DUSTOFF Patch Collection

Send your scanned cloth version of your DUSTOFF patch to us and we'll try to get it included on this page. No scanner; no problem. Send photo or patch and SASE to R. (HUEY) Huether, 110 Cedar Hills Dr., Fredericksburg, TX 78624.

115th Med BnAir ambulance platoon, 1st Cav Div.Huey HuetherVietnam
282nd Med Co Duane LandryCONUS
3872nd Med Det Mike CurtisCONUS
4872nd Med Det (Saudi) Mike CurtisSaudi
557th Med Det  Vietnam
6126th Med CoUsed in Central America as well as CONUS. It was designed and produced by a unit committee OAB early 1991. USA and CA ARNG service with four close variations.James WengenrothCONUS
736th Med Det Michael L. BreinerCONUS
868th Med Det Mark ThomasCONUS
9273rd Med Det Mike CurtisCONUS
10343rd Med Det Victor MarshCONUS
11214th Med Det David CreechCONUS
1257th Med Co Tyler CascadeCONUS
13229th Med Det Mike PounceyCONUS
1450th Med Co William PharesCONUS
15236th Med Co Michael SchellerGermany
16126th Med CoDesigned by the then commanding Major Mike Gralian OAB 1981.Robert ThomasCONUS
17126th Med Co Robert ThomasCONUS
18126th Med CoProbably from a batch produced in Korea during the late 1980's by Captain Sashai Dawn (KIA Honduras, 1991).Robert ThomasCONUS
19126th Med CoSometimes called the "purple patch" was designed and produced by Robert Thomas for the Desert Storm San Antonio, TX detachment in 1991. The M.A.S.T. tab was worn with most of the Huey patches and early Blackhawk after Desert Storm.Robert ThomasCONUS
20126th Med Co Robert ThomasCONUS
21542nd Med Co Charles CalvertKorea
2257th Med Det1964Armond "Si" SimmonsVietnam
2382nd Med Det1969Armond "Si" SimmonsVietnam
24587th Med Det1967Armond "Si" SimmonsJapan
25587th Med Det1968Armond "Si" SimmonsJapan
26Flatiron1962+Armond "Si" SimmonsCONUS
27Flatiron1974+ Worn on 1pc flight suitArmond "Si" SimmonsCONUS
28Flatiron1970sArmond "Si" SimmonsCONUS
29104th Med Co Steve JonesCONUS
30498th Med Co Gerry RawlesVietnam
31364th Med Det Mike BolerCONUS
321042nd Med Co David A. GreenwoodCONUS
33159th Med Det1968Randy MillicanGermany
34Flatiron Iron MikeCONUS
35Flatiron Iron MikeCONUS
36336th Med Det Cliff SamuelsCONUS
37421st Med Co Mindy KnightGermay
38237th Med Det Mindy KnightVietnam
39142nd Med Det Huey HuetherCONUS
4068th Med Det John BeaudeinHawaii
41126th Med CoDirect conversion of the Huey patch and went to Bosnia in 1998-99 (SFOR).Jeff RatkovichCONUS
4268th Med Co John BeaudeinCONUS
43507th Med Co1971Huey HuetherCONUS
4463rd Med Det1977Huey HuetherGermany
45UH-60QRollout patch 1990Huey HuetherCONUS
46Desert DUSTOFFSaudi 1991Huey HuetherSaudi
4745th Med Co1971John J Koss IIIGermany
4854th Med Det AJ VielhauerCONUS
49254th Med Det Doc RedmanCONUS
50123rd Med CoNG, Meridian, MS late 50sArmond "Si" SimmonsCONUS
511022nd Med Co Jeff TylorCONUS
5215th Med Det1971Skip ChampionGermany
5345th Med Co1971Skip ChampionGermany
544/507th Med Co Skip ChampionCONUS
55283rd Med Det Mike RinehartVietnam
56571st Med Det Frank MoralesCONUS
5750th Med Det Mike ThoroughgoodVietnam
