Willie M. Dixson

Born in 1927, as the oldest of five children, Willie Mercy Dixson was an extraordinary human being. Instilled with a resounding sense of duty and responsibility, he began working at a young age and continued to support his family at home by sending allotments from his paychecks.

In 1948 “Bill” Dixson enrolled at Eta Jima, Japan’s 8th Army transportation Training School in a Cargo Checker’s Course. In 1950 he became part of the Army’s first integration effort, as a platoon sergeant of an ambulance company assigned to a MASH unit in Korea.

He was graduated from Army Aviation School to follow up his training in Germany and then a year in Vietnam. And, although many a night he would come back to base with numerous holes in his chopper, he had the great fortune to never be shot down.

His studious demeanor saw him through the 559th Medical Ambulance Company, to the 45th Medical Company (DUSTOFF), continuing with a stint at the 388th Evac. Hospital, as well as the 63rd Med. Det. and rounding out his career serving a Commanding Officer of the 507th Med. Co. (AA as well as Battalion Commander of the 37th Med. Bn. Throughout an undeniably distinguished career, spanning 22 years, he earned various accolades including the Gallantry Cross with Silver Star and Distinguished flying Cross. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1970. 


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