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Jun-Dec 06 Guestbook Entries

Date: 26 Dec 06
Rank: E-5
Name: Larry E. Armstrong
Call Sign: medic
Unit(s): 159th Med Det.
Time Frame: 1969-1970 Chu Chi RVN
E-mail: stillapanther2@aol.com
Message: I flew out of Chu Chi in Dec 69 to Dec 70. I remember CWO Jackson and 1LT Arnold.Crewchief was Amo Surles

Date: 26 Dec 06
Rank: E-5
Name: Barry G. Grubbs
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 254th Med. Det.
Time Frame: 67-69
E-mail: barrygrubbs@hotmail.com
Message: Flew with the 254th Helicopter Ambulance Detachment.

Date: 24 Dec 06
Rank: E-4
Name: David Casey
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): A Co. 3rd Plt. 1st/16th Inf. 1st Inf. Div.
Time Frame: 66-67
E-mail: vietnam6671@msn.com
Message: I was in country from 66-67, 67-68, 69, 70-71. LRRP-Infantry medic 1/4Cav-1/16 Inf, door gunner-medic 190th AHC- 118th AHC- 135th AHC, combat engineer medic 19th Eng Bn, DUSTOFF medic 82nd DO- 159th DO. I went to Ft. Sam from Jan 65- Apr 65. I already have a CMB from being with the grunts would that mean I would qualify for one for being a medic on DUSTOFF? I have crew member flight wings which grunt medics don't get. I feel each group gets their own awards for having done a different job. My job with the grunts was 24-hours a day on the ground without a bed or hot meals to return to. I was always wet with jungle rot all over my skin and blood on my hands and clothes constantly. We weren't always able to wash up very well. I didn't get much sleep and the ground sucked. I had "wait a minute bushes", tearing up my clothes and skin along with elephant grass taking swipes at me. The leaches were a problem as well. I think I earned my CMB and I earned my wings for flying but I don't think you can really compare flight medic's suffering with field medic's suffering. We both faced bullets and bombs but that's it.

Date: 24 Dec 06
Rank: E5
Name: Daniel Addair
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 571st DUST-OFF
Time Frame: 1969-1971
E-mail: woodstove@adelphia.net
Message: Hey! Wake up out there!
We've got us a Vietnam vet that wrote a book that's going on the market shortly about the 571st DUST-OFF of Vietnam. His name is Daniel Addair, or better known as SERGEANT ADDAIR back then. Anyone in that unit that knows him please respond. Send e-mail to woodstove@adelphia.net

P.S. I also have pictures of Tom Weiss, if you know who I'm talking about. I just hope his brother will respond to this message.

The name of the book is called, My Story, look for it soon.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Daniel Addair.

Date: 22 Dec 06
Rank: SGT
Name: Doulas Rosner
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Med Co
Time Frame: 1980 - 1984
E-mail: drosner212@aol.com
Message: I was with the 498th Med Co for 4 years and those years were the best.

Date: 21 Dec 06
Rank: SPC
Name: Philip Falkenburry
Call Sign: pip
Unit(s): 82nd Med.
Time Frame: 2005-present
E-mail: ranger002004@yahoo.com
Message: I flew with the 82nd Med till their deactivation in November. Now we're C Co 2/1 Avn. I served 1 tour in Iraq so far and more to come.

Date: 21 Dec 06
Rank: E5
Name: Mark Casteel
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 57th Med. Det.
Time Frame: 69-70
E-mail: markcasteel@peoplepc.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 18 Dec 06
Rank: CPL
Name: Lorna Gentry (Ward)
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 50th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: 2001-2006
E-mail: skye_314@yahoo.com
Message: No message received