58104th Med Co D. StevensonCONUS
59571st Med CoMAST EMTKenneth S. KikCONUS
60571st Med Co Kenneth S. KikCONUS
6168th Med Co OnekilAlaska
62159th Med Det Toma GrubbVietnam
63247th Med Det Darrell HardyVietnam
64159th Med Co Michael AvilaGermany
65681st Med Co Eric J AndersonCONUS
6682nd Med Det Jack BlundellVietnam
67USAADFt. IrwinRob ToynbeeCONUS
68247th Med Det Rob ToynbeeCONUS
6924th Med CoNebraska & Kansas ARNGRon SchroederCONUS
7024th Med CoNebraska & Kansas ARNGRon SchroederCONUS
71218th Med Det John FawcettCONUS
72Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
73Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
74Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
75Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
76Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
77Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
78Korea to PresentMark Hough's patch collectionMark Hough 
792nd Helicopter SquadronGerman Air Force SARRonald FitzGermany
802nd Helicopter SquadronGerman Air Force SARRonald FitzGermany
81237th Med DetDMZ DUSTOFF 1969Dave Gomez (DUSTOFF 701)Vietnam
82112th Med CoBangor ME (Old patch)Cory RichardsCONUS
83112th Med CoBangor ME (New patch)Cory RichardsCONUS
84236th Med Det1970sErwin SaulsGermany
851085th Med CoHellina MontanaRobert FriesCONUS
86107th Med Co Ben MaximCONUS
87198th Med CoDelaware ARNGJ. PhippsCONUS
88377th Med CoFlight MedicFrank MoralesKorea
89237th Med DetLan Arny Heliport 1972-1973Robbie SmithVietnam
9045th Med Co Pete SmartGermany
9168th Med Co John AlvarezHawaii
9254th Med Det AJ VielhauerCONUS
93377th Med Co Lou "Babalou" HodacKorea
94Flatiron2000Ryan BraytonCONUS
9545th Med Co Frank HummelGermany
9645th Med Co Frank HummelGermany
97832nd Med Co David MolinaCONUS
98USAAADCajun DUSTOFF, Ft. Polk, LADaniel RawlingsCONUS
99USAAADFt. Drum, NYJeremy DularCONUS
100421st Med Co. Eugene M. EverestGermany
101USAAADCajun DUSTOFF, Ft. Folk, LAWesley PickensCONUS
102236th Med Det1970-72Gary HagenGermany
10350th Med CoEagle DUSTOFF Millennium patchRandall AndersonCONUS
1041/1042 Med Co Kevin M. HoggardCONUS
105FlatironAfter H-34s but before official MASTRoger BlakeCONUS
106Charger DUSTOFFBde surgeon, 196th Light Infantry in 1968 'negotiated" for 4 Huey's and turned them into DUSTOFFs on LZ Baldy.Rich MosherVietnam
107571st Med CoOperation Desert SpringsFrank MoralesKuwait Saudi
108236th Med Det1970-72 eraGary HagenGermany
109670th Med Det James PeelerCONUS
110126th Med Co  CONUS
111507th Med CoFt. HoodBob MitchellCONUS
112236th Med CoDeployment to KosovoJim RascheKosovo
11382nd Med Det jdustoffVietnam
11482nd Med Det jdustoffVietnam
11582nd Med Det jdustoffVietnam
1161/1159 Med CoNJ ARNGWilliam RobinsonCONUS
117157th Med Det Joe FreyCONUS
118377th Med Co Ed GarrettKorea
119121st Med Co TJ GalstCONUS
120283rd Med Det1994-95Becky "Gunny" MorseAlaska
12150th Med CoTF SabreSteve MillwardKosovo
122104th Med CoNew patch Maryland MedevacJames PhippsCONUS
1231022nd Med CoNG Cheyenne, WYAndres FloresCONUS
