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Sep-Dec 05 Guestbook Entries

Date: 31 Dec 05
Rank:SP-5 (Ret 1SGT)
Name:Danny Mathison
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 283th Med Det
Time Frame: 71 and 72
E-mail: mathisondanny@msn.com
Message: Was a crewchief in th 283th, but was part of Long Bin DUSTOFF.

Date: 31 Dec 05
Name:Bob Goss
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 283rd Med. Det. (Hel Amb)
Time Frame: 11/68-8/69
E-mail: rgoss@pdx.edu
Message: Mr's. Rinehart, Mercandetti, Byers, Sneed, Willet, Underwood, Silverberg, Davis, CPT Cavis, Mr. Smith and last with Mr. Johnson and Lt. Dulak. Crew Chiefs Johnson 19501, Pruss, Daryl Foster 17763, Davis 17761??, Greenlaw, Sloppye, and John Edwards is that you-from Killeen? If so, you still owe me that chess lesson. Medics-Henderson, Capistrant, Flanagan. Pleiku, Dak To, Mary Lou, Polei Kleng, Ben Het, Plei Trap valley, Dak Pek and Seang, Oasis, Mile High, Roberts, Punchbowl, all over YA, YB, YZ land. Anybody remember who dusted my butt off about 20 kilos NE of Ban Me Thout 13 Aug 69? Foster you still in Mossyrock? I live in Vancouver, WA. Mr. Smith, you were an Ace. Hardly a days goes by that I don't think of those times. Lots of misery, but you guys were great to serve and fly with. Are there any winners?

Date: 29 Dec 05
Name: Daniel Ham
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 10-68 to 10-69
E-mail: danielham@bellsouth.net
Message:I was a radio operator, and Commo Chief for 498th Med. Co. I flew as gunner on evac missions. I have a brother, Thomas Ham, who was also in our unit. We were assigned to Lane Army Heliport at An Son Vietnam, near Quinion.

Date: 25 Dec 05
Rank:Cadet Captain
Name:Jason Robinson
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 125th Wolverine Battalion Memphis,TN
Time Frame: 
E-mail: ohscadet@yahoo.com
Message: I'm a JROTC cadet hoping to one day fly for the US Army. I'm currently a CPT cadet. I've flown with the 35th AVN Brigade twice, once on a Blackhawk then on a Huey for orientation flights at Camp Robinson, AR.

Date: 22 Dec 05
Rank:CPT (Now), SGT (Then)
Name:Troy Matthews
Call Sign: Flight Medic
Unit(s): 237th Medical Detachment, Ft Ord CA
Time Frame: 1989-1991
E-mail: mylomatthews@hotmail.com
Message:I was a flight medic who flew with crewchief Dennis Gudger, pilots CPT Wilson, CW2 Williams, other medics, SGT Stoney Crump, SSG "Bones" Hamblin, SGT Jones, SSG J. Carter, SSG Moyeno, SSG Restituyo, these are all the names I can remember. I have a photographic memory when it comes to faces but I am horrible with names. Anyway, I flew those missions from Fort Ord and TDY @ Fort Hunter-Ligget. We flew over the beautiful coast of Central California and did cliffside rescue missions, MVAs, helicopter wrecks, military or civilian. I loved that job and the MAST mission, it was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding feelings I have ever experienced. It has made me what I am today, which is a Critical Care Neurovascular P.A. in Seattle, WA. I owe it all to the experience I received as a Flight Medic. HOOOOORAH DUSTOFF! If any former unit members would like to respond, feel free to use my e-mail; I would love to hear from anyone.

Date: 20 Dec 05
Rank:Local National
Name:Lutz Reinert
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 2-502 Avn Regt (AVIM)
Time Frame: 
E-mail: lutz.reinert@t-online.de
Message: Very good site! I'm working as TI for 2-502 Avn Regt, former 70th Trans Bn AVIM, before that, we were B Co 70th Trans Bn AVIM. All the time stationed at Coleman Barracks, Mannheim, Germany. A couple of you medics and pilots may remember me!

I wish all of you, and the ones that don't know me, a merry Christmas and a happy new new year!

