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President's Message

Many thanks to Jeff Mankoff for his two years of service and leadership in the DUSTOFF Association, and congratulations to the Executive Council for planning an outstanding reunion. We're already working hard to make next year's reunion even better.

The DUSTOFF Association continues to grow and receive strong support of its members. We're currently over 1,700 members strong (821 life members), and 45 new members have joined since November 2001. MORE

Early Mission in the Mekong River Delta

The following is from notes transcribed from a 12 April 1964 Mission involving 1LT John B. Givhan, pilot, and CPT James W. Ralph, DUSTOFF flight surgeon.

John Givhan: I was flying a CH-21C ("Shawnee" or "Flying Banana") helicopter for a combat assault mission way down in the Delta. I was in the right seat (aircraft commander). Lt. Robert 'Bo' Thompson, was in the left seat (pilot). We had gone into a landing zone and let troops off. We went in flying contour because we were drawing heavy fire in the LZ. MORE

Looking Beyond

A Fall 2001 edition of Retired Officer magazine, had a notable article written by DUSTOFFer Pat Brady. The foreword is from the editorial staff of the publication.

Sometimes we better appreciate events when viewing them through the eyes of others. With this thought in mind, join us on a journey to a distant land and revisit a controversial era of American history. Major General Patrick Brady leads our excursion. This story collects his observations and notes from two visits to Vietnam. Share his insights as he meets a former enemy, visits old battlegrounds, and encounters everyday Vietnamese people. MORE

More from a DUSTOFF Pioneer

An article written by Arthur Veysey, of the Chicago Tribune Press Service during World War II, has some interesting information and commentary, featuring LT Louis Carle, who flew some of the first helicopter ambulance missions.

With the 112th Cavalry in Luzon Mountains, June 20 - For the first time in the Philippines campaign, a helicopter today rescued an injured American soldier and evacuated twelve more from a first-aid station in this mountain wilderness.

LT Louis Carle, Carthage, Illinois, lowered his helicopter to the bed of a river at the bottom of a 1,200-foot ravine to pick up a soldier shot while on patrol. MORE

Pat Brady's Rhetoric Sets the Tone for the Hall of Fame

Pat spoke to the honored guests and awardees on the occasion of the Banquet at the 2002 Reunion and its featured awards ceremony.

It is a great honor for me to be here. Three good friends are being honored, and I flew with two of them. I rescued one of them when he was seriously hurt.

As a member of the Medal of Honor Society and a General officer, I have known personally and professionally some of the great heroes and leaders of our time. But there are here tonight, physically and in spirit, men who never got a lot of medals, or rank, or became famous, whom I admire more.

You Might be a Soldier (or Related to One) if... have more money invested in field gear than in your car. tell your kids to be home at 2100, and they complain that it's only nine o'clock. ruin the movie for those around you by pointing out unrealistic military scenes.

...your two-year-old calls everyone in battle dress Daddy or Mommy.

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