Ideus. A hardworking farmer’s son from Beatrice, Nebraska, Ideus learned to do his best regardless of the sacrifice. His thirty-year career included two tours of duty in Vietnam, command of the 377th Medical Company (AA) and the 1st Medical Group during Desert Storm. Problems were just

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Charles Allen

SSG Charles Allen trained for eleven years to treat battlefield casualties. Upon his assignment in 1964 to the 57th Med. Det. (HA) he put his training into practice under the leadership of the legendary Major Charles Kelly. He placed his dedication and devotion to duty above his own chances for personal advancement defining his distinguished

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Jerome Foust

Brigadier Jerome Foust’s career as DUSTOFF Aviator, commander of medical and medical support units in a variety of combat operations, and as Chief, Medical Service Corps, clearly defines him as one of the most accomplished MSC officers ever. From his first assignment as a DUSTOFF pilot in the Republic of Vietnam, where he completed many

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