Date: 16 Dec 05
Rank:1LT (then)
Name:Don Bendell
Call Sign: "Clint Eastwood"
Unit(s): ODA-242, Co B - 5th SFGA (Dak Pek)
Time Frame: 1968
E-mail: don@donbendell.com
Message:In the late summer of 1968, I led a joint operation of Montagnard strikers from Dak Pek and Dak Seang, got into a little spat, and recovered the body of a DUSTOFF pilot flying out of Dak To who was shot down, wounded, and captured, and later killed by NVA on the mountain ridge just west of Dak Seang SF Camp. The rest of his crew and wounded E and Eed back to the Dak Seang SF camp. If anybody flew support for me and remembers this incident please e-mail me ASAP. Thank you and thank all of you for your actions and service to our country.
Don Bendell

Date: 15 Dec 05
Name:Joe Klass
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 1/326TH MED 101ST ABN
Time Frame: AUG 70JUL71
E-mail: jklass52@yahoo.com
Message:I recently found an article, "JUST A LITTLE WALK IN THE WOODS" and realized
I was on that mission in the Ashua Valley April 15th to the 17th 1971.The article was written by CWO Stanley C. Marcieski. I would appreciate any assistance in contacting him or CW2 Bill Yancy, LT. J.D. Lawson, anyone left from that time and unit. Also SP5 John Smith from Bald Knob, AR and also CW2 Fred Behrens. I am now in treatment for PTSD and other symptoms left from there. I am now just starting to win the War. Thank You.

Date: 15 Dec 05
Rank: German Civilian
Name:Ralf Stumpf
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: nurstumpf@t-online.de
Message:I wish you all out there on duty a very merry Christmas!!! You are doing a great job out there!!

Date: 15 Dec 05
Name: Carlos De Mattos
Call Sign: Cowboy
Unit(s): 173rd
Time Frame: 1966
E-mail: cdemattos@hotmail.com
Message: Flew with the 82 AVN BN attached to 173rd ABN flew as a Cowboy and Horsethief. Was during Mar 1966 to Oct 1966. I left as a non-combatant due to a hearing loss suffered during a mission in Sep 66. I later joined the USAF and flew Air Rescue with the 40th ARRS in Udorn Thailand and then went to Special Ops with the 21st SOS in NKP, Thailand. Was there from 1969-1974. Retired from the USAF in 1988 as an E-8.

Date: 9 Dec 05
Name:Chris Kelly
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: ChrisWKelly_3@Hotmail.com
Message:I just finished watching a show on TV about DUSTOFF crews in Vietnam, and was amazed at the lengths you guys went to in retrieving the wounded. It makes me so proud to know that there are people like you guys out there, so that another could come home. You guys are some of the most impressive units I have seen in any of the shows on Vietnam, or even now. I wish the best for you and yours.

With Respect and Admiration
Chris Kelly

Date: 8 Dec 05
Name:Paul Troop
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 15th Med. Bn.
Time Frame: 1969-70
E-mail: dorpau@cox.net
Message: Assigned to 1st Cav. Div. Attached to 15th Med. Bn. Phuoc Vinh and Tay Ninh
1969 - 70 as Casualty Liaison. Assigned to A Co. as RTO for Med. Alpha Oct. - Feb. 1969. Chopper shot down on my 1st watch as RTO. Crew minor injuries.
Presently working with Joint Honor/Color Guard in Ohio. Honored 14 Marines KIA 3rd 25th Marines at Rittman National Cemetery with full Honor guard. Have buried many WWII vets. Also speak at High Schools etc. about Vietnam war. On Agent Orange roster. PTSD. Bronze Star, Valorous Unit. Cross of Gallantry. Meritorious Unit, Historian for 15th Med. Assoc. Vietnam Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans. God Bless DUSTOFF. So many vets have talked to me with tears in their eyes about their rescue by Medevac. Kids in schools as well as people in parades seem to have changed the stigma Vietnam has held over us from one of distain to one of respect. Too bad politicians still compare every controversy they face now to VIETNAM. Several Vets have gone back to Nam and have inspired me to go in 2006. Attended dedication of Saigon City established in Cleveland to bridge the gap between Amerasians in the city and and Americans. Vets helped sponsor building where museum and culture center are on display. Regular meetings to be held to foster future relationships. All of you are heroes in my heart!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!