12482nd Med DetFt. Riley 1972Jim OuztsCONUS
125326th Med Co1971-72Jim OuztsVietnam
12668th Med Det1991Charles J. BoeningHawaii
127348th Med DetUSAR deactivated after Desert StormDan W. ThomasCONUS
128172nd Med CoARNGGarry OdomCONUS
129159th Med Co1987 Designed by Daniel Bateman.Paul HumphreyGermany
130717th Med DetNM ARNGJim IwerksCONUS
131Turkish AF Ambulance Air Plane Svc Ahmet DenizlerTurkey
13252nd Med Bn Jason WilsonKorea
1331085th Med CoBosnia deploymentBruce AllisonBosnia
1341133rd Med CoMontgomery, AL NG deactivated 9/00Bubba HouserCONUS
13568th Med DetChu Lai 1970Joe WhisenhuntVietnam
136507th Med Co1985Dan GowerCONUS
1373/507th Med Co1984Dan GowerCONUS
1381255th Med CoDisbanded 10/95Steven R. ArnoldCONUS
1391255th Med CoDisbanded 10/95Steven R. ArnoldCONUS
1401255th Med CoDisbanded 10/95Steven R. ArnoldCONUS
141146th Med CoWilliamstown, WVRichard VanHooseCONUS
142326th Med BnFt. Campbell, KYJeff FreyCONUS
1431256th Med CoMN ANG 9/03Steven GrimaldiCONUS
144717th Med CoSanta Fe, NMPaul SaizCONUS
145326th Med Bn Bill FeeneyVietnam
14686th Med Co (-) Lance SoaresBosnia
1471/86th MedOtis ANGB, Cape Cod, MALance SoaresCONUS
148507th Med CoAfter Desert StormRafael A. Chaves, Jr.CONUS
149126th Med CoReflects a joint California - Nevada 126th. (Most post 1990 patches were also available in subdued colors. The 1991 subdued design may have been one of the earliest three-color subdued (matching BDU colors) Army patches. CA ARNG - NV ARNGPedro Vidal & Janet GravesCONUS
150812th Med Co Mike GreeneCONUS
15136th Med Det Pedro VidalCONUS
15282nd Med Co Pedro VidalCONUS
153149th Med Co PeviteCONUS
15436th Med Co PeviteCONUS
15556th Med Evac Bn PeviteCONUS
156641st Med BnFt. BraggJerry BrennanCONUS
157571st Med DetFt Carson CO, circa: 1982Chuck MunroCONUS
158571st Med DetWorn on right shoulder of EMT certified crewmembers.Chuck MunroCONUS
159431st Med DetFt Knox, KY. circa: 1984Chuck MunroCONUS
160374th Med Det Chuck MunroCONUS
161423rd Med DetNY ARNG, Syracuse, NY. circa: 1991Chuck MunroCONUS
162832nd Med CoWI ARNG, West Bend, WI. circa: 1994Chuck MunroCONUS
1631256th Med Co Craig BerreCONUS
164146th Med CoARNG out of WV and TNDavid A. GreenwoodCONUS
165641st Med BnFt. BraggDavid A. GreenwoodCONUS
166812th Med Co David JacobCONUS
167249th Med CoNY & RI Army National GuardDavid A. GreenwoodCONUS
168236th Med DetAugsburgMehmet AydinGermany
169812th Med CoLA ARNGDavid JacobCONUS
170812th Med CoLA ARNGDavid JacobCONUS
17145th Med Co Aydin MehmetIraq
172421st Evac Bn Aydin MehmetIraq
173236th Med Co (-) RATTRescue Avn Team Taszar, Hungary; Jan 2003-Apr 2003 supporting Free Iraqi Forces Training.George JohnsonHungary
17424th Med CoNebraska & Kansas ARNG deployment to KosovoGus SwansonKosovo
17568th Med DetOriginal 68th Med Detachment patch - pre Chu Lai 1970."THE Great Speckled Bird"Vietnam
176BHELMA IIISpanish DUSTOFF deployment to Kosovo.Pedro VidalKosovo
177237th Med Det1970Bob GoodsellVietnam
179498th Med CoOperation Iraqi Freedom Phase II.Tim DolifkaIraq