Date: 10 Dec 06
Rank: SP4
Name: Phillip Holdaway
Call Sign: DUSTOFF Control
Unit(s): 54th Medical Detachment
Time Frame: Dec. 1967-Dec. 1968
E-mail: thfolks@concentric.net
Message: My duty was as a radio operator with the 54th Med. Det. based in Chu Lai. I flew a few hours a month as a defensive patient protector on our DUSTOFF helicopters. A couple of times I flew with Major (then) Patrick Brady, Medal of Honor recipient. I enjoyed flying of course and also hoped to be available when needed to lay down suppressive fire so we could get patients to the 2nd Surgical Hospital in Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam. My time there was from December 1967 to December 1968. I was a draftee but felt I should try to help the DUSTOFF Crews by flying as well as doing the best job I could when working the radio, receiving requests for Medevacs. I was fortunate to be awarded an Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross. I was aboard when our medic Steve Hook was severely wounded at a Special Forces camp known as Lonely Boy. I am proud of my service to my country and my fellow soldiers.

Date: 10 Dec 06
Rank: SP5
Name: Donald Chandler
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 024
Unit(s): 68th Med Det [RA]
Time Frame: 9/79 11/83
Message: Flew with CPT Dan Gower, Ed.White, CW3 Buck Thompson MAJ D Conktight.

Date: 2 Dec 06
Rank: SP5
Name: Larry E. Armstrong
Call Sign: medic
Unit(s): 159th Med Det
Time Frame: 1969-1970 Chu Chi RVN
E-mail: stillapanther2@aol.com
Message: I flew out of Chu Chi in Dec 69 to Dec 70. I remember CWO Jackson and 1LT Arnold. Crewchief was Amo Surles.

Date: 28 Nov 06
Rank: COL (Ret)
Name: Byron (By) Howlett
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 6
Unit(s): 52d, 49th, 1st Hcptr Amb Co (Prov), 82d, 45th MC (AA) 421st MC (AA), 498th MC (AA)
Time Frame: 1954-1968
E-mail: bybkhow@satx.rr.com
Message: Flew with the following units:

1954-1955 52d MD (HA), 49th MD (HA), and the 1st Hcptr Amb Co (PROV) in Korea

1955-1957 82d MD (HA) at Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX

1962-1965 45th MC (AA) & 421st MC (AA) in Germany

1967-1968 49th MC (AA) in Vietnam

Date: 26 Nov 06
Rank: WO1
Name: E. Michael Fisher
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 25
Unit(s): 498th Med. Co
Time Frame: 3-67 - 2-68
E-mail: alobar41@yahoo.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 26 Nov 06
Rank: SGT
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 3/507 MED AA----421 MED CO AA
Time Frame: 1981-1989
Message: I had the honor of starting my career in Fort Hood Texas where CPT Dan Gower took a chance on a private and let him become a flight medic filling an E5 slot. I rotated to Germany where I became a member of the 421st in Nelligan Germany. Little did I know that I would become a member of a unit headed by one of the most decorated and well known Medevac pilots to date. That man being the Medevac European Commander, LTC Benjamin Knisely. I learned more from those 2 med about leadership than all others combined. I returned to Fort Hood where I finished my career as a flight medic. I am proud to say I flew over 90 months earning my senior wings and flying over 2,500 peacetime hours.

Date: 26 Nov 06
Rank: SP4
Name: Johh Borgesano
Call Sign: Borg
Unit(s): 377th Med Co
Time Frame: 1982-1983
E-mail: woosterborg@yahoo.com
Message: CPT Matt Granger and CW3 Gary Ames

Date: 26 Nov 06
Rank: SFC (NOW)
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 68th MED CO (AA), SB, HI
Time Frame: 09 MAY 2002-01 AUG 2006
E-mail: francis.j.herel@us.army.mil
Message: I am a flight medic that served as a section leader and flight platoon SGT for the 68th Medical Company (Air Ambulance) out of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii (25th INF DIV). Our unit provided the city and county of Oahu MEDEVAC coverage 24/7/365 through the Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic (MAST) program and was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in both BAF and KAF from 10 March 2004 until 02 March 2006 while continuing our garrison mission in Hawaii. I personally conducted over 100 missions and evacuated over 300 casualties. The unit has been re-organized with the Aviation Brigade as C co 3-25 AVN and is currently conducting its DUSTOFF mission in Northern Iraq since 1 August 2006.

