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Jul-Sep 99 Guestbook Entries

Date:29 Sep 99
Rank:SP/4 MSG(r)
Name:John Dillman
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Med Det
Time Frame:Mar. 71 - Nov. 71
E-mail: dillmanjc@worldnet.att.net
Message:Flew w/54th in VN. Randy Prince I've been trying to contact you. Your E-mail must have changed.

Date:27 Sep 99
Name:James Kepley
Call Sign:
Unit:45th Med Co (Air Amb)
Time Frame:1964-1966
E-mail: angusscot@macconnect.com
Message:Didn't win the war, but helped develop aeromedical evac techniques while stationed at Ft. Bragg. The Army was so short of equipment at the time that we were training with overage H-19's we ferried up from Ft. Rucker. Have pics! Jim

Date:27 Sep 99
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
E-mail: JCONGRMP@aol.com
Message:I was hit by shrapnel at about 0200 hours on 07-08-69 in the middle of the jungle. I wasn't able to get out until over six hours later, when a medevac stayed over our position and took us up in a basket while the pilot hovered over the trees. I was with 101st Airborne, but working in Americal AO. So-since I have no way of knowing WHO, exactly, got me to the med hospital- Let me just thank all dustoff crew members. It meant everything just to know that you were waiting for our calls. Bless you all.

Date:17 Sep 99
Name:George W. Rose
Call Sign:Dustoff 710
Unit:237th Med Det.
Time Frame:Sep 69 - Dec 70
E-mail: gyakush@uswest.net
Message:I had the extreme honor and privilege to fly with DMZ Dustoff from Sep 69 to Dec 70. I only get to write this because of the outstanding crews I flew with.

Date:7 Sep 99
Name:J.D. Lawson
Call Sign:910
Unit:45th AA and Eagle Dustoff
Time Frame:Aug 70 to Aug 71
E-mail: jlawson@rts.edu
Message:At the 45th I flew with Tom Lacey, Tim Navone, Tom St. Hilaire and Chip Koss (a medic). Also, I flew with Stan Marcieski and Bill Yancey both at the 45th and Eagle. At Eagle Brad McKay was my crewchief.

Date:6 Sep 99
Name:Paul Coleman
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 007
Unit:498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:4/69 3/70
E-mail: 288paul@hbr.net
Message:I flew with WO Tom Jeter and WO George Knight. My medic was Tim Coogan. I was crewchief on DUSTOFF 007.

Date:3 Sep 99
Name:David Hertle
Call Sign:Dustoff45
Unit:498th Med Co. (Air Amb)
Time Frame:1968
Message:WORWAC Class 67-17. Made a decision at Wolters to send a letter to the WO assignment branch at Pentagon requesting Dustoff. My buddy Alan W. Gunn (MIA) and I went to the AMEDS class at Ft. Sam along with Art Jacobs, Chris Lucci and others. Arrived at 498th 01/68 and joined 4th Platoon. Major Mendenhall was the Platoon Leader. I spent most of my early years up in Duc Pho, some at LZ English, and had details to Chu Lai and Phu Bai Dustoff detachments and 1st Air Cav Medevac. Greatest hero of the 498th - Freddie Fowler, the bull rider from Visalia CA who at his departure said "The rest of my life will be anti-climatic after these 18 months. My favorite Medic was Brandon - "Hey Mr. Hertle, do you think I drink too much" "Brandon, you are the best #$%& medic we've got, when you cease to be the best medic, I'll let you know. Hey Doc, How's Brandon doing? The Doc's response - "He breaks a few ribs, but he keeps them alive" [Brandon's famous technique of cardiac massage applied to the chest with his knee] Best memory - Wedding of Pete and Peggy Burnett, 1968, Qui Nhon. (Flashback to 1967, Ft. Sam Houston - "Hey Dave, How was your date with Peggy? All right Pete, but really she is more your type!" Best officers - the second tour MSC dustoff aviators that returned with Col. Dick Scott. Most difficult thought - Last day leaving Lane AHP for Qui Nhon. "What was this year all about"? Answer - 2099 patients, 1541 sorties, some 800 hours, One DFC, Greatest Year of my Life!!

