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Oct-Dec 01 Guestbook Entries

Date:23 Dec 01
Name:Larry D. Kimmith
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 299
Unit:2nd Plt/421st Med Co.(AA) Schweinfurt, Germany
Time Frame:1974-77
E-mail: dust0ff739@yahoo.com
Message:I flew as a flight medic with the above unit, I was operations NCO and training NCO, We lost a crew and a/c 15739 on march 15th 1975. The pilot was CW2 John Johnson, co-pilot was Desmond P. Downey, c/e was Earl Rankhorn, and the flight medic was Harvey Salas. Harvey took my place on March 15th 1975 , so I could have my birthday off. Rhis has been hard on me ever since. Birthdays are not the same since then; he died in my place. Hopefully someday I will join you all for a reunion. Would like to see you all and folks from the 421st that were with me during that time frame. Happy holidays to you all.

Date:20 Dec 01
Rank:CW4 (Ret)
Name:Everett E. (Sam) Sneed
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 32
Unit:283rd Med. Det (Hel Amb)
Time Frame:Sept 68 - Sept 69
E-mail: sneed@overland.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:16 Dec 01
Rank:E-4 Now 03E
Name:Fred L. Hairston Jr.
Call Sign:Cowboy
Unit:498th & 236th Med.
Time Frame:April 71 - Feb 72
E-mail: hairstonf@vvm.com
Message:I was the Avionics Tech For the 498th DUSTOFF from April 71 to Aug 71 for the 236th DUSTOFF form Aug 71 to Nov 71. I was then resigned to the 48th Blue Stars Assault out of Da Nang till Feb 72.

Date:16 Dec 01
Rank:CW3 (Ret)
Name:Ron Bowers
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 27
Unit:377 Med Co (Taegu)
Time Frame:Dec 1980 thru Nov 1980
E-mail: rabowers@ci.fairbanks.ak.us
Message:I flew with DUSTOFF and have been looking for anyone who might have flown with me during this time. Anyone remember CW2 Mary Slaughter? We flew together.

Date:9 Dec 01
Name:Richard Dinsmore
Call Sign:  
Unit:254th Med. Det.
Time Frame:Nov.68- Apr.70
E-mail:jrem@ molalla.net
Message:Flew with 254th DUSTOFF Nov.68 - Apr.70. Home base was Na Trang. Field sites were Ba Loc with 173rd Airborne, and Phan Thiet with the 101st Airborne. 2nd tour still the same; 254th out of Na Trang, but field sites were now Bam e Thut, Special Forces camp, and a MACV site on the coast .

Date:29 Nov 01
Name:John D. Hinton
Call Sign:Doctor Bravo
Unit:Co B Ist Med, !st Inf Div.
Time Frame:Jan - Oct 68
E-mail: jhinton@kpmg.com
Message:As an RTO/Section Chief for Dr. Bravo, I sent many a DUSTOFF to the field from Lai Khe. Our "Doctor" frequency was 53.35 fm. Dr. Bravo had a hospital at the "Nighthawk" pad @ 3rd Brigade Hq. Spoke with D/O 41, 42, 45, 46, and many other ships that came to us w/casualties. Including "Longhorn 79" The DUSTOFF pilots and crews were the best in the Army, and I'm VERY proud to have served in their company!

Date:20 Nov 01
Name:Libby (Pitt) Gallagher
Call Sign:  
Unit:Red Cross "Donut Dolly"
Time Frame:Binh Thuy 11/71-4/72
E-mail: sabrae79@yahoo.com
Message:I was a Red Cross "Donut Dolly" and was on the same compound with the hospital and DUSTOFF pilots in Binh Thuy from 11/71-4/72. I still have a few pics from those days. I now live in FL and I am a social worker. Only have kept in touch with one other "Donut" from that unit over the years..... Eileen O'Neil. I can remember faces, but names are hard, but if any of you were in Binh Thuy and care to write, I'm at sabrae79@yahoo.com .

Date:15 Nov 01
Name:Mark Thomas
Call Sign:  
Unit:68th Med Det
Time Frame:1983-1987
E-mail: MThomas876@aol.com
Message:If you were in the 68th at that time please e-mail me.

Date:14 Nov 01
Name:Robert J. Edmonds
Call Sign:  
Unit:421Med Bn
Time Frame:86-94
E-mail: coaccess@uswest.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:2 Nov 01
Name:Tom Matson
Call Sign:  
Unit:25th Inf. Div
Time Frame:Cu Chi Aug-Nov 1970
E-mail: tomack@hotmail.com
Message:I as at Cu Chi then later at Xuan Loc where I worked as an RTO for DUSTOFF. DUSTOFF saved so many lives. I just want to say I am humbled to have worked with so many brave men. God bless America!!

Date:25 Oct 01
Rank:WO1, CW2, 1LT, CPT
Name:Paul W. Frank
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 168
Unit:498th, 50th, 159th  Meds
Time Frame:67 68
E-mail: pandefrank@kih.net
Message:I arrived in RVN in 67 serving with the 498th until Nov 67, then DEROS shuffled to 50th at Tuy Hoa. Then again shuffled to 159th at Cu Chi, where I completed my tour. I carried 2498 patients during my tour.

Date:15 Oct 01
Call Sign:Mike-9
Time Frame:Bosnia-00
E-mail: mihe@algonet.se
Message:Just surfed in. GREAT SITE .

Date:15 Oct 01
Call Sign:  
Unit:3/507th 83 thru 86
Time Frame:  
E-mail: JJAYJACKSON4@aol.com
Message:SGT "Jay" Jackson under MAJs Dan Gower and ? Tolley.

Date:12 Oct 01
Name:Jimmy Zednick
Call Sign:  
Unit:236th Medical Company
Time Frame:July 1989-1991
E-mail: jlmgzednick@yahoo.com
Message:Served with 45th Medical Company during Desert Shield, and the 236th Medical Company during Desert Storm as a crewchief (UH-60).

Date:10 Oct 01
Name:Jimmy Lewis
Call Sign:  
Unit:1150th Med Evac
Time Frame:1983-1995
E-mail: jmlewis@icehouse.net
Message:No message received.