Date: 26 Nov 06
Rank: E-6 / AW1(AW)
Name: Bill Beasley
Call Sign: BB
Unit(s): 2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment Kuwait.
Time Frame: Nov 05 -Jun 06
E-mail: beezswimmer@bellsouth.net
Message: I was and am proud to have been apart of the long history of DUSTOFF. The Navy stepped up and stood the watch and I was apart of the first Navy Helicopter squadron to have the call sign DUSTOFF.

Date: 23 Nov 06
Rank: Civilian Contractor
Name: John Jones
Call Sign: Washington One
Unit(s): Reed Inc
Time Frame: 8 May 2206
E-mail: 4john@absamail.co.za
Message: I was hit by an IED at Rustimayah and was collected by American DUSTOFF 43 at Rustiyah and taken to ibn Sinai in the Green Zone. Thanks for the excellent work. You are very brave and deeply appreciated. The sounds of your rotors will be in my mind forever. I am in a wheelchair at the moment but should be on crutches within a year.

John Jones
8 May Road,
Athlone Park Amanzimtoti,
South Africa

Date: 16 Nov 06
Rank: SP4
Name: Jeff Leonard
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 431st Med Detachment
Time Frame: 1980-81
E-mail: jeff05royalstar@aol.com
Message: MAJ Ritchie, Pilot (CO), CPT Horne, Pilot, SP5 Bob Hesketh, Medic, SP5 Art Collins, Medic

Date: 15 Nov 06
Rank: CW2
Name: James M Becker
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 59
Unit(s): 247th Medical Detachment and 45 Medical Co
Time Frame: 1968/69
E-mail: jim.becker952@gmail.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 15 Nov 06
Rank: SGT
Name: April Burson (Krueger)
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 50th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 2004-2006
E-mail: queenapril@gmail.com
Message: I really had a great time with the 50th, I miss it everyday. Deploying for OIF 3 was a great experience, the best I ever had in the Army. I won't be out of the Army forever. . . You may see me again somewhere unexpected. I can't stay away for too long. Feel free to send an e-mail, I don't bite anymore!

Date: 14 Nov 06
Rank: COL
Name: Robert L. Rhoda
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 100 ('67-68) D.O.206 (I think) '71
Unit(s): 245th ('67-'68); 236th '71
Time Frame: '67-'68 & '70-'71
Message: 254th - '67-'68: CO was Vergil Milke; Some others on board were CWO Grant Bobbitt; Robert Peneguy (went to 50th after TET of '68), WO "Lumpy" Lamphier; CPT Jim Ilhi (my room mate in Na Trang), CPT Bob Phillips; CPT Paul Blumquist; many others whose names slip at the moment.
236th - '71: Had the honor to be the CO of this unit, in DaNang, for several months toward the end of my tour. I was preceded by Lt Roger Baderschneider, and followed by Charlie "BUFF" Jordan who, I think brought the unit home. I remember Lt Bruce "Mother" Molitar who used to bake a GREAT cake, Lt Ken Radabaugh, my OPS officer. There were many others but it was a long time ago. I found my way to this site because I was looking for Bob Peneguy. Found some pics and am looking for his e-mail.

