Congressional Gold Medal efforts

There are renewed efforts in Congress to honor our DUSTOFF Crews from the Vietnam War. Currently there are two efforts, one in the House of Representative and one in the Senate. It is now time for us as members of the community of the DUSTOFF Association to send letters to our representatives and senators to let them know that we need their support. This is not the first time for this effort and we must be successful this time around or there may not be another opportunity. 

MG Patrick Brady our Medal of Honor Recipient from the Vietnam War has teamed up with Senator John Cornyn of Texas to see that Senate Bill 2738 has been initiated. On the House of Representatives side, House Resolution 2281 has been prepared. Both of these bills need support and sponsors before they can be voted on by our Congress. 

To find your representative or senator simply do a “Google Search” using the phrase “congressional representatives for the state of X” replacing the X with your state of residence. Sample letters are found using the links below this paragraph. Click on the link and download it to your computer. You can then change the names and addresses to fit your Representative and Senator. Fill in the name and the Washington DC address for your Representative and your Senator and mail the letter with your signature at the bottom. Let them hear from their veteran constituents.  

House of Representative Example Letter

Senator Example Letter

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