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Jul-Sep 01 Guestbook Entries

Date:30 Sep 01
Name:Jimmy Zednick
Call Sign: 
Unit:236th Medical Company
Time Frame:July 1989-1991
E-mail: jlmgzednick@yahoo.com
Message:Served with 45th Medical Company during Desert Shield, and the 236th Medical Company during Desert Storm as a crewchief (UH-60).

Date:30 Sep 01
Name:Richard Long
Call Sign: 
Unit:571st Med Det
Time Frame:Aug 68 - Mar 70
E-mail: birdiedoodoo@yahoo.com
Message:571st - Phu Bai DUSTOFF, would like to hear from anyone who was there, especially Bob Patterson whose last known address was Copperhill, TN.

Date:27 Sep 01
Name:Michael C Dougherty
Call Sign:Doc (USAF Paramedic)
Unit:39th Medical Group - Incirlik, Turkey
Time Frame:1995 - Present
E-mail: vmimedic@yahoo.com 
Message:Waiting to see if the Air Force will use DUSTOFF in OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.

Date:27 Sep 01
Rank:CW3 (RET)
Name:Ron Bowers
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 27
Unit:377th Med Co
Time Frame:Jan 1980 to Dec 1980
E-mail: rabowers@alaska.com
Message:I flew in Taegu (H805) with Mike Jr. and CW2 Mary Slaughter. Anyone who was there during that time please e-mail.

Date:25 Sep 01
Name:Robert F. Gannon
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 236
Time Frame:Jan. - Nov. 1971
E-mail: rfgannon@cts.com 
Message:Was proud to be a part of Da Nang DUSTOFF. These guys were the best.

Farmer Bob

Date:25 Sep 01
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Medical Company
Time Frame:8/13/68 through 9/2/69
E-mail: JS343@aol.com
Message:If any of you are out there, please respond. For approximately thirty-two years I have been "best" friend to Jeffrey Bennett, one of the cooks from our company during the above-noted time frame. You would remember him as the wacko who made green and pink potatoes on two separate occasions, one being St. Patrick's Day!!!

Date:20 Sep 01
Name:Al Walton
Call Sign: 
Unit:934thDental Det/101st Airborne
Time Frame:May - July 1967
E-mail: alwalton@paratherm.com
Message:As an attached dentist to the 101st Airborne in Duc Pho, I flew 32+ missions with the 498th as a volunteer "patient protector", mostly with a real gentleman who gave his life in August 1967, LT Howard Jon Schnabolk. The Air Medal, for which he signed, is my most prized military possession. It wasn't easy to say back then, but I had the highest admiration for all the DUSTOFF pilots and crew members I ever flew with. They were the best. Absolutely hated flying with those so-called pilots who flew slicks.

Date:15 Sep 01
Name:David Reeves
Call Sign: 
Unit:237th Medical Detachment (DMZ DUSTOFF)
Time Frame:1969-1970
E-mail: david.reeves@velocita.com
Message:None sent.

Date:7 Sep 01
Name:Thomas L. "Egor" Johnson
Call Sign: 
Unit:57th Medical Detachment
Time Frame:10/65-11/66 6/67-5/68
E-mail: tjohnson392@home.com 
Message:I am finally back into condition after the heart attacks and strokes. Have a new e-mail and as always I want to get in touch with the guys I flew with. Hope to be at the convention this year. Everyone has done such a great job keeping mine and Chuck Mateer's dream alive.

Date:6 Sep 01
Name:Neville Cullen
Call Sign: 
Unit:Australian Army, 8th Field Ambulance Unit
Time Frame:1971
E-mail: nevcullen@acenet.net.au
Message:In 1971 I was a Sergeant with the Australian Army, 8th Field Ambulance Unit and did a six (6) weeks with an American DUSTOFF unit to establish an ongoing course that my unit soldiers could attend. I cannot remember the unit or the exact date but the unit CO was Major COPE (I think). I had a great time with the DUSTOFF unit and would like to hear from former members of the unit. I remember one time we were out and called to an incident in Cambodia where the North Vietnamese troops were under attack we went in to get the wounded out and started to receive gunfire and mortar attack. We picked up some wounded and dead and others who tried to hitch a ride back to base. The American sergeant with me at that time (sorry I cannot remember his name) was going to put me in for a Bronze Cross but we found out that as an Australian I was not supposed to be in Cambodia.

I would like to join your association and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me and can fill in the details that I cannot remember.

All the best.

Neville Cullen.

Date:6 Sep 01
Name:Jason J LaCrosse
Call Sign:snickers boy
Unit:B Co 1st 145th
Time Frame:96-01
E-mail: fltmed2@hotmail.com
Message:I flew with the 159th Med Co (AA) from 0ct 98- Jun 01, and I flew with the 507th Med Co (AA) from Jun 96 - Oct 98.

Date:6 Sep 01
Name:Doug Sobel
Call Sign: 
Unit:498th Med Co
Time Frame:1967
E-mail: davery@lbl.gov
Message:None received.

