Jim Saler

It saddens to inform you of the death of Jim Saler. Jim Saler was a retired U.S. Army aviator who spent many of his years flying Medevac. After retiring from the Army he flew an EMS helicopter for Tri State CareFlight based in Durango, Colorado. Exactly one year to the day after leaving the Army, he along with a Flight Nurse and a Flight Paramedic, were killed June 30th 2005 when their Augusta A119 Koala crashed while trying to save the life of another.

Thomas Maloney added a section to his Web site to honor and recognize Jim Saler, as well as Bill and Scott. All men left behind wives; Jim also left behind three daughters and Scott left behind a newly adopted son. After their accident Tom created an illustration entitled Angel of Mercy. The limited edition prints, as well as shirts are being sold to raise money for the widows of this tragedy.

If you are interested, you can access the memorial page athttp://aircav.org/CareFlight.html If you click on Jim Saler’s photo from that page, it will take you to another section devoted just to Jim. There you can learn about his background and military service to our country. I can tell you that Jim loved our country, the Army and saving lives by flying helicopters.

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