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Oct-Dec 00 Guestbook Entries

Date:29 Dec 00
Name:Steven Lawrence
Call Sign:
Unit:D Company, 326 Medical Battalion
Time Frame:January 1981 through July 1983
E-mail: ccmarina@bellatlantic.net
Message:Duty as flight medic with Eagle DUSTOFF, 101 Airborne Division, Fort Campbell KY. Operational duties included Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic (MAST) for the states of Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois with UH1V and then UH60 aircraft. Was involved in the final evaluation of litter carousel for the newly fielded BlackHawk helicopter to replace Huey aircraft. Had the distinguished honor of flying the 1000th MAST mission for the company. I stayed career Army and completed 20 years of duty in 1997. Had assignments including infantry, artillery, MEDDAC and USAREC ( I will never forget this assignment). With great pride I salute the finest officers and NCOs of the DUSTOFF Association; and with humble appreciation I was honorably allowed To serve. To the men and women of Eagle DUSTOFF, I will never forget you.

Date:29 Dec 00
Name:Roland R. Petty
Call Sign:
Unit:53rd Med. Det.
Time Frame:1953-1956
E-mail: rrpetty@wt.net
Message:I activated the 53rd in 1953 and took it to Darmstadt, Germany and stayed with it for three years .

Date:27 Dec 00
Name:Richard D. Parmenter
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Med Co and 283rd Med Det (Long Binh Dust Off)
Time Frame:Oct 70 - May 72
E-mail: parmenter@mindspring.com
Message:Just wanted to touch base with old comrades. I have never served with a fewer bunch of men in the military, than with the men of DUSTOFF. We gave it all, to save the lives of others. Please contact me just for old times.

Date:25 Dec 00
Name:Javier R. Antonsanti
Call Sign:Chewy
Time Frame:
E-mail: javier.antonsanti@us.army.mil
Message:Merry Christmas to all those DUSTOFF crews that are pulling 1st up and 2nd up duty today.

Date:22 Dec 00
Name:Armond "Si" Simmons
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: psysim@voy.net
Message:For your information and any assistance:

Subject: Searching for information on Marion 'Skip' Mark Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:27:54 -0700 From: "David & Patricia Andrews" davidnpatty@earthlink.net


Date:18 Dec 00
Name:Dennis Bilyou
Call Sign:
Time Frame:68-71
E-mail: hotwire@gct21.net
Message:I was security at the 71st Evac. hospital and on days off signed on as a patient protector with the 283rd Dustoff. It was a great unit, and they sure had what it took to fly the missions they did. Most of the ones I was on were milk runs compared to most that were given to them. At the hospital the choppers were off-loaded and on to another mission at times. I try to remember names but time has not been kind. I do remember one flight where I was to fly on a hoist mission as a patient protector and was bumped, as only experienced members were to fly. The flight never returned as they took a b-40 in the fuel cell. I will never forget that day it was a sad day for the Dustoff and the hospital, as the pilots were frequent visitors of the Officer's Club. A lot of guys were saved by their sometimes impossible missions. God bless all of them.

Date:18 Dec 00
Name:John Mike Casper
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Med. Co. (A.A.)
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: rvrgide@ida.net
Message:I was a crew chief in the 4th platoon in Lai Khe. My ship was "FLOWER POWER". Maj. Smith was the platoon leader. WO Randy "Rotor blades" Ratigan, WO "Dashing" Murray, and many others I can't recallright now were our pilots. I was so proud when I left Nam, until I got home.

Date:18 Dec 00
Name:Wayne Aurich
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Med. Detachment (HA) Chu Lai
Time Frame:Aug 67 - Aug 68
E-mail: wauric@coair.com
Message:PMOS was crewchief, duty MOS - flight operations specialist. I flew enough for a couple of air medals...... and crewed for the BEST: Retired Col Bob McWilliam and retired Gen Pat Brady. My BBQ cookouts won the war !!

Date:11 Dec 00
Name:Anthony M. Lopez
Call Sign:
Unit:571st & 236th Med Det
Time Frame:1-11/70 & 5/71-4/72
Message:I flew with some great guys and fallen friends - the list is long and the memories forever etched. This site has surfaced all the sites, sounds, smells of tours with Phu Bai DUSTOFF and Da Nang DUSTOFF - from the DMZ to Duc Pho. From landings on the USS Sanctuary to "losing my cherry" at Hawk Hill (thanks to Al Rhodes & John Potter that's all I lost that day!), it's all there.

I believe one of the most intriguing aspects is that when I first started flying (1/70), on any given night, we could be out and spot hundreds of anti-collision lights in the night sky. By the winding down of my tour of duty (4/72): covering I Corp from Danang, on any given night, down south of Chu Lai or up along the Z - we were the ONLY lights in the night sky -- not a very secure feeling if we had to set it down on the ground!

Date:11 Dec 00
Name:Dave Gunn
Call Sign:
Unit:571st Med. Det.
Time Frame:3/73 - 6/75
Message:Looks like the feeling is universal. I, too, had the distinguished honor to fly with some of the greatest people I have ever known. Crewed as a flight medic 73-75 while at Ft. Carson. Would like to hear from any of the old gang: Mike Lloyd, Dave Grisham, Dean Rainer, Lonnie Stone, Rick Martin, Rick Weidermeyer, Capt. Tom Harvey, Top Dorsey, CWO Phil Prather, LT Roby, Capt Tragis, and the rest. You are missed but not forgotten. Best of the holidays to all.