Date: 10 No 06
Rank: SP4
Name: Dave Marchetti
Call Sign: Doctor Charlie 28 or just Doctor Charlie And also Swampy Leader Charlie
Unit(s): Co. C. 1st. Med. Bn, 1st. Inf. Div.
Time Frame: June1965-Dec.1966
E-mail: Ranger1@flica.net
Message: I certainly want to thank the greatest DUSTOFF pilot of all my time in Vietnam. I don't know this person's name, but his call sign was DUSTOFF 300. I didn't matter what time or conditions. This fellow was always there and giving it his last measure. Even on Operation Abilene, he showed up and told the ordinance people to stop or he would land on top of it. As it turned out, we had to turn him back, we had lost the clearing that he could land in, to the NVA. Our casualties were heavy, and even the ammo resupply choppers were afraid to come near our positions. Lt. Marty Krough threatened to shoot them down, with what little ammo we had left. That caused them to drop our ammo resupply, but they dropped right on wounded troops and killed some. An Air Force Husky was badly damaged and their medic crewmember (Air Force "PJ" William Pittsenbarger MOH) killed, but made it to safety. Still, DUSTOFF 300 risked it all to try. I sure hope he made it back safely. I think that a steak dinner would be in order. Tell him thanks from the 2nd. Brigade of the 1st. Inf. Div. and in particular the troops from Co. C. 2/16 and C. 1st. Med. Bn.

Date: 28 Sep 06
Rank: WO1
Name: John Aklan
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): B Co., 1-145th AVN REG
Time Frame: present
E-mail: w5x@yahoo.com
Message: 54th Medical Company (AA, Ft. Lewis, WA 1996-1998 57th Medical Company (AA), Ft. Bragg, NC 2002-2005

Nobody ever wins a war, just survives it.

Date: 24 Sep 06
Rank: E-4
Name: Jenn Jorgensen
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 8th Med Det
Time Frame: 90-92
E-mail: dementia@earthling.net
Message: I WAS the motor pool after the drawdown - remember the lovely closet (literally!) they gave us after we moved from Hickam to Wheeler? Of course most of you wouldn't, 'cause only one person at a time fit in it. Also pulled many, many, MANY nights of RTO. Loved my time with you guys - it was always interesting and never have I met such an entertaining group of people to work with. Nice to see you signed in recently, by the way, Mr. Spindler!
No wars won by me - but darned glad and proud to have served with the men and women who did make a contribution. Drain the swamp!

Date: 11Sep 06
Rank: CW4
Name: Gayle K. Braesicke Jr.
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): Retiredgbraesicke@hotmail.com
Time Frame: See below
Message: 45th Med - Katterbach, Germany 1995-1997, 377th Med - Camp Humphrey, Korea 2000-2001, 57th Med - Fort Bragg, NC 2002-2005

Date: 27 Aug 06
Rank: CW2
Name: Douglas R. Frank
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 2nd Plt. 507th Med Co
Time Frame: 89 - 93
E-mail: flycopters@msn.com
Message: No message received.

Date: 18 Aug 06
Rank: SSG
Name: Rhonda Barnes
Call Sign: NANA ;)
Unit(s): 54th Medical Company (AA)
Time Frame: June 04 - June 06
E-mail: rhonda.barnes@us.army.mil
Message: I love coming to this Web site and remembering everyone I had the honor to serve with in MEDEVAC. My assignment with the 54th was, by and large, the greatest and most rewarding assignment I have ever had. Thanks to everyone for making it such a wonderful experience.

Date: 13 Aug 06
Rank: Mark Clayton
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: bauple58@yahoo.com.au
Message: Thought you folks might be interested to hear that a former DUSTOFF Huey (UH-1H # 69-15616 ) has turned up on display in a small museum here in regional New Zealand, having apparently been imported as a spares airframe for a logging company.

The Gold Book records that 69-15616 was with the 68th Medical Detachment in 1970 and 1971, and also with the 498th Medical Company (July 1971) and the 236th Medical Detachment (Jan-Mar 1972).

