Monuments to Honor DUSTOFF KIA

The original memorial honoring those killed in action during the Vietnam War was dedicated in 1973. A UH-1 (Huey) helicopter was dedicated as the memorial to the 214 crewmembers who were KIA during the Vietnam War. That memorial was dedicated and placed on the grounds of the U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School on Fort Sam Houston. Present that day and officiating at the ceremony were MG Spurgeon Neel and MG (then LTC) Patrick Brady.

                After the formation of the DUSTOFF Association a set of large memorial board was built to honor those KIA during the Vietnam War and a second large memorial board was built to honor those KIA in the Post-Vietnam era. This second board has the names of those killed during peacetime missions, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and the post-9/11 Global War on Terror. Currently, the total number of names on the memorial boards is 264.

Currently, a new plan to honor our KIAs has resulted in a program to install five granite monuments to honor these heroes. These monuments are to be placed under the large pergola on the grounds of the Army Medical Department Museum. This pergola houses three legacy helicopters used in Army Aeromedical Evacuation units (DUSTOFF and Solo-Pilots from the Korean War). The location is highly visible to visitors to the Museum and open to the public once the Army Medical Department Museum finishes the access portal. This access portal allows the public to enter the Museum grounds without having to go through the security process for access to the rest of the Fort Sam Houston Installation.

                The costs of this project are $40,640 for the production of 5 granite monuments inscribed with the names of all 265 crewmembers who died in the conduct of an aeromedical evacuation of the sick, wounded, or injured, on an flight to move whole blood or medical supplies to aid in the treatment of the sick, wounded or injured, or on a flight to move medical personnel to support and treat the sick, wounded, or injured. Installation costs and final preparation of the site for the tablets is estimated to be another $16,000. The image shown here is a conceptual rendition of the actual chosen site with the five monuments installed – we are planning not only the four required for all the names, and a fifth monument that would allow for some history, some inspirational message, or other images. Donations made to date are allowing us to pay cash for these monuments honoring their sacrifices in a very prominent and meaningful way. Excess donations will be provided to the Army Medical Department Museum Foundation to assist with the fund drive to enlarge the museum and provide a public access portal located on Harry Wurzbach Road. On 1 July we received our approval of the proffer from the Installation Commander and approval to move forward with the installation of the monuments.

Below are the names of those who gave their last full measure in the effort to save lives. They are arranged in chronological order and they are also grouped with the crewmembers with whom they were flying the day of the incident. You’ll see a LOT of full crews with four and sometimes five names.

MAJ Charles L. Kelly
57th Medical Detachment
1 July 1964

SP5 Wayne C. Simmons
57th Medical Detachment
1 April 1965

CPT Charles Kane, Jr.
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
12 October 1965

CPL Orin Larry Allred
PFC William Esposito, Jr.
SSG Gilivaldo Martinez, Jr.
498th Medical Company
11 November 1965

WO1 George W. Rice
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
18 December 1965

PFC Rudolph Jackymack
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
4 May 1966

CPT Donald Coles Woodruff
2LT Dennis Boyd Easley
SP5 Charles Samuel Ridout
SP4 Clifford Sheran Bratcher
PFC Douglas Mason Kyser
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
20 July 1966

MAJ Kent Ellsworth Gandy
MAJ Harry V. Phillips Jr.
254th Medical Detachment
13 August 1966

CPT Joe Raymond Fulgham, Jr.
1LT Alan Harry Zimmerman
SP4 Thomas Michael Martinez
PFC Phillip Harry Johnson
283rd Medical Detachment
2 February 1967

1LT Jack Rowley Lichte, Jr.
WO1 Edward L. Bush
SP4 Ronald Richard Fillmore
PFC Clifford Herrin
57th Medical Detachment
20 March 1967

CPT Robert Neal Bradley
SSG Tennis Crispian Ferrell
498th Medical Company
21 March 1967

SP4 Michael P. Kelley
82nd Medical Detachment
26 March 1967

CPL Joel Carol Fowler
498th Medical Company
21 May 1967

SP4 Ronald Gale Trogdon
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
19 June 1967

