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Jul - Nov 08 Guestbook Entries

Date: 25 Jul 08
Rank: SP4
Name: Thomas A Roberts
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 254/283/159 DUSTOFF Vietnam
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTfishfinder77@hotmail.com
Message: I had the honor of flying with the bravest men of our time.

Date: 25 Jul 08
Rank: E-5
Name: Theodore W. Sosnowski
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 507th & 377th Med Co
Time Frame: 1973-1974
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtedsosnowski@sprintpcs.com
Message: We were the godfather unit in San Antonio, TX. The first ones to start the M.A.S.T program in San Antonio. The pilots retuning from Nam needed flight time, so the San Antonio Public Service put that time to good use. Military Assistants to Safety and Traffic, M.A.S.T. was incorporated, and very proud to be part of it. It paved the way for civilian medevac around the world. Please research this and find all those who served in this project. They are truly ground breakers and should be acknowledged.

Date: 25 Jul 08
Rank: WOI
Name: Brian Russ
Call Sign: Blue Max 68P
Unit(s): C & B Btry 2 / 20 ARA 1st Cav
Time Frame: May 24 1970
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbrian1russ@aol.com
Message: On may 24th 1970 I was in the lead Cobra from Blue max escorting in a Medevac that was shot down. I witnessed Louis Rocco's heroism and helped write a commendation for a CMH for him (I didn't know his name at that time). During the cover fire we tried to give, I had my microphone blown off of my helmet by the fire we were all taking. I was under the impression that no awards had been given out for this heroic action until I read about it this spring (2008). I am glad that Louis Rocco was given the Honor that he deserved. In C Btry 2/20 we felt that anything we did was our job, so I want to thank all of those responsible for his CMH. I was a pilot for C & B Btry 2/20 from 4/70 to 3/71 and till 4/71 with F79th.

Thank you for allowing me to send a comment.

Date: 4 Jul 08
Rank: 1SG
Name: Wayne Cartee
Call Sign: Medic 1
Unit(s): 3/507th Med Co AA
Time Frame: 80-81
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTwayne.cartee@us.army.mil
Message: I was the Medical Section NCOIC from 80-81 with the 3/507th AA at Ft. Hood Texas. I was there when MAJ Dan Gower first took command.

Date: 28 Jun 08
Name: Jerry Berry
Call Sign: PIOMan
Unit(s): Battlion PIO, 3-506th, 101st Airborne
Time Frame: Oct. 1967 - Sept. 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjerryberry@currahee.org
Message: Just wanted to say thanks to all you brave "dust-off" crew members who answered the call when your flights were needed. I took numerous photographs of your ships coming to our aid, some during heavy engagement with the enemy. The fine, brave crew members of the 254th "Dust-Off" unit at LZ BETTY near Phan Thiet supported our operations (Task Force 3-506th). I would like to welcome all of you to visit our website: www.currahee.org "The Stand Alone Battalion" aka 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees), 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne. If you served with the 254th or another "Dust-Off" that supported our unit, please contact me. Welcome home, troopers, and thank you for your service. I know of fellow teammates who would not be alive today if it wasn't for the fine and devoted men of the 254th.

Date: 28 Jun 08
Call Sign: BAMA JAM
Time Frame: 1972-76
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrlefevers@comcast.net

Date: 28 Jun 08
Rank: SSG
Name: Teddy Aarstad
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 159th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: Sep 05- Feb 07
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtheodore.aarstad@us.army.mil
Message: CW3 Travis Workman, SGT Gary Adams, SGT Duane Harrison, SPC Jacob Mese, SSG Corey Barton, Maj. Pat Zenk, CPT Jeff Horton, CW2 Mike Espinoza, SGT Uladizmir Zasimovich, SPC Jaime Adame, SFC Pat Rose, MSG David Mererro.