If in DC call me - 540-842-4824, Fredericksburg VA

Dave Hertle Dustoff 45 - Lane 1968 Flipper 45, 196th ASHC, also An Son 1969

Date:2 Sep 99
Name:Dennis Tabella
Call Sign:
Unit:1st Cav (1st APU)
Time Frame:Dec 1965 - Dec 1966
E-mail: dennis@defendersofanimals.org
Message:Was in Qui Nhon from Dec. 1965 to Dec 1965. Nice site.

Date:30 Aug 99
Name:Michael A Pergola
Call Sign:
Unit:498th Med. Co (AA)
Time Frame:4/66-4/67
E-mail: VNVoices@aol.com
Message:Looking for guys in my unit, I was stationed in Nah Trang. Thank you.

Date:28 Aug 99
Rank:SP5/W4 (Ret. PA)
Name:David L.Nicholson
Call Sign:BIG DAVE
Unit:2plt 498th Med. Co. (AA)
Time Frame:67-68
E-mail: docdave15@hotmail.com

Date:28 Aug 99
Rank:civilian advisor-MAST, Ft. Knox, Ky
Name:Bill Wetter EMT-P
Call Sign:
Unit:412th Med. Det. HA
Time Frame:1978-1981
E-mail: mgcsw@bellsouth.net
Message:I served in US Army 1970-76, Field Artillery ended up with a National Guard unit-138th FA based in Louisville, Ky., later transferred to MP Company. Spent 21 years in law enforcement and paramedic. Served as a civilian advisor to 412 Med. Det. HA out of Ft. Knox, KY (MAST). Later was civilian helicopter paramedic for hospital based air ambulance-SKYCARE out of Jewish Hospital in Louisville. Currently retired law enforcement and presently Deputy Director of Louisville Health Dept.-Environmental Enforcement Division. I have 1 or 2 of the original 412th Med. Det. HA full color shoulder patches (extremely rare). Huey bird and star of life on white crest. Beautiful patch. If anyone has HA patches to trade, sell, let me know. Best regards.

Date:25 Aug 99
Name:Pat Flanagan
Call Sign:Flash
Unit:283rd Med Det. (HA)
Time Frame:68/69
E-mail: patrick.flanagan@infocus.com
Message:Medic - flew with the very best. Would like to hear from all the others who flew out of Pleiku; the 283rd is under-represented on this board.

Date:15 Aug 99
Name:Chip Martinsen
Call Sign:
Unit:236th Med Det. (RA)
Time Frame:76-80
E-mail: chipmeister@centuryinter.net
Message:The very best years of my military career!

Date:11 Aug 99
Name:Eric W. Schaberg
Call Sign:Lone Wolf
Unit:507th, 3/507th, 63rd Med Det., 236th Med Co., 421st Evac Bn
Time Frame:1981 to 1991
E-mail: Ulfvader@swbell.net
Message:I had many nick names, Sparkey, Hawkeye, Lone wolf; during Desert Storm that was written on the side of my Blackhawk. I guess my greatest claim to fame was to be the first DUSTOFF helicopter to crash during Desert Storm on 19 Jan 1991. By the way, if anybody has information about that crash please E-mail me.  I'm trying to get the crewmembers, even though they are out of service, Purple Hearts. The Army is not releasing all the information (not surprising).

Date:7 Aug 99
Name:Gregory A. Brown
Call Sign:
Unit:Eagle Dustoff' Air Amb Plt 326 Med Bn 101st Abn Div
Time Frame:68-69
E-mail: gbrown2957@worldnet.att.net
Message:Eagle Dustoff - Camp Eagle - Hue-Phu Bai Did the best I could with what I had.

Date:7 Aug 99
Name:Larry McQuay
Call Sign:
Unit:68th Med(Chu Lai &HI)
Time Frame:1971Chu Lai)1973-75 (HI
E-mail: lmcquay@ktc.net
Message:I painted those birds white so nobody could see them.

