DUSTOFF Association’s President’s Message S/S 2021

Greetings to our DUSTOFF Family!

What a difference a year makes!  The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered all of our lives over the last 15 months.  Many of our DUSTOFFers have experienced isolation or the loss of Family and friends through this pandemic.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  I know we’re all looking forward to regaining a sense of normalcy as we gather again at our reunion in August.

I’d like to say thanks again to Dan Gower – He has sustained his unwavering passion for the association, dealt with newsletter delays, and juggled the moving target of our DUSTOFF reunion amidst the pandemic. A special thanks as well to Bob Mitchell and the Executive Committee for their work with the new Hall of Fame procedures. We got things right!

Our MEDEVAC units across all components of the Army are continuing excellence.  Notably, we still have units deployed in harm’s way.  I am incredibly proud of their efforts – The DUSTOFF legacy endures!

The DUSTOFF Association is strong but we still have work to do. I applaud all of our members that continue to tell our story and for encouraging our younger generations to become involved to continue our legacy.  I challenge our MEDEVAC Commanders and First Sergeants to help market the association and continue to submit award recommendations for their heroes saving lives across the world.

The last 18 months have been exhilarating and satisfying, but it’s getting close for me to transfer the controls to John McMahan in August at the reunion. I hope everyone has made their reservations to attend and recognize our outstanding crews for their accomplishments.

I’m proud to be a Dustoffer and look forward to seeing our comrades at Fort Benning in August 2021!


Dave Zimmerman
President, DUSTOFF Association

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