Date: 11 Apr 08
Rank: SGT
Name: Claud Nelson Rankin
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 431st Med Det, Ft Knox, KY
Time Frame: 1983-1985
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTnelson_59@sbcglobal.net
Message: MAJ Warner, MAJ Collins, SPC Lyons in 1983-1985

Date: 11 Apr 08
Rank: WO1
Name: Robert Kunicki
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 920 (all pilots used same)
Unit(s): 377th Air Ambulance
Time Frame: Nov68 to Aug 69
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrkunicki@comcast.net
Message: We mostly flew solo missions back then with a UH-1A and then a brand new UH1-D. DMZ flights were usually dual pilot for the combat pay. Names I recall were CPT Weed, CPT Livermore, MAJ Haswell, MAJ McGowen, MAJ Rockwell (killed on flight to DMZ).

Date: 11 Apr 08
Rank: CPL
Name: Robert D Collier
Call Sign: Redearth
Unit(s): 8 1Fd Hyg Co/8 Fd Ambulance
Time Frame: 70-71
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTnui70dat@tadaust.org.au
Message: In the early piece 45th Air Ambulance (USA) supplied the DUSTOFF choppers. Anyone who flew with them during that time I would appreciate some contact.
Aussie Medic

Date: 11 Apr 08
Rank: SSG
Name: Michael Reed
Call Sign: Assassin
Unit(s): 68th medevac Hi./ 4/507 Ft.Sill
Time Frame: 1984-1989
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtipmastr@neo.rr.com
Message: Geno Minger; Frank Vasquez; CWO Bob Brockington; Tod Schess; Holly Dahlsied; CPT Weeks

Date: 29 Mar 08
Name: Terry L. Garlock
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtgarlock@mindspring.com
Message: If anyone knows dustoff/medevac pilots or crew who flew near Lai Khe in III Corps in December 1969, please ask them to contact me.

My cobra helicopter was shot down in a firefight near Lai Khe Dec 17, 1969 and we went down hard. I had a broken back, legs paralyzed (until after surgery) and the broken bird had to be destroyed by rocket fire from the air to keep the weapons, ammo and radios out of enemy hands.

I would like to know who was flying medevac to pick me up. It is not an entirely rational desire, and I have passed on similar messages myself from grunts who want to find the medevac crew who saved their ass, while I knew the chance of finding them was small.

In my case, maybe a broken cobra on the ground would stand out in memories among so many missions. Maybe someone even took a photo.

Please pass it on, and to all dustoff/medevac pilots and crew who see this message, you will never know how many guys think of you with gratitude for the rest of their life.

Date: 29 Mar 08
Rank: Firefighter
Name: Shane Reed
Call Sign: 8 Bravo
Unit(s): Kern County Fire Department
Time Frame: 1966
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTsreed@co.kern.ca.us
Message: I am looking for any info or pilot of UH-1H SN 66-16401. This A/C may have been part of the 57th. We are doing a re-build on this A/C for Fire and Rescue duty. It's getting a 2nd life, would like history on its 1st. We have one other UH-1H in service at this time. Goggle "Kern Fire Helicopter 408" for more info.

Any info would be helpful! Thanks.

Date: 29 Mar 08
Rank: SSG
Name: Oscar Agueda
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 45th Med Det (AA), 229th Med Det
Time Frame: 89-95
E-mail: DELETETHISPARToagueda@hotmail.com
Message: Retired, flew with the 45th in Germany 89-92 and 229th Ft. Drum 92-95.

Date: 18 Mar 08
Name: Brian Hjort
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbrihj@hotmail.com
Message: My name is Brian Hjort, I'm writing to ask you for help in locating a former DUSTOFF serviceman. Here's the info on him:
Name: Juan Sanchez
Branch of duty: Army
Occupation: Helicopter, DUSTOFF , medical
Time of duty: 1969-73
Place of duty: Saigon
Note: He might get killed in DaNang in 1973
Contact: brihj@hotmail.com or www.fatherfounded.org

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: WO2 (Australian)
Name: Ian Bexley
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): Australian SOTG
Time Frame: Jun - Dec 2006
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTian.bexley@defence.gov.au
Message: 159 Med Co Air Ambulance 6 month tour in Afghanistan based in Kandahar. Australian flight medic detached for local service with US Army led DUSTOFF team based out of Kandahar. One of the most memorable duties in my 32-year career to date. Best wishes to all DUSTOFF personnel past, present and future.

