FEBRUARY 21, 1998

MEMORANDUM FOR President, DUSTOFF Association

SUBJECT: Minutes for the DUSTOFF Association 1998 Business meeting held on 21 February, 1998 at the Holiday Inn NW, San Antonio, Texas.

1. The 1998 Business meeting was called to order by the President, Charlie Webb at 11:00 hours. According to the by-laws, those in attendance constituted a quorum.

2. The minutes of the 1998 Business meeting were read by Vice President, Herb Coley, for Secretary Tim Moore and approved.

3. A membership report was given by Susan Moore, for Tim Moore. Membership in the Association include: 11 honorary, 623 life members, 182 current annual members, 73 units and 2 corporate for a total current membership of 891. The reunion attendance included a total of 253 registered. Registration breakdown for the various events was as follows: 50 golf, 26 spouse's luncheon, 184 Friday night, 195 Saturday night. (Golf winners were: Greg Griffin, Blakey Ross, Brian J. Kueter and David Lowe).

A. President Charlie Webb gave a brief update from Executive Council meetings during the year.

1. The Executive Council voted to purchase a new computer. A Compaq Presario computer with a modem was purchased for $2,069.

2. The Association hired Susan Moore for $1,200 as the paid secretary as suggested at the previous 97 Business Meeting.

3. The Executive Council approved printing of a new membership directory. The directories were included in the reunion packet. They will also be made available by mail. Due to so many changes, no ranks were included in this directory.

4. The Association Treasurer, Jon Fristoe, read the treasurers report. The report was accepted as read and copies were available upon request.


A. Issue - DUSTOFF Memorial Plaza. DISCUSSION: Dan Gower reported that the plans for the Memorial Plaza have been approved by the Executive Council and Historical Architect and are #22 on a #42 project list, but MG Peake has placed it as top priority of all "beautification & memorialization list". Funding for the plans are projected at $26,000. The Association has to decide to raise between $6,000 and $10,000 for plaques, monuments, shrubbery and benches. He recommended that the new plaza be dedicated in the honor of MG Spurgeon Neel, USA, Ret. and dedicated to all Dustoff crew members, past, present and future. He also recommended that letters be mailed out to members asking for contributions to the Memorial Plaza.

A motion was made by Dan Gower to:

1. To approve plans for the memorial plaza.

2. To take on a fund raising campaign to raise at least $6,000.

3. To support naming the plaza in Honor of MG Spurgeon Neel, USA Ret.

4. To seek corporation donations

5. To have the Dustoff Association guarantee $6,000 if all other efforts fail to achieve $6,000.

The motion was seconded by Ed Taylor.

B. Issue - Citizen Flag Alliance. Discussion: Charlie Webb reported that the Dustoff Association is now a member of the Citizen Flag Alliance. This organization is committed to passing a constitutional amendment which protects the flag of the United States from desecration. The amendment is currently before the Senate.


C. Issue - Membership on our Web Site. Discussion: Charlie Webb brought up the possibility of adding our membership to our web site. He recommended that we only include the members name and favorite unit. He also recommended that we should received individual "written" approval. A motion was made by Charlie Webb to:

1. Send letters to members asking their approval to include names and units on our web site.

2. Include asking each member for Contribution to the Memorial Plaza.

The Motion was seconded by John Hosley.

D. Issue - Memorial Board. Discussion: A Dustoff Member brought up adding MAJ J. C. Rothwell, his crew chief, medic and doctor who passed away in March, 1969. Ed Haswell was the Commander at the time. RECOMMENDATION: Administrative board will check into it.


President: Herbert A. Coley

Member at Large: Jeff Mankoff (one year remaining)

Vice President: Meryl Snyder

Treasurer: Daniel W. Gower

Secretary: Timothy J. Moore (one year)

Members at Large: Ronald E. Wilson, John Soehnlein, Benjamin M. Knisely and William Thresher. (two year term)

8. The Association meeting was adjourned at 12:00.

Respectfully Submitted,

Timothy J. Moore

Association Secretary