1LT Howard John Schnabolk
498th Medical Company
3 August 1967

SP5 Dwight D. Woolf
498th Medical Company
4 August 1967

CPT Kurt Lloyd Kuhns
WO1 Roger Clarke Rose
SGT Francis E. Glazebrook
SP4 Dalton Truro Goff
SP4 Larry Gay Lance
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
8 September 1967

SP4 Ramior Herrera, Jr.
45th Medical Company
22 September 1967

SSG Leroy Williams
498th Medical Company
25 September 1967

1LT Lawrence Gallego
1LT David Bard Wainwright
SP5 Willie F. Green
SP5 Roland Albert Nielsen
SP4 Ronald Andrew Martin
254th Medical Detachment
4 October 1967

CPT Robert Gene Burlingham
WO1 Robert George Porea
PFC Joseph Hoggatt
PFC Lewis Arthur Trask
45th Medical Company
6 October 1967

1LT Thomas James Chiminello
WO1 Forrest De Vere Rains, Jr.
SP5 Herbert C. Donaldson, Jr.
SP5 Lawrence Lano
57th Medical Detachment
29 October 1967

MAJ Larry Gene Powell
45th Medical Company
22 November 1967

CPL Ray Delgado
82nd Medical Detachment
30 December 1967

WO1 Thomas E. Adams
WO1 William C. Cheney
PFC William D. Holland
498th Medical Company
31 December 1967

CPT Marlon G. Runion
283rd Medical Detachment
2 February 1968

1LT Jerry Lee Roe – MIA
CW2 Alan Wendell Gunn – MIA
SSG Wade L. Groth – MIA
SSG Harry Willis Brown – MIA
50th Medical Detachment
12 February 1968

SGT James Richardson
498th Medical Company
6 April 1968

WO1 John Philip Supple
159th Medical Detachment
5 April 1968

WO1 Thomas Ronald Pursel
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
19 May 1968

MAJ William Joseph Ballinger
1LT Guy Bernard Ephland, Jr.
SP4 Alan Louis Matte
SGT Kenneth Ray Rucker
45th Medical Company
27 May 1968

WO1 James G. Zeimet
283rd Medical Detachment
4 September 1968

SP5 Charles Lavern Lumm
498th Medical Company
13 September 1968

WO1 Christopher D. Lucci
498th Medical Company
18 September 1968

SP4 Ronald Lester Granville
498th Medical Company
27 September 1968

SP4 Richard W. Sanders
54th Medical Detachment
1 October 1968

SP4 Calvin E. McGilton
54th Medical Detachment
3 October 1968

WO1 Reinis Fox
54th Medical Detachment
7 October 1968

WO1 Timothy Cole, Jr.
WO1 Gary Wayne Doolittle
SP4 Robert W. Dieffenbach, Jr.
SGT Victor R. Hernandez
571st and 54th Medical Detachment
18 October 1968

CPT Robert Lee Cottman
WO1 Dennis A. Groth
SP5 Ronald L. Doolittle
SP5 Stephen J. Saluga, III
82nd Medical Detachment
19 October 1968

SGT David A. Wencl
82nd Medical Detachment
3 November 1968

1LT Stephen Carl Beals
WO1 James Donald Doran
SP5 Johnny Glen Gregg
SP4 John S. Alling, Jr.
PFC Robert Earnest Jones
15 Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
26 November 1968

SP4 Charles Elbert Gay
SP4 Teddy Ray Sininger
498th Medical Company
15 December 1968

WO1 Sylvester Davis
WO1 Arvid O. Silverberg
SFC William Roy Henderson
PFC Robert Royce Sloppye
283rd Medical Detachment
23 January 1969

CPT Otha Lindsey Poole
WO1 William Hix, Jr.
SP4 Gary Morgan Johnson
SP4 James Ronald McNish
45th Medical Company
5 February 1969

SP4 Kirk Allen Woolley
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
11 February 1969

SP4 Gary Lynn Dubach
SP4 Stephen L. Schumacher
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
14 February 1969

SP4 Richard J. Rochacz
498th Medical Company
21 February 1969

WO1 Guy Frederick Johnson
WO1 Douglas Earl Stover
SP4 Gregory Lee Habets
SP5 Carlos W. Rucker
254th Medical Detachment
26 March 1969