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: SP4
Name: Ron Salsbury
Call Sign: Sal / Grease Monkey
Unit(s): 507th Med Co. (AA) Ft Sam Houston
Time Frame: 87-91
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTron.salsbury@nmhs.org
Message: You're not gonna believe this, but this wrench turned into a Band-Aid after all.

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: SGT
Name: Dan Bryson
Call Sign: DUSTOFF Control
Unit(s): 247th Med Det. (HA)
Time Frame: Dec 68-Dec 69
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdanbryson@yahoo.com
Message: DUSTOFF 55 and DUSTOFF 59 thank you, you were in another league. It was an honor to be scared every day with ya. Oh, every night too! Can't remember what happened ten minutes ago but remember everything from then. Hope you guys are well.

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: CPT
Name: Todd Blomerth
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 2/143 TexAr NG (ABN)
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtab@blomerthandpayne.com
Message: Greatly enjoyed the ceremony on 1 March 08. I was immensely proud to be in the company of brave soldiers.

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: LT
Name: Brian Walker
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 8077th
Time Frame: 1998-2000
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTrubyscream@aol.com
Message: I love choppers!

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: SGT
Call Sign: COSMO
Unit(s): C CO 2-149TH MEDEVAC
Time Frame: 2002 TO NOW

Date: 18 Mar 08
Rank: CPT (Ret)
Name: Rance Jurevwicz
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTveteranprograms@aol.com
Message: FANTASTIC Web Site! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about your hidden benefits and how to increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension. http://www.veteranprograms.com

Date: 2 Mar 08
Rank: SGT
Name: Brendan J. Fergus
Call Sign: Turd
Unit(s): 45th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: Mar 06 - Present
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTbrendanj1123@yahoo.com
Message: D.U.S.T.O.F.F.!!!!!!!!!

Date: 25 Feb 08
Rank: CPL
Name: Quentin J McDonald
Call Sign: Q-Dawg
Unit(s): 507th AA San Antonio-- 68th Med Det Hawaii
Time Frame: 1987-1995
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTquentinmcdonald@yahoo.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 17 Feb 08
Rank: SSG/CW2 CW3(Ret)
Name: Anthony (Tony) Hernandez
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): HQ, 421st Med Co/159th Med Det
Time Frame: 1977-1980/1984-1986
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtonyHz@cox.net
Message: I arrived at HQ, 421st Med Co (AA) Nellingen, Germany in November of 1977 and was assigned as a UH-1 crewchief. MAJ Jim Truscott was in command. Later I took over the QC Shop and worked for CPT Joe Goodman and then CPT Bill Royer. I was promoted to SSG in late 79 and shortly thereafter was accepted into the Warrant Officer Flight Training Program. I left Nellingen in Jan of 80 and reported to Ft. Rucker. After graduating from Flight School, I did a tour in Hanau with the 3rd Armored Div, then did an in-country transfer back to Medevac in Jan of 84 and took over as the 159th Med Det Maintenance Officer in Garlstedt under the command of MAJ Lee T. Smith. I transitioned the unit from the UH-1V to the UH-60 Blackhawk, picking up our UH-60's from Ramstein in Jan of 85 when the Challenger blew up. I'll never forget the camaraderie in the Med units I served in. It was like no other experience and I have to count my two tours in Medevac as the best of my 20+ years of service. Keep up the spirit, guys!

