President’s Letter – Fall/Winter 2023

Hello from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)! We are just past half-way to next year’s Reunion, and what a great year it has been. The new crop of leaders is anything but new, with most involved in the DUSTOFF Association for more than 20 years! I’m honored to serve as the President. I’m thrilled about the future of our Association and the strategy to get there.

After celebrating Dan and Suzie Gower’s retirement at the last reunion and taking on the role of President, it became clear that we need more of those currently serving to bring fresh ideas and recommendations to continue improving our DUSTOFF Association. This will ensure its longevity and relevance to you and your children’s children.  Since its inception in February 1980, the Association has represented a cross-section of military and civilian personnel, consisting of Active, Guard, Reserve, and Retired/Veteran Officer, and Enlisted crew members, physicians, nurses, and anyone involved in the DUSTOFF mission. The faces change, but the mission remains the same. No matter in the future, how the vision changes to get there, it’s clear this community has a lot of incredible members who care about the DUSTOFF mission and the DUSTOFF Association. As such, there is a need for interested catalysts to step into their roles as change agents to help shape the future of the Association. If you’re interested in helping with social media, or have ideas to improve, you can reach out to me directly

It’s a been a great year; we’ve recognized many officers and enlisted men and women for their success at the top of the class of their respective courses, providing a free lifetime membership. Our new store launched this month with new merchandise. Our social media strategy and website are being refined. We are holding pop-up DUSTOFF Association Rallies all over the country, with more to come. If you want to host one, send me a note. We will send you some merchandise for the event. Our monthly executive committee meetings are engaging and involve short-term and long-term strategy sessions to ensure that forward and upward momentum continues.

We cannot wait to see you all again at next year’s DUSTOFF Reunion in San Antonio, TX (21-24 March 2024), where we will recognize yesterday’s and today’s heroes. We will have an even bigger announcement about our 2025 Reunion.


Chris Wingate
President, DUSTOFF Association


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