Date: 29 Nov 05
Name:John I. Adams
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Med Co (first tour) 283rd Med Det (second tour)
Time Frame: April 1969 - Feb 1971
E-mail: jiadams98@yahoo.com
Message:On my second tour I was with 283rd DUSTOFF in Pleiku. Near the end of my tour the 283rd was relocating from the hospital compound in Pleiku to the airbase down in Tuy Hoa. So of course we are the last helicopter to leave town, so we have to do the old "Low Pass" over the hospital compound and it wasn't cool if you didn't do it with a couple of smoke grenades tied to the skids. I get everything set to go and we're off. We pop the smoke and we're just ready to make our pass and somebody says kiddingly, "Hey see if you can drop a smoke grenade in the swimming pool". OK! I'm thinking I'll drop it so it lands next to the fence around the pool and smoke them out of the pool area. No such luck! It clears the fence by a foot, just misses one of the nurses (thank God) and drop dead center in the pool. It turned the whole pool purple. We didn't stop to talk, so we just headed south to Tuy Hoa. When we landed in Tuy Hoa we got a hot reception from our CO. The next day we flew back to Pleiku to face the wrath of the CO of the hospital. After that I was handed a brush and some soap and ordered to "Remove that purple ring from my swimming pool". "O" the foolish things we do in war.

Date: 28 Nov 05
Name:Glenn Miller Jr.
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): Co. A/34th Engineer Bn.
Time Frame: 66-67
E-mail: gmmmrm@comcast.net
Message: Recently had a class reunion and one of the attendees was Bill Hughes who was a "DUSTOFF medic", now living in Tampa Bay, Florida. We got to talking but what we both did not know was the number of other classmates from Florence High, in NJ who were in Vietnam. Bill was over there the earliest serving with the 57th. When I spoke to Bill it became evident he was probably the most outstanding of the Vietnam vets from our town, with the exception of one who was KIA. When I returned in Sep 67 I remember, to this very day, that my father told me I was not in a "real war" like he was serving with Patton and the Seventh Armored. Had no job, no direction no nothing. Till a few of us from town would meet and I decided to use my GI education benefits and graduated 12 years later from night school at Trenton State College. In 71, while going to college, I finally got a job (with vet preference) as a probation officer and my co-worker was a company commander of a National Guard unit. He got me to join and I stayed until 1994. I never talk about it because I was there but not in the "bush". None the less, I am a better person making lots of contacts with former Nam vets and we have helped each others careers along the way. I can see by reviewing different sites the "57th" has quite a history even to present day. Thanks for letting me air this.
Glenn Miller Jr.
924 Quinton Street
Roebling, NJ 08554

Date: 25 Nov 05
Name:Curt Harrell
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 1989 to1992
E-mail: dharrell@direcway.com
Message:No message received.

Date: 25 Nov 05
Rank:CW2 (civilian now)
Name:Roy Meade
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 507th Med Co (Ft. Sam)
Time Frame: 1982-1987
E-mail: rameade58@aol.com
Message: Hello to all of you out there. Just re-joined DUSTOFF after years of other pursuits. Now a Physical Therapist working as a Regional Rehab Manager in Eastern North Carolina. Hoping to work the next reunion into my schedule. Would be great to hear from any of the 507th team. Hope to see some of you in Feb.

Date: 25 Nov 05
Rank:LTC (Ret)
Name: McBride
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 46
Unit(s): 498th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 65-66
E-mail: rmcbride@satx.rr.com
Message: Accordingly, the 498th Reunion will be Friday, February 10th, starting with a Happy Hour at 6:00PM and dinner at 7:30. Our reunion, along with the DUSTOFF Reunion, will be held at the Holiday Inn River Walk [Tel:210 224-2500 for room reservation, state you are DUSTOFF], 498th Registration will start at 08:00 AM just outside the Tango Room on the 7th Floor.

Cost of this years Reunion will be $40.00 per person, which includes a sit-down dinner, bar set-up, and live entertainment. Please make you check payable to Al Flory and mail them to 10919 Grand Haven, San Antonio, TX 78239. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Al Flory at {210} 599-9673 or e-mail alflory@satx.rr.com .

Date: 21 Nov 05
Name:Carl Shaw
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 1998-2000
E-mail: ssgshaw@yahoo.com
Message:I flew with the 377th Medevac In Korea. Many good times!