Date: 17 Feb 08
Rank: SGT
Name: Sherri Hafner
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): C/326th MED
Time Frame: 1991
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTnum8of8@yahoo.com
Message: I was the ONLY reservist to join this company durring the war. And I returned home with them.

Date: 3 Feb 08
Rank: SGT
Name: Dave Stutesman
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 412th Med. Det. Helicopter Ambulance
Time Frame: 87-90
Message: No message received.

Date: 27 Jan 08
Rank: SP4
Name: Dennis Cade
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 4/507 Med Co (AA) Ft Sill MAST UNIT
Time Frame: 6-78 to 8-79
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmedco507@verizon.net
Message: CPT Jonny Walker, CPT Baker, SPC Brian Lane

Date: 24 Jan 08
Rank: SGT
Name: George Harvey
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 991st Medical Detachment
Time Frame: 1985-1990
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTskydiveharvey@aol.com
Message: Originally formed from the 348th Combat Engineer Bn, Birmingham Alabama. Eight UH-1H/V's were kept at Cropwell County Airport, Pell City, Alabama. Some original crewchiefs were Ronney Green (Bubba), Donal Macannaly, George Harvey, Gerald Wineman. Some pilots; Joseph Keating, John Edmunds, Terry Bailey, CPT David Moore, David Thornhill. Dale Onstead was a previous commander under the 348th.

I also was a crewchief/ALSE tech with the 348th Medical Detachment, (Mickey Mouse, Orlando FL) and spent active duty with the 242nd Aviation Co (Sugar Bears, Fort Wainwright AK.) And as Turbine Engine Mech Shops Plt. B Co, 5th Trans 101 ABN, Fort Campbell KY.

Date: 19 Jan 08
Rank: SGM
Name: Larry Lewis
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 3/507 Med Co
Time Frame: 1972-1978
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTtriplelranch@semo.net
Message: 3/507 Med. Det.(Lifesaver) at Fort Hood TX. from 1973 to 1978, as SP5,and SSG. Medic.

Date: 19 Jan 08
Rank: SSG
Name: Cowdrey, Robert B
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 32 and 33
Unit(s): C/3-82 GSAB
Time Frame: 2006-Pres
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTlasercow22@yahoo.com
Message: Just finishing up a one year tour in Afghanistan responding to 9-Lines in RC East in and around the Pak border. The most satisfaction of my life........having a part in saving the lives of Soldiers hump'in the mountains and braving the ever sophisticating IED's. Being a flight medic is by far the coolest job in the world! To all DUSTOFF crews and our incoming replacements from the 101st, fly safely!

Date: 19 Jan 08
Rank: SGT
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 54TH MED
Time Frame: JULY 2000 TO MAR 06
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmatt-whitehead@hotmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 19 Jan 08
Name: Michael Olsen
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 507th, 421st, 498th
Time Frame: 1969, 1977, 1980, 1984
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmjogal220@msn.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 19 Jan 08
Rank: SGT
Name: Jesse Garcia III
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): C CO. 2-238 GSAB
Time Frame: Sept 2006- current
E-mail:  DELETETHISPARTjesse.garciaiii@us.army.mil
Message: No message received.

Date: 19 Jan 08
Unit(s): 54TH MED DET
Time Frame: 1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjimmyjaymmm@aol.com

Date: 19 Jan 08
Rank: SPC
Name: Nichelle Robinson
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 61st ASMB Fort Hood, TX
Time Frame:  
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTnichelle78@hotmail.com
Message: To the family of Carletta S. Davis. I was deeply upset to find out about the passing of a great friend while she was in Iraq. I have been out of the military for 10 years since 1999 and when I heard of her passing I decided to join up again IN HER HONOR!

We were friends for a long time during our tour at Fort Hood and in Bosnia..we had a lot of laughs and cries together...

To her husband and sons, your mom was very heroic in all she did and she took the military seriously so you should be very proud of her!

I am now in training and ready to serve once again in her honor of a fallen soldier and friend!

