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Jun-Aug 05 Guestbook Entries

Date: 23 Aug 05
Name:David K. Gunn
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med Det
Time Frame: 3/73 - 6/75
E-mail: Dave4surf@aol.com
Message:I was privileged to have served and flown as a flight medic with the 571st Med Det / MAST unit at Ft. Carson during the wind down of Vietnam. This time set the stage for my life to follow. Following the Army, I became an R.N. and have worked in emergency departments and air ambulance. Little can express the gratitude I have for those I served with. Thank you for the experiences of a lifetime.

Date: 14 Aug 05
Name: Charles Phillips
Call Sign: 
Unit:48 BCT BAE
Time Frame: 2003
E-mail: charles.t.phillips@us.army.mil
Message: Thank you for the efforts made to welcome back the MEDEVAC units from OEF and OIF. If you have the opportunity, please take a look at the units that "covered" for those units while they were deployed. I am sure you will find some interesting commentary. I would even bet you will would find some members of this organization participating. Thanks again for a great effort and a great organization.

CW4 Charles Phillips
Camp Stryker
Baghdad, Iraq

Date: 14 Aug 05
Name: Cheryl Fries
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: cfries@arrowheadfilms.com
Message: Arrowhead Films ("In The Shadow of The Blade") is looking for Texas Vietnam veterans with a positive story to tell about the Vietnam War Red Cross Girls (aka "Donut Dollies"). I hear they hopped a few DUSTOFFS to get out to the troopers. We're working on a documentary about their untold (and often mistold) story. If you have a Delta Delta story and can come to Austin to tell it, please contact me. Salutes to you all.

Cheryl 512-657-7880 cfries@arrowheadfilms.com

Date: 14 Aug 05
Name:Terry Martin
Call Sign: 
Unit:85th Evac Hospital
Time Frame: 67-68
E-mail: tjmartin05@sbcglobal.net
Message: Was medic & X-ray Tech. at the 85th Evac Hosp in Qui Nhon. Anyone out there that was there in 67-68?

Date: 10 Aug 05
Rank:LTC (Ret) / CW2
Name:Jack Cooper
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 81
Unit:82 Med Det (HA)
Time Frame: 1969-1970
E-mail: cd656@aol.com
Message: Flew with the 82nd in Binh Thuy from Aug 69 to Aug 70. Flew MAST Ft. Carson, CO from 1970-1972. Never flew DUSTOFF after that time. Off active duty from 1973 to 1985, returned to active duty in 1985. Took Direct to CPT in 1975 in Reserves, retired active duty LTC 1994.

Date: 7 Aug 05
Name: Gerald Sandlin
Call Sign: 
Unit:54th Med Det
Time Frame: 64-66
E-mail: gerrysandlin189@aol.com
Message: Was assigned to the 54th in April 1964 at Ft. Benning, GA. until May 66. I was a crewchief on a UH-19. Flew a lot with Bill Bush. The 54th went to the Dominican Republic in 1965. What a blast we had. My appreciation will always go out to the DUSTOFF folks.

Date: 5 Aug 05
Name:Tom Sullivan
Call Sign: 
Unit:326 Med. Bn. Eagle DUSTOFF
Time Frame: 9/70-2/71
E-mail: tsullivan@partners.org
Message: Wanted to see who is still around. I'd like to hear from you. Tom

Date: 5 Aug 05
Name: Bernie John Click
Call Sign: 
Unit:236 Med. Det. (RA)
Time Frame: 1985-1988
E-mail: bernieclick@netscape.net
Message: Just came across this Web site & thought about all the great people I served with in Augsburg & the 236th from 1985-1988. I was a crewchief during that time on(UH-1V 73-23717) & later after the Blackhawk conversion, on Hawks. What a blast those days were. I currently live in southern California and work as a Financial Advisor/Investment Banker. If anyone who was in the 236th near the same time, please e-mail me. I'd love to hear from anyone who was there.

Date: 26 Jul 05
Name: Daniel J. Monette
Call Sign: 
Unit:68th Medical Detachment
Time Frame: 92-95
E-mail: danieruu@gmail.com
Message:No flying here, just an Ops puke looking for some old friends.
Sam you out there?

Date: 26 Jul 05
Name: Waverley B. Reeves
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 158
Unit:159th Med. Detachment
Time Frame: Nov 70 - Nov 71
E-mail: Waverley65@AOL.com
Message: Flew with 159th out of Long Bihn. James Seals was DO 158 prior to myself.