Date: 20 Nov 05
Name:James Lingo
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 50th Med 8/101st Air Assault
Time Frame: Jan 95 - Feb 97
E-mail: jklingo@bellsouth.net
Message:No message received.

Date: 20 Nov 05
Name:Ken Chapman
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 1st Bde, 1st Air Cav
Time Frame: 6/65 - 12/66
E-mail: wizard@inet.co.th
Message: What a treat to find your Web site! I wish I could join but although I flew mostly medevac missions, I was not assigned to a medical unit.

18 months in-country in Vietnam, DFC (for medevac mission), started flying Bell 47's initially then Hueys. Flew commercially from 1967 to 1992 mostly in the Rockies and Maui Hawaii, still fly ultralights, hang gliders, anything I can find to get in the air!

Now living in Chiangmai Thailand (5 years now) and love the Hueys overhead...

You folks are the BEST, every one of you !!

Date: 17 Nov 05
Name:Alan B. Candia
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 507 Med CO (AA) / 377 Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 91-95/95-96
E-mail: acandia@stx.rr.com
Message:I flew with 3/507th Air Ambulance out of Fort Hood, Texas from 1991 - 1995, with mission in Fort Sam Houston, Ft Polk, New Mexico, and Kuwait. When the 507th reorganized, I served with HQ 507th at Fort Hood.

In 1995, I went to Camp Humphreys, Korea and flew with 377th Med Co AA.

I started as a Flight Medic then progressed to FI and SI. I began flying as a crewmember on the UH1 then transitioned to the UH-60.

Date: 15 Nov 05
Name: Donald G Minor
Call Sign: 
Unit:82 Med Det in Soc Trang
Time Frame: Nov 64 - Sept 66
E-mail: Minorref@neo.rr.com
Message: Military # us52615249 - Anyone in DUSTOFF in Soc Trang please E-mail.

Date: 15 Nov 05
Name:John J. Koss II
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med Co.
Time Frame: 70/71
Message:Porkry, Perters, Chanpion, Shaffer, Tuck, Chanberlen, Boss Roller, Hasselblad, Binickey,CPT Crunch, Movinra, Richey, Lacey, oh hell all the gang of thieves and America's Finest that ever did the job.

I had a Zippo for the linear accuator so when it stuck I beat hell out of it and RPM most of time went 6700. Call in (fuo us) Bearcat (TACT FQ with PRC 25) when MPC changed. Locked down all but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd up. Be surprised what chip detector light can do when on Third Field Hospital hot spot (15 MIN) and everyone throws money at you. Well every man in 45th maxed out their MPC change. Does a B.A.R. handle fit like a glove on litter strap? Picked coconuts from the hoist. Tom Lacey's stinger never touched the ground or at least that is what we told MAJ Rose. Got fuel at Dog Tam a night on the hot refuel when it was safer to put tail toward the ARVNs. Looked on as Mack Migially took on the EM/NCO club. He did real good for a Texas boy! Made sure all ice was out of the 45th O Club by 0200 when not on a standby. You know, I think the reason CPT Callhoon always was kept in Swan Lock. Learnd a lot about the hoist. I liked Julie Iverson (Red Cross girl). Two years later we went to Mexico for vacation when I was at 507th AA at Ft. Sam and she was at San Ton. Had a new 'Vett and half the 45th neat stuff it just flew back to states I love the Air Force 130 and 141 personnel. KNOW FOLKS THAT KNOW HOW TO WIN THE WAR. Crazie Horse (LIFE IS PRICELESS; WE KEEP THAT WAY)

Date: 15 Nov 05
Name: William S Greene
Call Sign: 
Unit:1st Cav MEDEVAC
Time Frame:  67-68
E-mail: fancyrooster@verizon.net
Message:No message received.

Date: 15 Nov 05
Name: Gerald L Faur
Call Sign: 
Unit:2nd Platoon, 45th Med Co (AA) Long Binh
Time Frame: Apr 67 Oct 68
E-mail: shooter.faur@mchsi.com
Message:No message receive.

