Mike Toennis

MAJOR MICHAEL W. TOENNIS, born April 12, 1955, in San Antonio, Texas, died July 23, 2006 in Houston, Texas at the age of 51. Mike earned a BBA in 1978 from the University of Houston, where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, and an MBA in 1992 from Syracuse University. He proudly served his country as an Army DUSTOFF aviator, medical logistician, and health services comptroller for the US Army Medical Dept. Michael was medically retired as a Major after 14 years of active duty, during which time he was a member of “The DUSTOFF” Association. Later on he became a CPA after working as an auditor for the firm of BDO Seidman.

Mike fought a thirteen year battle with ALS. During this time he remained active in the DUSTOFF Association, rarely missing a reunion. He served as the Special Assistant to the President of the Association for many of his last years accomplishing tasks for the Association using his “eye-blink computer”. Mike and Karen were always the light of the DUSTOFF Reunions and exhibited courage and steadfast love for each other. Many a DUSTOFF Aviator faced possible death with skill and even daring. Mike and Karen faced certain death with grace and courage and even a bit of cheer standing as a true testimony that we all recognized as coming from within and from outside of themselves. Visited by his friends and comrades in the last days before his death, Mike left us all in awe of his courage and fortitude. Karen and Joe remain in our prayers and thoughts as they face life without Mike. We are all better for having known and loved Mike.


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