Selection Criteria



This Form is to be used for the submission of all nominations for the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame. It may be reproduced locally or additional copies may be obtained from The DUSTOFF Association Secretary by writing to: DUSTOFF Association, P. O. Box 8091, Wainwright Station, San Antonio, TX 78208.


The DUSTOFF Association sponsored Hall of Fame honors those persons who have made a) an outstanding contribution to DUSTOFF Aviation over an extended period, b) a doctrinal or technical contribution, c) an innovation with an identifiable impact on DUSTOFF Aviation, d) efforts that were an inspiration to others, or e) any combination of the foregoing, and records the excellence of their achievements for posterity. All persons are eligible for induction, except active duty Generals and Colonels. Membership in DUSTOFF Association is not a requirement for individuals nominated for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. A two-year waiting period must elapse following the death of the nominee. Any individual, military or civilian, may nominate an individual for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame consideration. A further explanation and expansion of criteria is provided in this white paper.


The DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame Executive Council will consider only the following in making its selections:

   [1] A 160-word summary of the accomplishments of the individual nominee.

   [2] A Narrative of not more than 1,200 words documenting the accomplishments and qualifying attributes of the individual nominee.

   [3] The nomination must include a photograph of the nominee in any size, preferably in color.


Any person may submit this Nomination Form directly to the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame Executive Council for consideration. Nominations should be postmarked not later than May 1 and mailed or express-mailed to DUSTOFF Association, ATTN: Hall of Fame Executive Council; P.O. Box 8091 Wainwright Sta.; San Antonio, TX 78208. Nominations material - to include photographs – will not be returned. Submission by electronic means is also available. E-mail files in either PDF or MS Word format to .


The Executive Council, which is composed of current officers and former Presidents of the Association, is responsible for validating that the candidates meet the Hall of Fame criteria and selecting a specific number of candidates from all nominees received for placement on the DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame Ballot. 


The selected candidates, their narratives and their photos will be published in a ballot to be mailed to all DUSTOFF members in good standing. These members will be asked to vote for their choice of the Inductees (or for None) from those candidates appearing in the ballot. Balloting is conducted annually. A nominee must receive 2/3's of the votes cast to be elected.


The induction will take place at the Annual Reunion in February each year. The Hall of Fame is located at the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum in Fort Sam Houston, TX. Brass plaques honoring the Inductees will be placed on the Hall of Fame Wall. Plaques will be purchased as funds are available. Induction to the Hall of Fame will not be delayed due to lack of funds for the plaque.

DUSTOFF Association
Post Office Box 8091, Wainwright Sta.
San Antonio, TX 78208