I believe he was just mentioned in the Spokane Wash. paper ( Spokesman Review) for donating a kidney to a stranger. At least the paper says he spent a year in Vietnam as a "Medevac" pilot - you know how newspapers are.

Anyone know whereabouts of 1LT "Doc" Bezold or CW2 Chris Warnock? Bezold was with 159th and Warnock with 45th med. Co. (I think)

Date: 21 Jul 05
Name: Jonathan K. Schein
Call Sign: 
Unit: HSC-25 Det 5 Air Ambulance
Time Frame: About to begin
E-mail: jonathan.schein@hsc25.navy.mil
Message: I'm a member of the first Navy Air Ambulance Det going to Kuwait/Iraq to relieve some of the Army guys that have been doing this mission in Iraq for so many months and tours now. The more I dig into the "DUSTOFF" tradition and such people like Major Kelly the more honored I am to be a part of it. Certainly there are those that can't be happy us "squids" are intruding on their business, but I hope I can convey to you all that it is with a deep sense of that tradition and honor that I go to do this and I intend to make it my mission to see all of my colleagues feel the same.

Thank you so much for what you have given.

LTJG Jonathan K. Schein
HSC-25, Det 5, Air Ambulance

Date: 20 Jul 05
Name: Michael R. Supinger
Call Sign: 
Unit:507th Med Co (AA) FT Hood, TX
Time Frame: 1993-1995
E-mail: mikeshirlsup@bright.net
Message: While stationed at Ft Hood, Texas I flew with LTC Almont Nanton, 507th Company commander. While deployed in Kuwait in 1994 I flew with CPT Roupe.

Date: 19 Jul 05
Name:Terry Thompson
Call Sign: 
Unit: 2/12th Aco 25th Inf. Div.
Time Frame: April 21 1968
E-mail: hillpig@aol.com
Message:I was wounded at a village Ap-Chan 62 outside of Dau-Tieng SVN on April 21 1968. Myself and another SP4 were picked up by a DUSTOFF ship that day. I remember hearing him on the radio as he was coming in; DUSTOFF 77 was his call sign. I have yet to thank him and will always be in his debt. Thank you guy, who ever you are, you were the real heroes and always will be. I hope you made it home, God Bless you guys.

Date: 19 Jul 05
Name:Joe Wasylishin
Call Sign: 
Unit: 354th/498th/68th Med Co (AA)
Time Frame: 01/93-09/01
E-mail: doc.wasylishin@us.army.mil
Message:No message received.

Date: 10 Jul 05
Name: Francis Moriarty
Call Sign: 
Unit:18TH Surgical Hospital
Time Frame: Dec 69 to Dec 70
E-mail: efmoriarty@aol.com
Message: Our hospital, 18TH Surgical Hospital in Quang Tri, was supported by the heroes of the 237th Med DUSTOFF crews. We lost Mike Brady, Bob Hill, David MacLurg, Kenneth Nokes, Jeffrey White on 27 Sep 1970 and Al Gladis, Charles Covey, John Largent and Phillip Schmitz.

Date: 6 Jul 05
Name:Brian D. O'Leary
Call Sign: 
Unit: 1159th Medical Company
Time Frame: May1988 to Present
E-mail: brian.d.oleary1@us.army.mil
Message:No message received.

Date: 30 Jun 05
Name:Ron Lamboy
Call Sign: 
Unit:54th Med Det
Time Frame: 1971-1972
E-mail: lamboy51@att.net
Message:No message received.

Date: 26 Jun 05
Name: Walter J. Kent
Call Sign: 
Unit:68th MEDEVAC Co. ( Hawaii )
Time Frame: March - June 2004
E-mail: wjkent@hotmail.com
Message:I began my deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan with my National Guard Chinook unit as a door gunner until my real MOS was found out as a former flight medic. I was soon "traded" to the 68th Med of 25th ID who was short flight medics. I redeployed sooner than expected, but I will never forget the experience. I had 14 years on AD before this deployment.

Date: 25 Jun 05
Name:Neal Houston
Call Sign: Bugz
Unit:229th Med and 300th Hospital
Time Frame: 1987-1992
E-mail: houston314@verizon.net
Message: Was with the 229th Det w/ 10th Mountain during DS1....worked on a UH-60 Medevac.....take care all.