197009 20 20 WBT4AA 68 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197010 93 113 WBT4AA 68 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197011 51 164 WBT4AA 68 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197012 41 205 WBT4AA 68 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197101 65 270 WBT4AA 68 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197102 84 354 WBT4AA 68 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197103 35 389 WBHEAA 68 MED GP VIETNAM RVN
197104 59 448 WBHEAA 142 TC DS VIETNAM RVN
197105 42 490 WBHEAA 68 MED GP VIETNAM RVN
197107 43 609 WBT4AA 498 MED CO VIETNAM RVN
197110 52 744 WBT4AA 57 AHC VIETNAM RVN
197111 40 784 WBT4AA 57 AHC VIETNAM RVN
197112 86 870 WBT4AA 57 AHC VIETNAM RVN
197201 15 885 WD64AA 236 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197202 31 916 WD64AA 236 MED DET VIETNAM RVN
197203 18 934 WD64AA 236 MED DET VIETNAM RVN

We'd be grateful if you could circulate this information to your unit colleagues, indicating that we'd like to hear from anyone with photographs - logbook entries - relating to this particular machine.
Thank you.

Mark Clayton
Tauranga Museum
New Zealand

Date: 12 Aug 06
Rank: CW2
Name: Morgan King
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): C Co 2/3 AVN
Time Frame: Present
E-mail: morgan.king@us.army.mil
Message: Hi I am currently attached to C co 2/3 aviation at HAAF, and just came from USAAAD United States Army Air Ambulance Det. 1/228 in Honduras. Glad there is this Web site. I'm a proud DUSTOFF pilot!!

Date: 8 Aug 06
Rank: SP5
Name: Robert Long
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 236th Med. Det. (H. A.)
Time Frame: 1968-1969-1970 RVN
E-mail: dustoff-ray@hotmail.com
Message: I was a crewchief with the 236th DUSTOFF aka Da Nang DUSTOFF. I was in RVN Nov. 68 to Oct. 70. I'm constantly told that we did not win the war. I like what one vet. wrote, " We were winning when I left ".

Date: 7 Aug 06
Rank:CW3 (Ret)
Name:David R. Spindler
Call Sign:Wolf 13
Unit(s):68th Med Det, 82nd Med Det, 507th Med Det
Time Frame:1981-1991
E-mail:None given.
Message:None received.

Date: 24 Jul 06
Name:Hank Ortega
Call Sign:Doc
Unit(s):Tiger Force, 1/327, 101 Airborne Div
Time Frame: 68-69
Message:Tiger Force, 1/327 used you guys more than a few times. Thanks for the ride, no matter how hot the LZ.
The Tiger Force Web site is now located at:
Click on the war stories link to read about getting dropped from a medevac!
Welcome home, brothers.

Date: 22 Jul 06
Name:Orrin Ormson
Call Sign: 
Unit(s):283 Med Det.
Time Frame: 1968-1969
Message:I flew with 1LT Angel, one of the craziest but most wonderful pilots in the war.

Date: 10 Jul 06
Name:David Spahr
Call Sign:Shark 2
Unit(s):174th AHC (68-69); 212th Med Det (69-71)
Time Frame: 
Message:I was a pilot with the 174th AHC ("Dolphin" - slicks; "Sharks" - guns) out of Duc Pho (LZ Bronco - southern I Corp - HQ for the 11th L.I.B.) in 68-69. Covered a lot of your missions as "Shark 2". In 69-71 I was with the 212th Med Detachment (HA) out of Ft. Meade, Maryland (near DC). We spent most of our time off-loading the wounded from Vietnam at McGuire AFB (Ft. Dix), New Jersey and flying them up to Valley Forge General Hospital in PA.
Also pulled a lot of stand-by during the weekly anti-war demonstrations in DC. My only victory was staying alive and trying to help others to do the same, an accomplishment that I am truly proud of. I've recently undertaken a new mission that is a real long shot but I'm hoping some of you guys might be able to help. I'm in contact with a Mr. Ken Melesky who was in the infantry based at LZ Thunder (just south of Duc Pho and just north of LZ English. He was evac'd from a field site near Thunder on August 3, 1968 at 0100 hrs with multiple gunshot wounds. He trying to find the crew that saved his life. I know that the 498th flew out of English and the 54th flew out of Chu Lai (HQ Americal Division - north of Duc Pho). I also think that the 68th flew out of Chu Lai but I'm not sure when they arrived. Again, I know its a real long shot but thought that pilots from those units might look at their personal flight records and see if they logged hours (night) on that date. Thanks for your help. I was proud to serve with you all.

