Reunion 2002 Update

MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW! The dates of the 2002 Reunion have been set tentatively as 22­24 February 2002. The Army Medical Evacuation Conference is set to coincide with the end of our reunion. The AMEC is tentatively scheduled for 25 February­1 March 2002.

The scheduling of reunions in San Antonio is a real challenge, since this area is a very popular with tourists. As a result of serious scheduling challenges at the Holiday Inn ­ Riverwalk, the site of our next reunion will be the Marriott Northwest Hotel, the former Holiday Inn NW where we held our past reunions. The hotel has been completely renovated, updated, and it is beautiful. We have met with their staff and seen the facilities. We feel you will be happy with the choice. And the room rates are significantly better than last year's rates. Facility charges are lower, and overall cost will be more favorable.

PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE. The Executive Council will be considering some difficult decisions concerning the reunion hospitality suites. An article in the Reunion Network News (March/April 2001 edition) cites a U.S. District Court (Washington, D.C.) lawsuit filed against two part-time meeting planners. The case revolves around a get-together, during which a number of attendees had an after-party. According to the suit, the planners were negligent in allowing the event to continue for an extended period of time without 'trained bartenders.' One of the attendees had too much to drink, got into his car and killed someone. The lawsuit is for $50 million dollars.

We will follow the outcome of this suit, decide how to handle our liability, and determine exactly how we will proceed. However, the implications for the DUSTOFF Association and the parallels to meeting in reunion hospitality rooms are obvious, and all reunion planners should take heed. More to follow.