Date: 13 Nov 05
Name:Paul Garner
Call Sign: 
Unit:7th Air Force Intelligence
Time Frame: 1967-1968
E-mail: pegarner@rocketmail.com
Message:I am the cousin of CWO Alan W. Gunn, DUSTOFF 90, who went MIA on 12 Feb 1968. He and I had the pleasure of accidentally running into each other in the BX in Cholon just a couple of weeks or so before he went down. He recognized me first and we spent 45 minutes or so over a drink - coke as I recall - catching up. I hadn't known he went down until I returned to the States and transferred to Bergstrom. Contacted his mother and that is when I got the news. Thanks for helping to keep his memory alive.

Date: 13 Nov 05
Name:John Edwards
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th & 283rd Med
Time Frame: 67 through 69
E-mail: jedward@atty.lacity.org
Message: Never lost a ship or a crewmember in two years of Hot LZ pick ups. As a crewchief I flew with the best. I'd do it again at the drop of a hat.

Date: 6 Nov 05
Rank:A1C Air Force
Name:Roger McDonald
Call Sign: Pedro HH43B Kaman Huskie
Unit: Wheelus AB Libya
Time Frame: 1963-1964
E-mail: mlrwm@asisna.com
Message:I was in the California Army National Guard in 1959 and in 1961 went in to the Air Force in the Fire Dept. When I was in Libya I was able to go on the HH43B chopper as a fireman. I was discharged at McChord AFB, WA in 1966

Date: 3 Nov 05
Rank:MSG (Ret USA)
Name: George Stevens
Call Sign: 
Unit:326 Med Bn (RVN), 498th Med Co (SC)
Time Frame: 1971/ 1973- 1976
E-mail: KPD75@aol.com
Message: Ground medic 25th Inf.2/12th BN 1970 RVN, flight medic 326 Med BN 101st 1971 RVN, flight medic 4th/498 Med AA SC. 1973-1976. 7 years instructor at Ft. Sam. RET 1991 MSG

Date: 30 Oct 05
Name:Randy Buck
Call Sign: 
Unit:159th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 1990 to 1992
E-mail: evac23733@yahoo.com
Message:Me win a war?????????? HA!!!
I was just one of the very lucky who got the opportunity to serve with the best. I served with the the classic FlatIron at Ft. Rucker, the D Co. 326 Med Bn., Ft. Campbell, KY and the 159th Med. Co. 421st Med. Bn., Darmstadt, GE. I have to say that those years were by far the best of my life; serving with the BEST.

Date: 28 Oct 05
Name: Cheryl Fries
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: cfries@arrowheadfilms.com
Message: Hope to see all my Texas DUSTOFF heroes in New Braunfels on November 19th for 1:00 and 6:00 screenings of "In The Shadow of The Blade" at the Brauntex to benefit the Fisher House at FSH and the Texas Capitol Vietnam War Memorial. The VFW 7110 Post is sponsoring a reception between screenings at the post on the Guadalupe. Great opportunity for a tribute to your service and a chance to see you again! Advance tix at www.brauntex.org . We'll also be showing trailers of Arrowhead docs in progress, including "An Ocean Away," "A Touch of Home: Vietnam's Red Cross Girls," and "DUSTOFF Heroes." Hope to see you all there. We miss you! --cheryl

Date: 28 Oct 05
Name:Ralph Foley
Call Sign: 
Unit:377th Med Co
Time Frame: 1975
E-mail: vnvet68-222@earthlink.net
Message:No message received.

Date: 10 Oct 05
Name: Anthony Rocco
Call Sign: 
Unit:717th Med Co
Time Frame: 
E-mail: eraupilot08@hotmail.com
Message: Currently attending flight school and most likely getting deployed to Kosovo immediately after I graduate here. (UH-60)

Date:6 Oct 05
Name: Robert Conley
Call Sign: 
Unit:254th Med Det
Time Frame: 1966-67
E-mail: Dustoff639@aol.com
Message: Can anyone tell me just when these Doctors and Dentist flew on a Mission. I don't ever remember it and I served with both the 254th Med Hel Amb and the 498 Med Co Air Amb. All I remember was that we had so much excess room and it was for the wounded. The reason I ask is because I am tired of wanna be's who never set foot off the ground taking advantage of honorable people who stuck it out an did the job.

