Financial Report S/S 2021 Newsletter

1/1/2021 through 05/31/2021 (Cash Basis)

Category              1/1/2021- 5/31/2021    

Interest Inc                  8.18       
Membership Dues            1000.00  
Reunion Income             1766.96      
Sales Income               1360.63      
TOTAL INCOME              $4135.77

Operating Expenses        10199.41        
Reunion Expenses            129.34        
Sales Expenses              337.56        
Sales Tax                    36.06      
TOTAL EXPENSES           10,702.37    

OVERALL TOTAL            ($6566.60) 

NOTE: Operating Expenses are higher than normal. This is due to a one-time payment in support of the MECCD (Concepts Division) at Fort Rucker as a donation to the Installation. Payment was made to fund the pad for a UH-60 Medical Evacuation Helicopter with ties to a DUSTOFF unit. This aircraft will be on display in front of the building that is occupied by our concepts division on Fort Rucker.    
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