1811159th Med CoNHARNGJeff BosinskeCONUS
1821042nd FSMTBayonet Thrust 2004Jerry BrennanCONUS
1831022nd Med CoOperation Iraqi FreedomJohn LaveryIraq
184126th Med CoOperation Enduring FreedomSargun GoktunAfghanistan
18557th Med CoOperation Iraqi FreedomSargun GoktunIraq
18657th Med CoC, FSMT Operation Enduring FreedomSargun GoktunAfghanistan
187347th Med DetMiami DUSTOFFJohn NiedzwiedzkiCONUS
188347th Med DetMiami DUSTOFFJohn NiedzwiedzkiIraq
18950th Med DetFort Polk, Louisiana from 1963 to 1965Pete DignanCONUS
190571st Med DetFlight paramedic patchMark A. LeeCONUS
19154th Med CoWorn during the 54th's rotation to Iraq in 2003. This patch was designed by SSG Foreman.Peter D. RohrsIraq
192254th Med Det1965 - 1966 in VietnamDavid E. BohlVietnam
193429th Med BnOperation Iraqi FreedomJohn NiedzwiedzkiIraq
194237th Med DetFt. Ord MASTHoward W JonesCONUS
19568th Med CoOperation Enduring Freedom V, Mar04 to Mar 05.Robert E. ClemmerAfghanistan
197C Co., T.F. Shadow DustoffKFOR 6B, March 05 to March 06 - Det. 1, 24th Med (A/A) Kansas and 717th Med (A/A) New Mexico.Brian G. HarveyKosovo
19868th Med CoEnewetak Atoll Bodysnatchers 1977-1979Matthew ArdaizCONUS
19968th Med CoMAST circ 1976Matthew ArdaizCONUS
20068th Med CoSubduedMatthew ArdaizCONUS
20168th Med CoOEF 5 CJTFMatthew ArdaizAfghanistan
20268th Med CoOEF 5A TF 2-25Matthew ArdaizAfghanistan
20368th Med CoOEF V-VIMatthew ArdaizAfghanistan
20436th Med Det1980sSam GraceCONUS
2051256th Med CoFt. BlissSam GraceCONUS
206717th Med CoCJTF180 - OEF 4Sam GraceKosovo
207236th Med CoKFOR 4B- Kosovo – Medevac Boyz Savin LivesSam GraceKosovo
20857th Med CoPrototype when they went from Det to Co.Sam GraceCONUS
209229th Med Det10th Mountain GroupNeal HoustonCONUS
210377th Med Co1973-1974 when the 377th Med Company was stationed at Camp Mosier.Tom CummingKorea
2111042nd Med CoOEFJerry BrennanIraq
2121042nd Med CoOEF tanJerry BrennanIraq
213237th Med DetPhoto came from Argentina where one of original 237th Hueys is still flying in Argentine Army.Phil MarshallVietnam
21454th Med DetFt. Lewis circa 1976Beverly MeirerCONUS
21586th Med CoOtis AFB Det 1, Mass. (Main unit is in Vermont)Carl BatolozziCONUS
216717th Med CoDet 1 - 717th Med Co - AA, Oklahoma ARNGRick GutteryCONUS
217Turtle AirlinesUnofficial patch of the Hamburg SAR71Robert BusseGermany
218SAR Hamburg 7125th anniversary patch of SAR-71 rescue helicopter base in Hamburg Germany.Robert BusseGermany
219542nd Med Co Samuel D. MorrisCONUS
220Purple FoxesCH-46 with HMM-364, otherwise known as the world famous Purple Foxes, during 1969 -1970 out of Marble Mountain Air Facility.Rich LorimerVietnam
221C Co 2-4 Avn RegtNew patch for the formerly known 507th Med Co out of Ft Hood, TX.Richard D. MillerCONUS
222326th Med BnCirca 1968-1969Frank HichensVietnam
223USAAADCajun DUSTOFF, Ft. Polk, LA. Circa 2006John RobichauxCONUS
224Task Force Talon, Charlie MED Co. (AA)Operation Enduring Freedom KFOR7. This unit consists of Det 1 24th Med Co (AA) and the 717th Medical Company (AA). With assistance from several other states.Kelly “Batman” MeyersKosovo