Date: 29 Sep 05
Rank:CPT (Then)
Name:Jerry L. Rhodes
Call Sign: Medevac 9
Unit: Medevac, 15th Med Bn, 1st Cav
Time Frame: 1969-1970
E-mail: rhodesjerry@comcast.net
Message:I didn't win the war, however, I did get wounded and shot down on a mission near the Black Virgin Mountain which resulted in my medevac back to the USA. I did recover and eventually returned to flight status and was able to qualify for a length of service with retirement 15 years later.

Date: 29 Sep 05
Name:Dan Chavre
Call Sign: 
Unit:57th Med Det. (HA)
Time Frame: 68-69
E-mail: daniel.n.chavre@boeing.com
Message: The 57 Med Det is going to have a reunion in April 2006 in Las Vegas. I see new names on the association list of men that were in the 57th during the Vietnam War. If you were in the 57th, please let me know and I will add your name to the roster of the 380+ men we have accounted for.

Date: 25 Sep 05
Rank:LTC now, CW2 then
Name:Tom Barnes
Call Sign: Brimstone 86
Unit:D 1/1 Cav, 198th Inf Bde, 23rd Inf Div Arty
Time Frame: 67-68, 71
E-mail: thomas.o.barnes@us.army.mi
Message: Flew with Steve Lincoln while with Div Arty, he went on to a Dustoff unit at Chu Lai, extended his tour even. Found this site through VHPA, it's very good, I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work, and welcome home.

Date: 25 Sep 05
Name:John C. Austin
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Med Co
Time Frame: 1966-1967
Message: Was in Quin Nhon, Lane Army Heliport.

Date: 20 Sep 05
Name: Gregory G. Savage
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 6 Alpha
Unit:498th Med Co (Air Ambulance)
Time Frame: Oct 67- Oct 68
E-mail: savageg@sbcglobal.net
Message:I was with the 498th Med Co stationed at Lane Field (Quinon). I came over on a troop carrier that left San Francisco on Oct 1st 1967. We arrived in Carmon Bay on Oct. 30th 1967 and were picked up by our DUSTOFF choppers and flown to Tuy Hoa on the South China Sea. We where a small company of medevac aircraft (6 Hueys) some were still white in color with red crosses on them. They where in the process of being painted over at Tury Hua AFB which, at that time, was a couple of large maintenance tents and a PSP runway. Because we had come over as a unit, the aircraft and pilots were sent ahead on a flattop. I was transferred to the 498th Med Co as cp,[amu would all DEROS at the same time. I received a Purple Heart from wounds suffered when our aircraft was shot down and crashed just south of LZ Uplift supporting the 1st BDE 50th infantry (Mechanized) in March of 1968. I also received the Air Medal with V device for action up in I Corp in the Ashau Valley near the DMZ. My aircraft was shot up in the Phu-Cat mountains on Christmas day 1967. We where supporting the ROK Tigers.

Date: 17 Sep 05
Rank:WO1 and SGT
Name: William Scott Anderson
Call Sign: Napoleon
Unit: 1042nd Medical Company
Time Frame: 2001 - Present
E-mail: w_s_anderson@hotmail.com
Message: Started out with this great unit as a flight medic. Had the opportunity to deploy to Afghanistan with them, and now I am going through flight school and will be returning to the same company as a medevac pilot.

Date: 16 Sep 05
Name:Scott Taylor
Call Sign: 
Unit:377th Med Det
Time Frame: 86-88
E-mail: crazyrider44805@yahoo.com
Message: Looking for any body from 377th during that time frame. I used to work for SFC Trapp. I was the engine mechanic. You all were like a family and I miss you all very much.
Keep em flying / God speed.

Date: 16 Sep 05
Name: Elliott Mitchell
Call Sign: 
Unit:45 Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: Dec. 67 - Dec. 68
E-mail: esm123@att.net
Message:I was with Lai Khe and Long Binh DUSTOFF.