Love ya Davis!

Nichelle Young (formerly Robinson)

Date: 22 Dec 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Ron. Sellers
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 237th Med. Det. (HA)
Time Frame: 1974-78
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTronsfyreniyce910@yahoo.com
Message: Assigned flight medic / MAST.

Date: 22 Dec 07
Rank: CW4 Retired
Name: Wayne Baenziger
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 107
Unit(s): 254th Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1965-1966
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTcamelface@juno.com
Message: Flew with the best people and pilots the Army had to offer. Finished my Army career flying a C-7A, and C-23 for a total time of 13,000 hours.

Date: 22 Dec 07
Rank: SFC
Name: Richard F Toler
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 431st Med Det
Time Frame: Oct 1984 - Apr 1985
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTfritz20326@earthlink.n
Message: SP4 Dawn Marie Comer, MAJ Warner, CW4 Jerry ? assigned to the 41st Field Hospital, 194 Armor Brigade, Ft Knox, Ky: of the XVIII Abn Bde (RDF).

Date: 22 Dec 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Ernest P Escobedo
Call Sign: El Dorado
Unit(s): 247 Med. Detachment
Time Frame: 1970-1971
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTchnknjk@aol.com
Message: I am writing on behalf of my father-in-law. He is here present with me and wants to find out more info on his unit. He would like to obtain info on reunions, patches and memorabilia he can obtain referencing his unit. He is very proud of his accomplishments and wants to find out what happened to his crew. Thanks for your help.

Date: 15 Dec 07
Rank: SFC
Name: William E Watkins
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 7th Surgical Hospital TDY 254th
Time Frame: 1967-1969
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTwatkinsdonnabill@comcast.net
Message: No message received.

Date: 15 Dec 07
Rank: CW4 (RET)
Name: Doug Roller
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 21
Unit(s): 2/421st Med Co
Time Frame: 82-87
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdroller@charter.net
Message: Korea-1979 Germany1982-1987

Date: 15 Dec 07
Rank: SGT
Name: Kirk Ogdon
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 377th Med Co. AA
Time Frame: 1977 to 1978
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTkirk.ogdon@us.army.mil
Message: Thought I would say Hi to all the wonderful men and women I served with in Korea.

Date: 9 Dec 07
Rank: SP4
Name: Mark Harrigan
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 540th Trans. Co.
Time Frame: 1967-1968
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmharr8207@aol.com
Message: Rebuilt Huey main rotors and tail rotors (general support level maintenance). Tried to make sure the aircraft were safe.

Date: 9 Dec 07
Rank: SFC
Name: Michael Personette
Call Sign: 214th DUSTOFF, Panama
Time Frame: 1989-1990
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTmichael.personette@is.army.mil
Message: I did a 1 year tour in Korea, 377th Medevac, 3rd Plt, Taugo, ROK. 85-86, then 3 year tour with 571st Medevac, Fort Carson, 86-89, then 14 month tour 214th Medevac, Howard AFB Panama. Operation Just Cause, first Blackhawk medevac to be flown in combat. Retired from active duty 2000.

Date: 24 Nov 07
Rank: SGT
Name: Jon Lang
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 236 Med Co./ USAAAD 1-228th
Time Frame: 2001-2005
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjpadler@hotmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 18 Nov 07
Rank: E4
Name: Isaac Green Jr.
Call Sign:  
Unit(s): 237th & 247th Med Det
Time Frame: 1972 - 1973
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTijr8347@sbcglobal.net
Message: I was a flight medic with the 237th at An Son heliport then transferred to the 247th in Na Trang. Many of the babies today do not realize the beautiful landscape and water, nor the beauty and grace of the flight wings as they wove tapestries of destruction as seen from 8 or more thousand feet as you circled, waiting for the signal to drop those thousands of feet in three spirals, then clearing the AC to come left or right and hedge hopping at full speed, clipping tree tops, swinging into river beds, using every bit of cover on our approach to the LZ pulling hard ZZZs to pancake down extract up a dozen casualties (more than the book allowed, we were not supposed to lift with 18 people but we did, every time, as long as the wings were not shot from under us). What a rush. We waited for just that moment watching the cobras in formation diving like hawks and the slicks giving close support above and behind the LOH's that buzzed in and out like dragonflies. God blessed, I never lost a patient, don't know what happened further back, but we didn't worry bout that tomorrow there will be more. Bros. Lynn, Daye and Bridgewater where are you. 817- 645- 9794 I never made it to Philly in 78.

