Charles Webb

COL Charles Webb completed training as an infantryman before attending OCS in 1957. Branch transferring to the Medical Service Corps, he had a long, distinguished career as an aviator, staff officer and commander. He commanded at the detachment, platoon, company and battalion levels, had many tours as a DUSTOFF pilot and several years as a reserve component advisor. He was shot down over heavy jungle halfway through his first tour in Vietnam. He fought to regain flight status and returned to Vietnam to command the 54th Med. Det. He served in the Pentagon as the Aviation Staff Officer for the Surgeon General and with the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations as the National Coordinator for the MAST program when it was at its peak with 30 locations. At OTSG he served as principal staff officer for the new utility helicopter, the Blackhawk. He was instrumental in its design and in obtaining DA approval for a one-for-one replacement of UH-60s for UH-1s. He is a Master Army Aviator, rated in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. 18 of the types and series aircraft he was qualified in are found in the Army Aviation Museum. He served as an instructor pilot and instrument flight examiner, and was on flight status for nearly 28 years. COL Webb is a member of the Infantry Officer Candidate Hall of Fame. Charles Webb was inducted into the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame on 12 February 2011.


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