Date: 16 Sep 05
Rank: Captain (1LT then)
Name:Don Bendell
Unit: Bendell
Time Frame: June 1968-March 1969
E-mail: don@donbendell.com
Message: How I won the war: In late summer of 1968, I commanded a 160-man joint CIDG Dak Pek/Dak Seang joint operation on the mountain ridge due west of Dak Seang. I located and recovered the body of a wounded, captured, then-executed Dust-Off pilot who had flown out of Dak To, as well as his bird, which I destroyed. I put his body in a body bag and sent him to his buddies, who seemed quite happy. I am looking for anyone who remembers that. I got into a disagreement with some NVA fellows when all this happened and lost some good men. I was the XO-CA/PO from Dak Pek and although a computer assigned us new call signs every few weeks, everybody called me "Clint Eastwood" on the horn, because of acting like a Cowboy and smoking Swisher Sweet cigarillos.
Also, I would like to personally thank the ballsy Dust-off crew who flew from Pleiku (I believe) to Dak Pek at 2:30 in the morning in February, 1969 to medevac me to the 71st Evac Hospital in Pleiku with suspected falciprium and hepatitis. Thanks also for opening the Huey's doors at 50,000 grand to break my fever, and actually make my balls turn blue, since the fever had already broken.
Anybody with knowledge, please call (719-269-3929) or write me (addy above).
Welcome home, each of you, and from a Green Beanie A-Teamer, God bless you.
Don Bendell

Date: 10 Sep 05
Rank:SFC (Ret)
Name: Dennis Ellis
Call Sign: 
Unit:283d Med Det
Time Frame: Oct '68 - Dec '70
E-mail: dellis@augustaga.gov
Pilots-LTC Parmenter, MAJ Spruiell, CPT John Blair, Lt Cavis, Mr. Thorp, Mr. Smith, Mr. Byers, Mr. Mercandetti, Mr. Silverberg (KIA), Mr. Davis (KIA), Mr. Angell, Mr. Rineheart, Mr. Sneed, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Willett, Mr. Bennett and others that time has let their names slip into the land of "Forgetfulness". They would only remember me as the radio operator, sometimes crewchief, sometimes medic and sometimes patient protector. I have many slides taken and a few photos taken during those 2 years - some I have never looked at. I even have a yearbook that was put together just before Mr. Silverberg, Mr. Davis, SP5 Henderson and PFC Slopye were KIA.

Date: 9 Sep 05
Rank:CPT /SP5
Name:Tommy A. Meyer
Call Sign: 
Unit:159th Med Det (HA) Long Bien
Time Frame: Mar-Jun 72
E-mail: cowboydoc@mmode.com
Message:I only flew in Vietnam for 4 months with 159th (HA). That brought to an end 19 months in VN. (Co. E RECON, 4/503rd, 173rd Abn Bde Oct70-Aug71, and 68th Med Det Long Bien. I also flew out of Ft Bragg with the 57th DUSTOFF from Oct 74 - July 76. Served as an enlisted man from PVT(69) - SSG(79). Received a commission in "83" Inf. Off., "85" Cav Off., "91" Intel Off, Retired a CPT in 1992.
AND I'M THE GUY THAT DIDN'T WIN THE WAR, I just tried to keep the heroes alive...

Doc Meyer

Date: 9 Sep 05
Rank: HMC/E7 (USN)
Name:Scot Reid
Call Sign: DOC MAKO
Unit:USMC & USASAM FM Instructor
Time Frame: 1982-present
E-mail: sardawg90@aol.com
Message:I am a Navy In-flight Medical Technician with FMF combat tours in Bosnia and Iraq flying the CH-46E (PHROGS PHOREVER!) with the USMC. I currently serve as the Navy Liaison Instructor at the FM course in Ft. Rucker. My son is in the Army w/ the 2nd ID (506th) and just got back from Iraq. Just wanted to say that the 91W's I have taught and worked with are great medics. Keep up the good work and have a fine Navy/Marine Corps day. HOOAH!

Date: 9 Sep 05
Rank:SP5 Civilian
Name:Lloyd E Knight
Call Sign: Anything but late for beer
Unit:283rd Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: Aug 65 thru Jun 66
E-mail: lknight@mesquiteweb.com
Message: Was assigned to the unit in 1964, MAJ Glen Williams CO. SGTs Edgin & Black. So as not to leave anyone out I'll just say, a small unit made up of the best men I've ever met in my life. I can't remember the number of missions but an Air Medal and 18 clusters will give you an idea of how hard we all worked. My medic was Marc Burgois [Burgy]. Of course you have all been there so no horn blowing. It is a privilege and honor to have served with the most dedicated group of people in Uncle Sam's Army!!! Anyone remembering please contact me. I'm proud to be joining again with such a distinguished group, "now and then!"