225237th Med DetRedesigned patch by CPT Foust after unit moved from Phu Bair to Lane AHP in 1971.Bud BordersVietnam
22654th Med DetCirca 1972 - 73 for 54th after reconstitution in Washington after Vietnam.Bud BordersCONUS
22754th Med CoWorn during OIF 04-06. ATO callsign was BREWMASTER so they were known as "Brewmaster DUSTOFF".Peter LehningIraq
22868th Med CoOEF tour patchMatt ArdaizIraq
22968th Med CoI fly junk MTP patchMatt ArdaizCONUS
230C Co 3-25Was 68th Med. Co.Matt ArdaizCONUS
231C Co 3-25Was 68th Med. Co.Matt ArdaizCONUS
232218th Med Det218th Helicopter Ambulance/Air Crash Rescue (HAACR) was activated at Ft. Hood Aug 71 as a two ship unit. Used UH-1H aircraft with internal "Fire Suppression" system developed by Bell Helicopter.Bill RuskCONUS
233236th Med DetReproduced patch from circa 68-70.Robert LongVietnam
234236th Med DetReproduced patch from circa 68-70.Robert LongVietnam
235C Co 1-111 AvnC Co 1-111th Avn Air Ambulance Florida ARNG. This is a new unit formed 2006.Tim DolifkaCONUS
236C Co 1-168 AvnC Co 1-168th GSAB, formally 126th Med Co California Army NG.Tim DolifkaCONUS
237C Co 3-82 AvnC Co 3-82 Avn Regt, formally the 54th Med CoTim DolifkaCONUS
238C Co 2-135 AvnC Co 2-135th GSAB patch for deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Formally 24th Med Co Nebraska NG.Tim DolifkaIraq
2391042nd Med CoSFOR 7Mikael HenrikssonBosnia
240USAAADCajun Dustoff, Ft. Polk, LA. Circa 2006Les HamiltonCONUS
241249th Med Co/Det 1RI ARNGSam GraceCONUS
242C Co 3-25 AvnUnauthorized patch from OIF 06-08Brian O'ConnellIraq
243498th Med CoFrom OIF IThomas A. CrumpIraq
244571st Med DetOriginal patch made in Phu BaiVince CedolaVietnam
245C Co 2-149 AvnFormer 149th Med Co Texas ARNG.Kenneth JarrettCONUS
246C Co 1-111 AvnThe Painkillers assigned to the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade OIF 06-08 The Painkillers assigned to the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade OIF 06-08 CPT Craig HunterCraig HunterIraq
24782nd Med CoWorn Sep 06 until transformation to Charlie Company 2-1 AVN in NOV 06. Created and worn in remembrance of two fallen heroes that gave theirs lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-07; SGT Steve Mennemeyer (Flight Medic) and SGT Jeff Brown (Crewchief).Larry KarmineIraq
248C Co 2-1 AvnThe old 82nd Med Co Boomer DUSTOFFLarry KarmineCONUS
2491159th Med CoPatch worn by 1159th Med Co during OIF IIIJustin TofficIraq
250C Co 3-82ACU version of the C 3-82 PatchClayton HorneyCONUS
251832nd Med CoDetachment 1, 832ND Med Co. WIARNGDavid MolinaCONUS
252C Co 3-82 AvnACU desert version of the C 3-82 PatchClayton HorneyIraq
253C Co 3-82 AvnWorn by 1st Platoon C Co. 3/82nd Air Amb (Kandahar Detachment) for OEF.Justin PetrutisAfghanistan
25424/717th Med Co.Unit was combination of Det 1, 24th Medical Company (AA) from Topeka, KS and 717th Medical Company (AA) from Santa Fe, NM. Oct 04 to Feb 06.Blake JamesKosovo
