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The DUSTOFFer Newsletter

The DUSTOFFer Newsletter is now available online in two formats. You may either read it right here by clicking The DUSTOFFer Newsletter or you may download a copy by clicking HERE (2 Mb download). Note: The newsletter will open in Adobe Reader in a separate window and usually takes a little time as the Adobe Reader program loads. If your computer does not have Adobe Reader installed on it, you may obtain a free copy of this program by clicking the icon below.

If you are not a member of the DUSTOFF Association, we invite you to become a member NOW.

Click HERE for tips on printing a copy of the newsletter.


Back Issues of the DUSTOFFer Newsletter

ALL of the available back issues of the DUSTOFFer are now available on the Texas Tech Vietnam Archive searchable database.

This set of instructions serves to allow folks a way to access the DUSTOFF collection.

To find the DUSTOFFer collection on the Texas Tech Vietnam Archive CLICK HERE

  • When the Search Page comes up type the word "DUSTOFFer" or "DUSTOFF Association", of "DUSTOFF Newsletter" on the first line (Keyword / Item Number).
  • Then click on "Start Search" located in the box at the LEFT of the page.
  • On the next page that comes up click on the "Display Search Results"
    (third box down on the left side)
  • From there you can "Sort By" several factors - sorting by "Date" will
    place them in chronological order. Scroll down until you find one that you want and click on the "Adobe PDF" icon in the small box to view the file.

Newer copies of newsletters are available by clicking the buttons below.