President's Message

Hello to all DUSTOFFers and family members.


The 2004 DUSTOFF Reunion is just around the corner. As you all know, it will be the 25th DUSTOFF Reunion. The Executive Committee and a small group of overachieving volunteers, led by Jim Truscott, Rob Howe and Doug Moore, are pulling it all together. We tentatively have Peter Arnett and Horst Faas on tap to be the guest speakers. Jim has assured me there will be something for everybody: old, new, and sometimes blue DUSTOFFers. So mark your calendars and plan on being there.


Those who attended last year’s Reunion will remember that the DUSTOFF Association is supporting an initiative to recognize the “medics in the back.” This will be in the form of either awarding the Combat Medics Badge or having a new badge coined and awarded. Currently, a bill, sponsored by Senator Arlen Specter, R-PA, is before Congress to direct the Department of Defense to institute the award. We hope it will pass, and we should know by the Reunion.

The editor of the DUSTOFFer told me to keep my comments short, so I will close with “Don’t forget to vote for the Hall of Fame Nominees.” Dan and Huey assured me there would be no “Hanging Chads.”


See you at the Reunion! 




Art Hapner