DUSTOFF Hall Of Fame

DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame wall.
Hall of Fame wall in the Memorial Gardens of the AMEDD Museum, Fort Sam Houston, TX.

The DUSTOFF Association Hall of Fame honors people who made 

a) an outstanding contribution to DUSTOFF aviation over an extended period
b) a doctrinal or technical contribution
c) an innovation with an identifiable impact on DUSTOFF Aviation
d) efforts that inspired others, or
e) any combination of above,
and records the excellence of their achievements for posterity. All persons are eligible for induction, except active duty Generals and Colonels. Membership in DUSTOFF Association is not a requirement for individuals nominated for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame. Any individual, military or civilian, may nominate an individual for the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame consideration.

Generous donations by the membership have funded the plaques as well as the DUSTOFF logo and the dedication plaque. The AMEDD Museum Foundation has graciously allowed the DUSTOFF Association a wide degree of latitude in occupying space that could otherwise be reserved for archives.

We'll soon open up the nominations for following year's nominees. The standards are published on this site as well as the nomination form and procedures. Please, take the time to research the background and accomplishments of that person you feel is worthy of induction into our Hall of Fame. Take some quality time to work up the required documentation, citation, and nomination narrative and send it to the Association at our post office box.

Our legacy is rich with self-sacrifice, heroism and service to our fellow man. All DUSTOFF crewmembers are a hero in some way or another. Some rise above the rest and deserve special recognition. The Executive Council needs the eyes, ears and memories of our full membership to assist us in appropriately identifying and honoring those worthy of representing the DUSTOFF legacy by induction into our Hall of Fame.

Use the Nomination Form to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame. Additional information about selection, submission, balloting, and induction may be read by clicking HERE.