Date:7 Aug 99
Name:Joe Lavery
Call Sign:73
Unit:2 Tpt Pl (Australian)
Time Frame:Jan 69 - Jan 70
E-mail: joga@netgazer.net.au
Message:I wish to record my thanks to the crew who dusted off my twin brother from a hot zone in Phouc Tuy province on 8/2/69. He said the scariest part of it all was being lifted in a sling(?) and fully exposed, instead of head down, tail up in the "J". He still carries some schrapnel but is otherwise physically OK.

I am currently re-reading "The Illustrated History of DUST OFF" by John L Cook. It's a small paperback I picked up several years ago, but gives a very good history of the Dust-Offs.

The only time I called a Dust-Off was to collect the crew of a chopper which crashed into the sea off Vung Tau. I was subsequently asked to give a report on the crash. Later I was interviewed by another US Officer who said the pilot may have to pay for the chopper. I then forgot about the smoke grenade he had dropped on the beach out side the Aussie beach club and the aerobatics. I figured he had certainly learnt a lesson. If that pilot/crew see this they owe me a beer, or two.

Date:4 Aug 99
Name:Bob Kern
Call Sign:
Unit:54th Med. Det. (Chu Lai)
Time Frame:1969-1970
Message:1969 Chu Lai crew chief Doug Caudell and Cecil Gibson 54th DUSTOFF.

Date:4 Aug 99
Name:Edward Thomas McLeod
Call Sign:
Time Frame:
Message:1942 to 1945 first with the Royal Airforce then the Canadian Airforce. He has a D.F.C. He was a tailgunner in a Landcaster and yes, he is still alive. He was born in 1918.

Date:26 Jul 99
Name:John Hassinger
Call Sign:
Unit:3rd Surgical Hospital
Time Frame:July 1964 - June 1966
E-mail: john.hassinger@mciworld.com
Message:I was a medical officer in the first MASH hospital in So. Vietnam, landing in Bien Hoa in July '65 -- We moved to Ban Me Thuot in early '66, supporting the 173rd Airborne, and the 25th Infantry, as well as the Big Red One. Our 14 doctors did 1500 major operations in 10 months, moved back to Bien Hoa in May '66. Many Dustoff pilots bivouaced with us (and brought good liquor) but don't remember names, so long ago. I flew several times with various units, but being wise, stayed on the ground as much as possible. However, I greatly admired those 19 year old Warrants, who flew like there was no tomorrow.

Date:26 Jul 99
Rank:LTC (Ret)
Name:Jeff Norton
Call Sign:
Time Frame:71-99
E-mail: jtnorton@midcoast.com

Date:19 Jul 99
Rank:SP5 CW4 (ret)
Name:David L Nicholson PA
Call Sign:
Unit:498 Med. Co.
Time Frame:67-68
E-mail: docdave15@hotmail.com

Date:19 Jul 99
Name:Dan Plummer
Call Sign:
Unit:326th Med. Co.
Time Frame:1981 thur 1986
E-mail: dfpsr@clarksville.net

Date:13 Jul 99
Name:Gary Brouillette
Call Sign:
Unit:498 Med. Co. (Qui Nhon)
Time Frame:1966-1967
Message:Fly out of Qui Nhon as a crewchief with the 498 DUSTOFF from 1966-1967. I left Nam to go to Okinawa hospital stayed there until my release in 1967. I never got to tell my friends good bye and hoped they made it out. Also looking for Jim Langford; thinks he was from Kansas.  Fax# 1 225 928 7206

Date:5 Jul 99
Name:Jim Claeys
Call Sign:2229er Charlie
Unit:4th Inf Div
Time Frame:Oct 69-Dec 70
E-mail: jrc48@webtv.net
Message:Real nice page. You guys did a great job for us 'grunts'. I was a forward observer with 3/8 Inf, adjusting fire for 6/29 Arty in the Central Highlands. WANTED - Audiotapes of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, incoming, cockpit tapes, AFVN, etc. Also Vietnam home movies on video and camcorder tapes of revisits. Have MUCH of same to trade.

Date:4 Jul 99
Name:John Blessing
Call Sign:EagleDustOff 999
Unit:326 Med - 101 Div (the original Eagle D.O.)
Time Frame:9/68 - 9/69
E-mail: blessjb@ibm.com