President's Message

Greetings, fellow DUSTOFFers, friends and family, from your DUSTOFF Association. I hope this letter finds you all in good health and enjoying the best life has to offer. I am honored to serve as your president, and as I told some of our 'grey beards,' I won't mess it up. 

From the feedback from you, our 21st DUSTOFF reunion in San Antonio last February at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk was a rousing success. I'm sorry I had to leave unexpectedly after the Friday evening social, due to the death of my father. It was great to see old friends, including some who have been away from the fold for a while, such as Tom Scofield. We had good accommodations, good food, and good service at a fair price in a great location with plenty of cold beer. What else could a DUSTOFFer want?

We are already firming up plans for the 22nd Reunion and returning by popular demand to the Holiday Inn Riverwalk on the 16th through the 18th of February 2001. One of the highlights planned for this year is hosting members of the first recorded medical evacuation by rotary wing aircraft, during WWII off the coast of Burma. I didn't know until I was preparing my Pop's eulogy that he had flown numerous Medevacs for members of Merrill's Marauders, single pilot in Birddogs and Beavers out of the Burmese jungle.

Out Association has a rich history of accomplishments and heroes, some of whom have never told their story or been publicly recognized. It is my intent at this year's reunion to propose a toast to all our heroes, past and future, who put their lives at risk to save the lives of our fellow soldiers. I challenge each of you to share your experiences with our younger members or submit your untold stories to our newsletter for publication. Some of you may not realize it, but you are the torch of the future DUSTOFF legacy.

Scott Burgess, your new secretary, has designed a marketing plan and brochure to explain our history and purpose to prospective new members. Mega thanks to Dan Gower for safeguarding our funds and developing new memorial and historical displays in the AMEDD Museum. Continuing appreciation to Jim Truscott and Huey Huether for their professional management of our newsletter and Web site. A special thanks to Sue Moore, our paid secretary, for her services above and beyond the call of duty for a pittance of a salary. Sue had to resign her duties as Time PCS'd this spring. Thanks to all the other board members and volunteers who keep our Association one of which we're all proud to be members.

We now have 'Sergeant Major DUSTOFF', Jeff Mankoff, as our vice president. I would love to see one of our great Warrant Officers volunteer to be nominated as one of our Association officers next year.

I look forward to seeing old friends at the 2001 Reunion on the Riverwalk. See you on the high ground!


Greg Griffin