Date:10 Dec 00
Name:Lindsay B. Gow
Call Sign:
Unit:4/421st Med & 54th Med (MAST)
Time Frame:1974-75/ 1970-73
Message: I was original MAST pilot, later 54th MED (MAST)--Military Assistance to Safety & Traffic out of Fort Lewis, WA 1970-73 providing aerial rescue and air ambulance services to civilian communities with military (UH-1H) resources in Washington state. Went thru AAMED at Ft. Sam Houston in 1974 and assigned to 4th Platoon, 421st Med at Darmstadt, Germany 1974-1975 (UH-1H). Currently about to retire out of active National Guard Aviation Counter-drug program for California (OH-58A+).

Date:5 Dec 00
Name:Bob Conley
Call Sign:
Unit:254th Med Co Hel Amb-498th Hel Co
Time Frame:1966 67
Message:None sent.

Date:5 Dec 00
Name:Gary Owens
Call Sign:
Unit:82 Med Det
Time Frame:68-69
Message:None sent.

Date:5 Dec 00
Name:Bill Bergman
Call Sign:Mother Goose
Unit:236th Med. Co.
Time Frame:68 69 70
Message:Would like to hear from some of the old gang.....wild bill

Date:24 Nov 00
Name:Michael Krska
Call Sign:Qtip
Unit:3/507 Med Co., 68th Med. Det., MFO 82 int #5 MFO 101 int #6
Time Frame:1979 -1984
E-mail:smiley@cds net.net
Message:No message left.

Date:13 Nov 00
Rank:SFC Ret.
Name:Johnny Martin
Call Sign:
Unit:247th Med. Det, (HA)
Time Frame:1971-1972
Message:I was a medic with the 247th DUSTOFF in Phan Rhang and then Nha Trang. I retired from the Army Oct 1989. Would like to hear from any members of the 247th during that time frame or any wanting to talk.

Date:9 Nov 00
Name:Cory Berkebile
Call Sign:Trauma 90
Unit:B.co 4-64 Armor
Time Frame:Feb 98-Apr.01
Message:I flew on a training flight with the 57th Med Co out of Bragg while on deployment at Eagle Base, Bosnia. I'm a combat medic assigned to 4-64 Armor from Ft. Stewart/ 3ID(Mech). I flew with CW2 Snellser, CW2 Jordan, Spc Stright (Crew chief), and Spc Cheever (flight medic). I would like to become a flight medic in the near future and I just wanted to see what flying was all about. I have to say that I really enjoyed the experience and I thank the crew for bringing me along for the ride! DUSTOFF!

Date:23 Oct 00
Rank:Spec 4
Name:Manning Bob
Call Sign:Vampire/Redlegs
Unit:8th Fld Amb Det, 45 Med Co
Time Frame:67-68
Message:8th Fld Ambulance Nui-Dat/Vung-Tau 67-68 Aust Army Med Corps.

Date:21 Oct 00
Name:Melissa Schmidt
Call Sign:dustoffs_slick_60
Time Frame:
Message:HOOAH......just surfed in... my boyfriend flies DUSTOFF missions, he just got back from Kuwait and is at Ft. Carson... he is with the 571st Med. Co... Love them choppers and your fellow crewchiefs... a big Hooah for John W. Miller!!! From: dustoffs_slick_60, Melissa Schmidt...soon to be Miller!!!!

Date:18 Oct 00
Name:Dennis E. Bishop
Call Sign:
Unit:489th Med. Co./Lane AHP
Time Frame:1970
Message:I would like to hear from anyone I served with at the 498th. I spent most of my time at Lane AHP, but also did time at Pleiku and Tan Canh field sites.

Date:11 Oct 00
Name:Richard E. Savoie
Call Sign:
Unit:1st Hel Co, 54th Med Det. APO 24
Time Frame:1956 to1958
Message:Korea 1LT Forrest, Heath, Temperarrie, Heiz Carl W Murply, Peters, Hurd,Miller, Eugene Alfonso, 1LT Mizell Vogel.

Date:4 Oct 00
Name:George "Shag" Shaughnessy
Call Sign:
Unit:237th Med. Det.
Time Frame:70-71
Message:Served with 237th as medic but not sure when (1970/71??) Lost all contact with the war, friends and memories and hoping to piece some of it back together. If we did time together, I'm sorry I've forgotten you but at the time, it seemed like the best idea.

Date:4 Oct 00
Name:Drew Grigson
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 34
Unit:D Company 326 Med / 50th Med. 101st Abn Div, Fort Campbell, KY
Time Frame:1991-1994
Message:I'm currently in the 66th Rescue Squadron, Nellis AFB, NV. I did an interservice transfer to the USAF in 1999. Still holding the motto "That others may live."

Date:3 Oct 00
Name:Bruce Plumb
Call Sign:
Unit:15th Med. Bn. (MEDEVAC) 1st Cav Div.
Time Frame:68-69
Message:Camp Evans, Hue, Quon Loi, Tay Ninh, An Loc, Phouc Vinh, Song Be, to name a few.

Date:2 Oct 00
Name:Christopher Bailey
Call Sign:Renegade
Unit:868th Medical Detachment
Time Frame:85-91
Message:I was an Army Air Ambulance pilot in the NG from 86 to 91 and have been looking to find such a site for years. Thanks for doing this site perhaps I can catch up with some old buddies I've been looking for quite some time now. 868th Air Ambulance National Guard Unit Jefferson City Mo.

Date:2 Oct 00
Name:Paul Vota
Call Sign:
Unit:247th Medical Detachment (RA)
Time Frame:'74 -'76 and again '12/79 - 10/82
Message:Was with the 247th when the unit was "reassigned" to Ft. Irwin Ca. I was crewchief on 69-15929. On the ferry flight from Ft. Meade to Ft. Irwin. Who I flew with? Pete Dorland, Mike Yourous, Joe Bock, "Shondor" (MO@Meade) Santiago Lugo -good friend and top shelf Flight Medic. to name a few. Thank you folks for the site and hope to talk with members old and new.