Financial Report F/W 2021 Newsletter

1/1/2021 through 11/30/2021 (Cash Basis)


Interest Inc	 		$10.38	
	Membership Dues		$2,750.00	
	Memorial Donations	$4,000.00	
	Reunion Income		$17,254.70	
	Sales Income		$3,568.12	
	TOTAL INCOME		$27,580.20	
Memorial Expenses		$5,860.00	
	Operating Expenses	$13,038.21	
	Recreation		$12.95	
	Reunion Expenses	$5,765.36	
	Sales Expenses		$895.62	
	Tax			$36.06	
	TOTAL EXPENSES		$25,608.20
	OVERALL TOTAL		$1,972.00

NOTE: Operating Expenses are higher than normal. This is due to a one-time payment in support of the MECCD (Concepts Division) at Fort Rucker as a donation to the Installation. Payment was made to fund the pad for a UH-60 Medical Evacuation Helicopter with ties to a DUSTOFF unit. This aircraft will be on display in front of the building that is occupied by our concepts division on Fort Rucker. 

Reunion income represents the Reunion held in 2021. Expenses for Reunion have some down payments made for the Reunion 2022.   
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