Date: 9 Nov 07
Rank: WO-1/ 2LT.
Name: Paul E. Bartlett
Call Sign: Snakedoctor
Unit(s): 71st AHC
Time Frame: Mar 67-Mar 68
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTpaul@heliplaque.com
Message: In Army Flight School Class 66-17/66-19. I flew with the 71st AHC in Bien Hoa and Chi Lai, I flew Snakedoctor maintenance and recovery ship. I flew CH-21 in Alaska 1968-70. Thanks to Frank Heffernan DUSTOFF 48 I found your site. I have started a small business making Huey Rotor Blade Plaques. Check out my site www.heliplaque.com I hope to be at your reunion in 2008. Welcome Home

Date: 3 Nov 07
Rank: SP5
Name: Markham
Call Sign: conkiller
Unit(s): 498th Med. Co A/A
Time Frame: 1965-66
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTdustoff2020@yahoo.com
Message: CPTBasil Smith, also MAJ Pearson 1965-66

Date: 3 Nov 07
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer 2
Name: Jeremy J Oman
Call Sign: Boomer, Leatherneck, Medic
Unit(s): 82nd MED CO (AA), C Co 2-1 AVN
Time Frame: 2005-2008
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTjjboots@hotmail.com
Message: Flying with the many aviators, crew, and medics of the 82nd Medical Company (Air Ambulance), recently reflaged C Company 2-1 Aviation Regiment during Operation Iraqi freedom from 10/05 - 10-06 and 08/07 - 12/08.

Date: 3 Nov 07
Rank: Ssgt
Name: Gerald "G" Flint
Call Sign: GMAN BIG G
Unit(s): 791 EAES
Time Frame: Iraqi/Enduring Freedom 2003-2007
E-mail: DELETETHISPARTvolmedics@aol.com
Message: Hey, Flyers,

The Helicopter LZ is now open and available at Volunteer Medics Worldwide LZ.
The address is 2347 East County Road 600 North, Brazil, Indiana 47834 USA.
We have a 14X20 slab marked with an red/orange cross in the center. The corners are marked with red/orange paint as well. There are x 4 FAA certified amber lights on each corner of the pad. The orange windsock also has a light source for night time operations. We are 1.9 miles due east of Clay County/Brazil Airport. The LZ is open to anyone wishing to visit and or train for medical operations. You can email us or call us at 765-271-3760. We can handle anything from a 300CBI to H53 so come on down. No matter what you bring in you will have no less than 70ft of clear from rotor tip to obstructions at the field.

Ciao for now,

Date: 3 Nov 07
Rank: 1SG
Name: Daniel T. McGinley
Call Sign: Northern Dancer
Unit(s): B Co 5th Special Forces
Time Frame: 1967 1971
E-mail:  DELETETHISPARTtdanmcgin@gmail.net
Message: Just happened to run across your Web site, it's great. If you get a chance please look at our site www.searchour.net. From that page you can enter several sites I have built. I have a special place in my heart for Dustoff Crewmembers; they were our lifeline in Northern II Corps. I wrote a book (A Walk With Giants Vol II) that contains several stories about Special Forces Camps that were under heavy enemy attack, and Dustoff came to the rescue. I Salute You All 1Sg (Ret) Daniel T. McGinley