Michael D. Peirceh

Mike Pierce died on 25 Nov 16. Mike served his country and community with pride and distinction.

Mike flew Army Dustoff missions in Vietnam with the 498th Medical Company at Lane Army Heliport in 1970. Although he was a full time Dustoff radio (RTO) operator, Mike volunteered to frequently fly as an armed patient protector as sick and wounded U.S. soldiers were carried from field fire bases to Army evacuation hospitals in An Khe and Qui Nhon. Many times Mike and his radio were the only lifeline communications to other friendly forces. He often went to field locations at LZ English, An Khe and Pleiku to man the base station Dustoff frequencies. He, along with flight medic Richard Doke and crew chief Ken Lamborn (deceased due to KIA), saved many lives in Vietnam.

After Vietnam Mike served in law enforcement for 20 years with the Augusta, GA Richmond County Sheriffs’ Department and 8 years with the city of Farmers Branch, Texas Police Department.

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