Date:31 Aug 01
Rank:Sgt/1Sg Ret.
Name:John Ronkartz
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 236
Unit:377th Med Co. (Korea)
Time Frame:76-77
E-mail: fastz@chesapeake.net
Message:First off GREAT SITE! I've been surfing in and out for about 3 years and have made two contacts.
I got to Korea in May 77 and worked maintenance for the 1st 6 mo. and crewed for the last 6 mo. Worked and flew with some great people there and it would be great to hear from more of them.
Miss the pinnacle approaches, the urgency that we had during a mission, and trips to the Z.
During my 23 years, DUSTOFF was the most memorable!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Date:20 Aug 01
Name:Mike Phillips
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 16
Unit:214th and 247th Med Det
Time Frame:91- 95  99 - 01
E-mail: stanley.phillips@ca.ngb.army.mil
Message:Flew with 214th Med Det in Panama from 91 to 95, then for 247th, now USAAAD at Ft. Irwin 95-98 and late 99 to 01. Jumped ship at 19 years active duty to join the California National Guard as an IP/IE OH-58/UH-60  (Civil Service). Also flying UH-1s!! Best kept secret for you guys who have had a belly full of the Active Army!!!

Date:7 Aug 01
Name:Mark Skelton
Call Sign:
Unit:Flat Iron, Ft Rucker
Time Frame:1976-1977
E-mail: markman@onebox.com
Message:Wow...nice site!

Date:5 Aug 01
Name:Marvin E. Danzy
Call Sign:
Unit:421st Med Co.
Time Frame:Apr 80 - Jul 83
E-mail: dz_45@hotmail.com
Message:Just had a great time. Would like to hear from of the guys and gals that made it a great tour.

Date:5 Aug 01
Name:Bob Rhoda 
Call Sign:D.O. 100/D.O. 206
Unit:254th (67-68) & 236th (70-71)
Time Frame:Oct '67 - Oct '68 & Oct '70 - Oct '71
E-mail: magicvalleydoc@worldnet.att.net
Message:Two tours. 67-68 with 254th. Commanded 236th in '71 after Rodger Baderschneider. Also was test pilot and Maint. Officer with the Battalion & Group. Many memories, too many to get into here. Great people. Great pilots. Great crews. It was an honor and privilege to serve with you and one of the brightest spots in my life. Have since become a chiropractor. Practiced 20+ years. Semi-retired now. Teaching Physical Science at Marine Military Academy in Harlingen TX. Was a charter member of DUSTOFF Association but lost track when I moved. Would like to renew membership. Can't seem to locate how to do that. Look forward to hearing from you.

Date:2 Aug 01
Name:Michael Newport
Call Sign:
Unit:50th Medical Company
Time Frame:Aug 2000 - present
E-mail: michael.newport001@earmyu.com
Message:Not much to say but continue the good fight and saving both soldier and civilian life - Eagle DUSTOFF

Date:15 Jul 01
Name:Mike Sherwood 
Call Sign:
Unit:377th Med Co
Time Frame:1976-1977, 1979-1980
E-mail: sherwoodmichael@msn.com
Message:After arriving at Ft. Rucker in '77 I found I missed crewing for DUSTOFF. I took a course and received an EMT license and put in for transfer back to Korea. Arriving "home" I worked mostly out of H252, Cp. Casey. There I had a falcon fly through the windshield, lost hydraulics, landing in a rice paddy and then there was the 7 Dec '79 mission into the buffer zone. I miss DUSTOFF, we had a job and did it well.

Date:14 Jul 01
Name:Kerry Pardue (Doc)
Call Sign:band-aid 16
Unit:2/47th Inf. 9th Inf. Div
Time Frame:1968-69
E-mail: kerrypardue@hotmail.com
Message:I didn't fly--was a medic with ground unit. Forever thankful to DUSTOFF pilots and & crews who got my guys to hospitals. They flew day & night for us. They came in hot LZs to get my guys. Just a note to say thanks for a job well done.

Date:3 Jul 01
Name:Allan T.C. Wong
Call Sign:
Unit:Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
Time Frame:1980 to 1992 (time of service) with Air Efficiency (AE) award
E-mail: wkmfiona@hotmail.com
Message:Hi fellows, congratulation to you all for a very successful and respectable Web site which is commensurate in good proportion to your valuable service with execution of the highest standard of proficiency in saving lives. The RHKAAF had been in Hong Kong for decades, i.e. from the 1950 to 1993(now defunct) but succeeded by the reformed and renamed Hong Kong Government Flying Service (GFS). In the old days, we had arms, everything roled as a British RAF squadron, made up mostly of auxiliaries, part-time members, like your Army Reserve or Air National Guard. Now the GFS is made up all of full-time staff, government servants out of the government payroll. Before, we only had allowances and bounty (granted upon completion of annual training/camp and having attained the required proficiency standard). I was initially a medic and later an air-traffic controller. I had taken part in many search and rescue exercises and real operations, including those with the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Airforce (pararescumen (pjs)) coming from Japan and the Philippines and Hawaii. All good experience. Wish you the greatest success in due course. Anyone interested can contact me by normal mail, my address is Mr.. Allan T.C. Wong, Flat 307, 22 Hong Lee Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and my mobile phone is Hong Kong 6086 1910, if anyone happened to drop by Hong Kong. Cheers.