Breaking News – Fort Rucker renamed Officially Fort Novosel

With many of CW4 Mike Novosel’s family in attendance, Fort Rucker officially became Fort Novosel. Mike Novosel was awarded the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War for his life-saving missions to save wounded Soldiers. Mike was one of the finest gentlemen this Army has ever had in its ranks. Mike served during World War II in the South Pacific. He re-entered the Army to fly as a Warrant Officer. He is a member of the Army Aviation Hall of Fame as well as the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame. This is a fitting tribute to one of Army Aviation’s and DUSTOFF Aviation’s most notable heroes.

John McMahan, Executive Director of the DUSTOFF Association addressed the family member present at the ceremony:
On behalf of the members of the the DUSTOFF Association, we want to present CW4 Mike Novosel Hall of Fame coins to each of you. Although these coins will never replace your father, brother or grandfather, this is our way of remembering him and congratulating his family for the distinct Honor of having on of our country’s finest Army posts named after him. What an Honor!


Family members present were:
Jeanne Vinyard: Daughter
Two sons: Cody and wife Jessica and Michael and wife Kadie
Three great grandchildren Paislee, Declan and Findlay Vinyard, who belong to Cody and Jessica Vinyard

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