1LT Jerry Tyrus Lee
SP4 James Anthony Margro
SP4 James Reese Walters          
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
13 May 1969

WO1 Robert E. Layman, Jr.
WO1 Fredrick S. Walters
SP5 David J. Ewing
PFC Jeffrey Allen Richardson
54th Medical Detachment
22 May 1969

WO1 Jonathan R. Vars
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
17 July 1969

CPT George Louis Miner
WO1 Gerald Lewis Caton
326th Med Bn, 101st AA Div
17 August 1969

SP5 Louis Scott DiBari
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
5 September 1969

SSG James Wood Megehee
SP4 Gary Lee Bowdler
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
7 September 1969

WO1 Roy Miles Stillwell
57th Medical Detachment
23 November 1969

WO1 Rocky D. Armstead
WO1 Orval A. Baldwin
SP5 Stephen E. Arnold
SP5 Hubert D. Sutton
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
5 October 1969

CW3 Ferman Hodges
SP4 Billy W. Denley
SP4 Ralph Silvio Cinotti
15th Med Bn, 1 Cav Div
28 October 1969

SP4 John Douglas Thrasher
254th Medical Detachment
4 November 1969

WO1 Don Leslie Rock
57th Medical Detachment
19 November 1969

SP5 Michael John Poll
498th Medical Company
23 November 1969

CPT Jesse Allan Wisdom
WO1 Gary David Thatcher
SGT Richard F. Walton
SP4 Morris E. Williams
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
6 February 1970

1LT Douglas G. MacNeil
159th Medical Detachment
7 April 1970

SP5 Loran E. Sweat, Jr.
283rd Medical Detachment
23 April 1970

WO1 Rodney Keith Arnold
SP6 James T. Conway
SFC James H. Brooks, Jr.
15th Med Bn, 1 Cav Div
25 April 1970

CPT John R. Hill – MIA
SP4 Zettie J.C. Dulin
PFC Randall W. Love
237th Medical Detachment
27 April 1970

CW2 John R. Smith
SP5 Kevin R. Keleher
SP5 Donald Ray Marlow
45th Medical Company
30 April 1970

WO1 Alfred J. Gaidis
1LT Phillip N. Schmitz
SP4 Charles A Covey
SP4 John Alyn Largent
237th Medical Detachment
10 May 1970

SP5 Theodore W. High IV
254th Medical Detachment
15 May 1970

SGT Gary Lynn Taylor
15th Med Bn, 1st Cav Div
24 May 1970

WO1 Bruce E. Graham
WO1 Edward T. O’Brien
SGT David K. Johnson
SGT William Hawkins
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
26 May 1970

SP4 Kenneth H. Lamborn
498th Medical Company
9 June 1970

SP5 Jack Lee Wolfe
254th Medical Detachment
27 June 1970

SGT Brent R. Law
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
21 July 1970

WO1 William A. Parker
498th Medical Company
26 July 1970

CW2 Robert O. Hill Jr.
WO1 Michael Lee Bradley
SP5 Kenneth C. Nokes
SP4 David W. MacLurg
SP4 Jeffrey M. White
237th Medical Detachment
27 September 1970

WO1 John L. Nesovanovic
SP4 Ronald K. Allgood
SP4 Robert W. Alverson, Jr.
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
2 October 1970

CW2 Gary W. Engelhardt
WO1 John R. Bregler
SP4 Guy L. Mears, Jr.
254th Medical Detachment
17 October 1970

1LT Kenneth M. Schlie
CW2 Terence A Handley
SP4 Harold C. Gay
SP4 Thomas Ray Weiss
68th and 54th Medical Detachment
20 October 1970

CW2 Donald R. Cook
WO1 Charles F. Smith
SP4 Dennis E. Reese
PFC Karl L. Reineccius
498th Medical Company
26 October 1970

SP5 Gregory Lee White
54th Medical Detachment
11 November 1970

WO1 Paul R. Brass
WO1 Randall Freeman
SSG Stephen F. Johnson
SP4 Jeffery D. Kuersten
SP4 John W. Murphy
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
14 December 1970

