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President's Message

Greetings, fellow DUSTOFFers and friends. It is that time of the year when we move into final planning for your annual reunion. Our Executive Council just finalized plans to make our twenty-second reunion one of the best ever. We are returning this year, by popular demand, to the Holiday Inn Riverwalk on the 16th to the 18th of February 2001. MORE

DUSTOFF Crewmember of the Year

In what was again a superb competition, the DUSTOFF Crewmember - 2000 was selected by the Association's Executive Council. The candidates were a mirror of the diversity that is AMEDD aviation. Four of the candidates were from active component units, and one was from the reserves.  MORE

DUSTOFF Rescue of the Year

In the always exciting, harrowing, almost debilitating world of DUSTOFF, each rescue is important. Some just have more complications than others-for a variety of reasons and environments. This year's winner is only a hair or so ahead of the rest of our brave comrades' exploits. MORE

Some Thoughts on War and Warriors

Thank you, Goldie, for that introduction. And thanks to all of you for giving me the honor of speaking to you. I have got to tell you that looking out across this assemblage I must confess: I haven't seen this many bad boys collected in one location since the last time I visited Leavenworth Prison. MORE

Air Ambulance Crew Wins Air/Sea Rescue Award

Members of the crew of a Task Force Hope UH-60 helicopter from the 214th Medical Detachment distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious service by saving the lives of thirty-six people during Hurricane Mitch disaster-relief operations in Honduras. Their bravery, persistence, and dedication have earned them the distinguished Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Air/Sea Rescue Award, created and sponsored by TRW Aeronautical Systems (Lucas Aerospace).  MORE


DUSTOFF Europe set a new record for deployments and mission support during 21-27 October 2000. Soldiers of the 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion found themselves supporting U.S. forces in six countries on two continents, as they participated in KFOR, Victory Strike, Atlas Drop, Focus Relief and Central Region support in Germany. The parallel planning and concurrent execution of multiple operations heavily taxed the soldiers of the 421st, but they responded in true DUSTOFF style.

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