2551C Co 1-111 AvnDet 1 C Co. 1-111th AVN, in Iraq Theater (RAZORBACK MEDEVAC) & "OIF 06-08".Malcolm PattersonIraq
256FSMT1 C Co 3-25 AvnPatch worn by FSMT 1 of C Co, 3/25 Avn (GSAB), operating out of FOB Diamondback in Mosul, Iraq. Motto; "Always One Step Ahead!"Carlos CaicedoIraq
257421st Evac BnPatch worn during the second Iraq involvement.Toma Grubb Toma GrubbIraq
258421st Evac BnPatch worn during the second Iraq involvement.Toma Grubb Toma GrubbIraq
259159th Med CoWorn by 15 pilots and crewmembers of the 159th when self-deployed with 45th Med Co (AA) from Darmstadt to Saudi Arabia 21 Aug 90.Toma GrubbSaudi Arabia
260159th Med CoThe seven sides represent the 7th MEDCOM, the unit's command. Worn less than a year in 1987-88 while unit was at Darmstadt.Toma GrubbGermany
261159th Med DetThe design features an arm reaching down from an aviator's wing in the upper right to an arm reaching up from a Combat Infantryman's Badge in the lower left, grasping over a red cross. Circ 1968Toma GrubbVietnam
262159th Med DetThe design features an arm reaching down from an aviator's wing in the upper right to an arm reaching up from a Combat Infantryman's Badge in the lower left, grasping over a red cross. Circ 1968Toma GrubbVietnam
26345th Med CoVietnam era patch probably made (incorrectly) for "Patches" Muscrove (War Correspondent) believed made by 45th Med. Co. for her visit.JackVietnam
264C Co 3-25 AvnFSMT 3, C Co 3/25, COB Speicer OIF 06-08. Team 3 / HQ Patch.Brian O'ConnellIraq
26645th Med CoLast patch (unoffical) of 45th Med Co (AA) when deployed to western Iraq in Sep 06. Created by Tyler Vereide based on painting crewchief office. Only 400 patches in circulation.Tyler W. VereideIraq
267C Co 2-238 AvnMile High DUSTOFFJoshua MoyerIraq
268PECCPatient Evacuation Cordination Center - Medical Task Force Nordic Battle GroupMikael HenrikssonKosovo
269PECCPatient Evacuation Cordination Center - Medical Task Force Nordic Battle GroupMikael HenrikssonKosovo
270C Co 2-238 AvnPlatoon patch, C Co 2/238th GSAB (Hoosier DUSTOFF)Matthew T. TaylorIraq
271C Co 2-238 AvnCompany patch, C Co 2/238th GSAB (Hoosier DUSTOFF)Matthew T. TaylorIraq
272C Co 3-25 GSABWorn by the crew members deployed to COB Speicher, Iraq (OIF 06-08), made up of FSMT 3 and HQ personnel (Old 68th Med., Hawaii).Vicki WoodIraq
273412th Med DetLouisville, KY. Circa 1987-1990Dave StutesmanCONUS
274C Co 1-214 AvnDesigned for C/1-214th (former 236th Med) during OIF 07-09 in Al Asad, Iraq supporting Marines. Based on circa 1968 236th Med Det patch from Vietnam with "236" added to Red Cross to tie us to 236th Med Co.Andrew J. RisioGermany
275C Co 1-214 AvnC/1-214th (former 236th Med) based on circa 1970 Germany 236th Med Det patch. Worn from transformation in Winter 2007 until redesigned in Iraq, 2008.Andrew J. RisioIraq
276C Co 1-111 AvnAttachment from air assault company( B co 1-171st) to help stand up a new medevac unit (C co 1-111th AA).Matthew GiorgioIraq
27754th Med DetOriginal 54th Med Det patch circa 1968.Phil HoldawayVietnam