Date: 10 Jul 06
Name:Tyler Cascade
Call Sign: 
Unit(s):57th Med Co (AA), 498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 1995-1998
Message:Now working for International SOS at a camp near Tikrit, Iraq.

Date: 9 Jul 06
Rank:SFC (P)
Name:Mark W. McCall
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 1977-1991
Message:Just happen to check the site, hello to all. I proudly served with the troops of the 57th Med Det, 247th Med Det, D/326, and the 273 Med Det (AA).

Date: 7 Jul 06
Rank:CW4 (Ret)
Name:Charles M. (Chuck) Clapp
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 10
Unit(s):498th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 70-71
Message:Flew with the best bunch of guys around. I didn't win the war but I tried to help those that did.

Date:2 Jul 06
Rank:CW-3 (ret)
Name:Ken Hughes
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 5
Unit(s):377th Medical Company (AA) ROK
Time Frame: Jan 75-Feb 76
Message:I am a member of the DUSTOFF Assoc and am trying to locate a unit patch and pin from the 377th. Can anyone reading this steer me in the right direction? Thanks a lot.

Date: 29 Jun 06
Name:Cory A. LeGars
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 192 Fighter Wing
Time Frame: 2001- Present
E-mail: hsocal@yahoo.com
Message:I send my condolences for the loss of SSgt Heathe Craig in Afghanistan. He was truly loved and will be missed. Always remembered, never forgotten, and always in debt for the ultimate price of freedom. May God bless and protect each and every one of you in this difficult time.

Date: 21 Jun 06
Name:Rob Adams
Call Sign: 
Unit(s): 498th Medical Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 1974-76
E-mail: grizz4400@sbcglobal.net
Message:I was a 91B2F medic assigned to the 498th Med. Co.(AA) at Ft. Benning. Best years of my life!! Flew lots of MAST missions for the Med. Center downtown. Lotsa babies!! Looking for anyone from the unit during that time, especially a little spit named Andy Moore!! His MOM lived there as his dad was retired military. Andy served in Nam as a mechanic and gunner, then was assigned to the 498th upon his return. That's where I met him. He taught me a lot about that aircraft, as we were assigned a ship together. He got out in Jan. of 1977. Last I heard, he was possibly at Pensacola NAS working as a civilian firefighter on post. Thanks for any help!! Have a safe flight!!

Date: 11 Jun 06
Name: Heather Woolever Sanchez
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: mrshsanchez@yahoo.com
Message:I was not, or am affiliated, with the Army, but my father was. His name was Terry Woolever and I remember us being at Fort Campbell and that was where he was when he was killed. I was wondering if anyone out there had any information or photos of my dad. Any information would be helpful. He died when I was four and I don't really know anything about him. Thank you!

Date: 8 Jun 06
Rank:then SP5
Name: Carlos (Dink) deMattos
Call Sign: one of a few Cowboys left
Unit(s): 173rd
Time Frame: 1965-1965
E-mail: cdemattos@yahoo.com
Message:I didn't win the war. I left before my tour was completed due to medical determination that I couldn't hear well enough after busting an ear drum. Served with the Herd in 1965 from April 'til Nov. Flew Horse Thief and DUSTOFF missions. Crewmemebers were a prime at the beginning of 65 right after the 173rd got there and set up at Bien Hoa.

Date: 8 Jun 06
Name: Robert R. Long
Call Sign: purple haze
Unit(s): 236th Med. Det. (HA)
Time Frame: Nov 68-Oct 70
E-mail: dustoff_long@comcast.com
Message:DA NANG DUSTOFF, crewchief nov.68 - OCT 70, GOD looked after me and I was fortunate to come home relatively intact. At least in body. I was also fortunate to have flown with PILOTS, who "Flew like Eagles, Navigated like Humming Birds, and Landed as softly as a Butterfly with sore feet".