Date: 23 Jun 05
Name:Bill Bergman
Call Sign: 
Unit:236th Med Det (Da Nang Dustoff)
Time Frame: 68-69-70
E-mail: bilber@gulftel.com
Message: Hello, from Wild Bill - crewchief.

Date: 20 Jun 05
Name: Hartman
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: usmc2ocsd@aol.com
Message: Hello everyone! Just bought a great UH-60 Medivac model from an outfit called Scalecraft Models. It is fantastic and encourage anyone with an interest in getting one to check them out.
They are here: http://www.scalecraft.com

Date: 13 Jun 05
Rank:CW5 Ret
Name:Bob Bartlett
Call Sign: DUSTOFF 13
Unit:283d Med Det/Air Amb Sec Gorgas/ 54th Med Ft Lewis
Time Frame: 1976-1984
E-mail: bartlett@westar.com
Message: Flew with the 283d at Bliss with Pete Langhorne, Lee Smith, Charlie Davis and Cliff McGee and in Alaska with Mike Hale, Al Nicoson and Chris Seidor . Flew with the Gorgas Det in Panama when Dirty Ernie was there. Incredible mission; crappy lifestyle. Eight straight years as a Warrant in DUSTOFF and I still got promoted! I still tell vastly exaggerated tales about the missions.

Date: 11 Jun 05
Name:Eric J. Steward
Call Sign: 
Unit:45th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame: 2002-2005
E-mail: lightninges71@yahoo.com
Message:My father flew with Major Brady on the day he earned his Medal of Honor. His name was Gene Edward Steward and he was an E-5 at the time. He was put in for the Medal of Honor but was down graded to a Silver Star. I believe on that day when one of the helicopters went down, Major Brady and my father were the only ones that survived. I remember my father telling me stories of Major Brady and how he was regarded as a hero in our family. I am a crew member now in a medevac unit (45th med. co (AA)) and have my own stories for my kids of missions I was on in Iraq (OIF II). I received two Air Medals, but the thing I am most proud of is the fact that I can share, with my father, stories of our combat medevac days. I would like to get in touch with Mr. Brady so I could reunite him and my father. I would hope that he would remember my father because my father sure remembers him.

Date: 8 Jun 05
Name: Johnny Jameson
Call Sign: 
Unit:283rd Med Det
Time Frame: 1971-1974
E-mail: jjameson@lanl.gov
Message: Flew with Long Bin DUSTOFF 71-72, and 283rd MAST @ Ft Bliss until ETS.

Date: 7 Jun 05
Rank: Lumberjack
Call Sign: 
Time Frame: 
E-mail: nurstumpf@freenet.de
Message: Thanks to all of you out there! It was the best time ever spending more than 24 years with you ! Field training, BBQ, EIB, EFMB,...!
Thanks Ralf

Date:3 Jun 05
Name:Dean Muehlberg
Call Sign: 
Unit:HHC 17th CAG
Time Frame: 1969
E-mail: bearmakker@rap.midco.net
Message:I didn't fly though I probably processed some of your records at some time. I just published a book on my year in Nha Trang in 1969. It is titled 'REMF "War Stories" 17th CAG - Nha Trang, Vietnam - 1969.' You can preview or purchase the book by "googling" my name and taking a link to the site. You guys were all the best!

Date:3 Jun 05
Rank:SGT Now
Name: Timothy Godwin
Call Sign: 
Unit:D Co 1/111 Av Reg
Time Frame: Current
E-mail: heloflight4me@yahoo.com
Message:My unit is just becoming a GSAB unit. We will have med UH-60As and CH-47s. We just picked up our first medical helo and are expecting 2 more in less than a month. I am excited about this. I started my flying crewchief training about a month ago with some borrowed birds. I am looking forward to joining your association and will be a proud member knowing that what I do will save lives on the battle field. Thank you. Timothy Godwin

Date:3 Jun 05
Name:John Gilder
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med. Det.
Time Frame: 1968-1969
E-mail: john_gilder@yahoo.com
Message: Looking for Dusty Broad who was a crewchief with the 571st 1968-1969. If any one knows his address, phone number or e-mail, let me know please.

Date:3 Jun 05
Rank:SSG now, SP4 then
Name:James A. (Jay) Clark
Call Sign: 
Unit:507th Med. Co.
Time Frame: 1970-1971
E-mail: james.a.clark2@us.army.mil
Message:I was a Huey crewchief with the 507th at Ft. Sam at the end of 1970 till I went to Vietnam in July of 1971. It would be great to get a patch when the 507th still had Huey's.