SP5 Daniel F. Cox
SGT William A. Malenfant
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
15 January 1971

CW2 Joseph G. Brown
237th Medical Detachment
18 February 1971

WO1 John V. Rauen
WO1 John M. Souther
SP4 Dennis E. Gilliland
SP4 John J. Levulis
498th Medical Company
20 February 1971

SGT James L. Wieler
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
7 March 1971

SP5 Russell G. Ahrens
571th Medical Detachment
18 March 1971

WO1 Hugh M. Pettit
68th Medical Detachment
10 April 1971

SP5 Michael Lee Brummer
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
23 April 1971

SP5 Robert F. Speer
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
24 April 1971

SP5 David P. Medina
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
30 April 1971

CW2 Billy Dean Pedings
SP5 Donald Wood
237th Medical Detachment
15 June 1971

CW2 Chester A. Luc
CW2 Thomas J. Stanush
SP5 Joseph M. Feeney
SGT David J. Funes
326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
10 October 1971

CW2 Ronald K. Schulz
WO1 John S. Chrin
SGT Michael Lee Darrah
SGT Hugo Araux Gaytan
PFC Ricky Alan Pate
57th Medical Detachment
13 October 1971

1LT William R. Lewis, Jr.
CW2 Anthony J. Mensen
SP4 Billy V. Morris
SP4 Anton J. Schnobrich
68th and 54th Medical Detachment
22 October 1971

CW2 Robert Louis Horst
283th Medical Detachment
7 April 1972


MAJ James C. Rothwell
CPT Benjamin S. Park
SSG Carrol C. Zanchi
SP4 Edwin Lee Stoller
377th Medical Company
16 March 1969

SP4 Jerome S. Ryan
15th Medical Detachment
09 October 1971

CW2 John C. Johnson
WO1 Desmond P. Downey
SP5 Earl D. Rankorn
SP5 Harvey J. Salas
421st Medical Company
15 March 1975

CPT Terrance K. Woolever
CPT John L. Dunnavant
SGT Floyd Smith
D/326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
4 January 1978

WO1 Sheryl Siroonian
D/326th Med Bn, 101 AA Div
4 March 1980

MAJ Richard Cobb Bulliner
CPT William S. Inklebarger
SSG Gregg A. Penn
PVT Mark R. Welch
571st Medical Detachment
4 September 1982

1LT James B. Belcher
CW2 Kevin R. Killman
SFC Doyle Dean Cannon
SPC Jerome C. Brachel
3/498th Medical Company
6 February 1987

CPT Kim Jon Strader
63rd Medical Detachment
17 September 1988

1LT Peter J. Rose
CW2 Carol L. McKinney
SGT Dallas R. Cooper
1267th   Medical Company
14 December 1990

SSG G. V. Hailey
236th Medical Company
19 January 1991

CW3 Richard Lee
229th Medical Detachment
7 February 1991

1LT Daniel Graybeal
WO1 Kerry Heine
SSG Michael Robson
507th Medical Company
27 February 1991

1LT Joseph D. Maks
CW2 Patrick A. Donaldson
SGT Michael S. Smith
SPC Kelly D. Phillips
36th Medical Detachment
12 March 1991

CPT Sashai Dawn
1LT Vicki L. Boyd
SSG Linda S Simonds
126th Medical Company
13 May 1991

CWO Hans N. Gukeisen
CWO Brian K. VanDusen
SGT Richard P. Carl
571st Medical Company
9 May 2003

CWO Ian D. Manuel
CWO Philip A. Johnson, Jr.
SPC Christopher A. Golby
SPC Michael A. Diraimondo
571st Medical Company
8 January 2004

SSG Heathe N. Craig
159th Medical Company
21 June 2006

SSG Robert B. Cowdrey
C-3/82 Aviation Regiment
13 October 2011

CW2 Don C. Viray
CW2 Nicholas S. Johnson
SPC Dean R. Shaffer
SPC Chris J. Workman
A-2/25 Aviation Regiment
19 April 2012

Major Trevor P. Joseph
26 September 2019

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