278C Co 2-238 Avn"Mile Hi Dustoff", Colorado Army National Guard circa 2008Quince KrebIraq
279C Co 2-238 Avn"Mile Hi Dustoff", Colorado Army National Guard circa 2008Quince KrebIraq
280C Co 2-149 AvnAlamo Dustoff in San Antonio (C CO 1-149 GSAB). The Stars and Stripes and Blackhawks along with their "For the ride of your life" motto.Charles R. Gougenheim IIIraq
281DUSTOFF HH60M Leonard van den BroekCONUS
282377th Med Co Leonard van den BroekKorea
28382nd Med Det Leonard van den BroekCONUS
284C Co 2-211 AvnIowa and Minnesota National Guard 2008Patrick HigginsIraq
2852C 6-101 Avn Regt2nd platoon, C co 6-101 Avn Regt (TF Eagle Assault) during deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan (OEF 07-09)Michael MillerAfghanistan
286C Co 6-101 Avn RegtC Co 6-101 Avn Regt. (formerly 542nd Medical Company (AA) at Fort Campbell, KYMichael MillerCONUS
287F Co. 5-159th Avn RegtPheonix DUSTOFF in Clearwater, FL. 1st Army Reserve patch back in the MEDEVAC mission since the mid 90's.Michael E. AlvisCONUS
288C Co 3-2 GSABC Co 3-2 GSAB is the sole DUSTOFF covering the entire Korea peninsula taking the place of 377th and 247th Med.Randal CoxKorea
289377th Med CoPatch from Camp Mosier, South Korea circa Sept 1974 through Feb 1975.Dwight BrownKorea
290C Co 2-3 AvnChanged Dec 09 to reflect the 3rd Infantry Div. (Rock of the Marne) patch, show new unit designation and preserve history of old 498th Med.Jason G. WilsonCONUS
291C Co 3-10th GSAB150th in Mosul, IraqPedro FernandezIraq
292C Co 7-101 Avn RegtNew patch of the old Eagle DUSTOFFGerald McGowanCONUS
293Ditch DUSTOFFWorn by USA MEDDAC, Panama cica 1970 and 1980s.George RasorPanama
2942515th NAADUS Navy working for the Army doing DUSTOFF in Kuwait and southern Iraq since 2005.Billy WalshKuwait
295C Co 1-171 GSABC Co. 1-171 LOBO DUSTOFF, New Mexico NG, Minnesota NG, and Arizona NG Helmand Province 2011-2012.Dan NickolausAfghanistan
296C Co 1-189 GSAB MIDNIGHT DUSTOFF - Comprised of SDNG and MTNG in Iraq at Taji, Al Asad, Kalsu. Patch made out of leather and fur.Adam MaxIraq
297C-Co 1-189 GSABAwarded to individual that was a member of team that took care of Urgent or Urgent Surgical patient. Individual does not receive brand unlessparticipated in one of these missions.Adam MaxIraq
298Det 1 C-Co 1-169"Witchdoctor" worn by MEDEVAC Det. of the 1/169th Avn during deployment to Kosovo (KFOR 8) Jul 06 to Nov 07.Jason G. KlingKosovo
299Det 1 C-Co 1-169Worn by C-Co 1-169 renamed 2/104th Avn during 2nd deployment to Kosovo (KFOR 14) Jan 11 to Dec11Jason G. KlingKosovo
3001st Helicopter Amb. Co.Worn in Vietnam in early 63 – when Spencer picked “Dust Off” as the “perpetual” and “none changeable” callsign.James E. BizerVietnam
3011st Helicopter Amb. Co.Worn in Vietnam in early 63 – when Spencer picked “Dust Off” as the “perpetual” and “none changeable” callsign.James E. BizerVietnam
30257th Med DetVery early verstion of patch circa 1963James E. BizerVietnam
303C Co 2-135 GSABNebraska NG “Dirty DUSTOFF” patch approved and worn during OND 10-11 (Operation New Dawn) Iraq
