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Scrapbook 5

(l to r) Joe Hines, Albert Kelly, Barry Wood, Anton, (Tony) Schnobrich
68th Med about 1971.
Submitted by 
Arnold Schnobrich

L-R Jeff Flannigan (PI), Chris Kent (MO), Johnny Judd (PC), Villegas (CE)
3 MAY 96
Submitted  by Chris Kent

Kent and Dave Brandley in Manhattan, NY
5 AUG 99
Submitted  by Chris Kent

L-R Chris Bacon, Mike Kirchner, Graham Bundy.
507th Med Co (AA)
Submitted by Cevin Moses

Crewchief with helmet is Brandon Buttram. Flight medic on right with ALSE vest/kevlar is Sharaz Khan. Two pilots are Chris Bacon and Cevin Moses.
507th Med Co (AA) JRTC 02-01.
Submitted by Cevin Moses

Crewchief J. Young
57th Med. Det.
Bihn Thuy 1970
Submitted by J. Young

542nd Med.

571st Med in Saudi
Submitted by Patrick Rose

Tom (Egor) Johnson
57th Med 1965
Submitted by Tom Johnson

Tom (Egor) Johnson
1967 prior to Tet.
Submitted by Tom Johnson

68th Med Co. MAST crew
Submitted by Michael Litch

L to R Kevin Hoggard, John "Pappy" Trotter, Rob Armstrong, and Rob Brattain Kuwait 02
Submitted by Kevin Hoggard

Kevin Hoggard Flight Medic Kuwait 02
Submitted by Kevin Hoggard

John "Pappy" Trotter conducting preflight Kuwait 02
Submitted by Kevin Hoggard

Unknown 25th Inf. medic at Lia Khe standby December 1969.
Submitted by Del Williams

Del Williams (Willie) and medic Clemons  from 101st Abn Tan An early 1970.
Submitted by Del Williams

Calvin McGilton KIA 54th Med.

SP5 Aungst and UH-1A DUSTOFF
Submitted by Ken Aungst