304C Co 2-135 GSABNebraska NG “Dirty DUSTOFF” patch not worn during OND 10-11 (Operation New Dawn) Iraq
305130th Med Detthe 130th Medical Detachment which was attached to the Army’s 117th Aviation Company in Qui Nhon, Viet Nam between November ’63 and November ’64.Don WrightVietnam
306F Co 7-158 GSABFt. Carson, CODan GowerCONUS
307Paramedic CoursePatch for the first ever army Critical Care Flight Paramedic CourseJason SmithCONUS
308F Co 1-69th GSABNational Guard unit in Helmand Province Afghanistan made up of 4 detachments from NY NH, PA, and MO.Brian WatsonAfghanistan
309F Co 1-69th GSABNational Guard unit in Helmand Province Afghanistan made up of 4 detachments from NY NH, PA, and MO.Brian WatsonAfghanistan
310 Patch collection of Henry BartosikHenry Bartosik 
311 Patch collection of Henry BartosikHenry Bartosik 
312Paramedic CourseCritical Care Flight Paramedic Course 2Robert Martinez IIICONUS
313Paramedic CourseCritical Care Flight Paramedic Course 2Robert Martinez IIICONUS
314C/2-149 GSABTX Army National Guard unit comprised of two mighty states: TX and OK.Angel A. PerezAfghanistan
315CAJUN DUSTOFFIt was inspired by the original patch and has been upgraded to reflect the Lakota aircraft used at Ft Polk LA.Heins V. RecheugelCONUS
316377th Med CoCirca 1962 when the 377th Medical Company was first formed in South Korea, replacing the Medevac Units formed during the Korean War.Dwight BrownKorea
317377th Med CoCirca 1968. Original patch did not have the Dustoff at the top but was added by then MAJ Edward Haswell.Dwight BrownKorea
319C/5-158 Avn RgmtThe "Bavarian Dustoff" patch is one that replaced the 45th Med patch.Cassie BonadeoGermany
320C/5-158 Avn RgmtThe "MES Dustoff" patch is C/5-158 used during deployment to Afghanistan for OEF 12-13.Cassie BonadeoAfghanistan
321C/1-171MsARNG/TxARNG, TX & MS combined for OEF XII in RC-East Afghanistan in 2012. "F" at bottom indicates wearer is a "Founder", (Plank holder) of the unit.Terry MillsAfghanistan
32278th Med DetSecond MAST unit established 1971-1973 at Ft. CarsonWyne GishCONUS
323498th Med CoOriginal 498th patch circa 1966. The word DUSTOFF added after 1966 - original patch did not have the word DUSTOFF.Jim Van DorenVietnam
324Flight Paramedic Class 15Sam coordinated the logo/patch. DUSTOFF Pride!Samuel GarcedCONUS
325441st Med Det441st Medical Detachment, Kentucky Army National Guard, Frankfort KYJohn CarlsonCONUS
326681st Med Co681st Medical Company (AA), Indiana National GuardJohn CarlsonCONUS
327571st Med Det571st Medical Detachment (HA)John JonesVietnam
328C/204 Avn RgmtArcangels circa 2014Alec FinlayAfghanistan
329C/2-227 Avn RgmtBlack stripe memorializes SGT William E. Brown a Witchdoctor Crew Chief KIA in Taji, Iraq during 06-08 tour.Alec FinlayIraq
330C/2-227 Avn RgmtWITCHDOCTOR DUSTOFF deployment patch from Iraq 09-10.Alec FinlayIraq
33150th Med Co50th Detachment of the 1st Helicopter Amb Co. stationed at Uijongbu on a hill overlooking the 43rd MASH 1953-1955.F Kenneth BrownKorea