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Jul-Dec 02 Guestbook Entries

Date:31 Dec 02
Name:David Dennis
Call Sign:  
Unit:45th Med
Time Frame:1969-1970
E-mail: calif123@hotmail.com
Message:No message sent.

Date:1 Dec 02
Name:Bob Zielkiewicz
Call Sign:498th Med. Co.
Unit:Dec 69 - Aug 71
Time Frame:  
E-mail: sarah@sarahstorme.com
Message:Flew as medic. Flew An Khe, English, Uplift, Pleiku, Cambodia (I forgot--we were never there), Duc Pho (spelling?). I even have our "First in Cambodia" patch that we could not wear.

Date:19 Nov 02
Rank:E 4
Name:Ken C. Bohrman
Call Sign:Jolly Green Giant
Unit:571st MED DET, 68th MED DET.
Time Frame:March 1971-February 1972
E-mail: acebohrman@hotmail.com
Message:I was a crewchief on a UH1-H with the 571st Med Det based at Phu Bai and field site Quang Tri, collocated with the 237th DMZ DUSTOFF, OPS around A Shau Valley, Hoi Ahn River, Khe Sahn and DMZ then Da Nang and later joined C.O. CPT Steven Arnt over at the 68th Med Det as they stood down to Wheeler AFB/ Schofield Barracks,25th Inf. Div., Oahu until Aug-73. My onboard medic in RVN was Robert Clabby, from WY. I named my chopper "My Brothers Keeper". "California Dreamin' "on the crewchief's door. On some of the less intense flights we used to listen to AFVN radio on the ADF receiver and listen to songs like "Riders on the Storm" by the Doors, while watching the sunset.

Once picked up the crew of 237th chopper "Curious Yellow" after its hydraulics were shot out as a TOO close mortar arrived on the LZ just after liftoff at Hill (55?) Fire Base overlooking the old abandoned Khe Sahn airstrip. Can't remember the Curious Yellow crewchief's name...He was blonde and he cried as we left his wounded bird on the ground never to be recovered. All I remember is that he carried a Thompson sub-machinegun.

Thanks to all those great pilots who did things with a Huey that were unbelievable...never seen in the movies. Saved my butt many times.

Ken Bohrman

Date:19 Nov 02
Name:Terry Mathews
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 6
Unit:498 Med Co
Time Frame:June 70 - Dec 70
E-mail: arret4@hotmail.com
Message:I was a medic with the 4/503 173rd Abn from June 69 to June 70. I extended my tour and moved to the 498 Med Co. I was at Lane field with coverage at LZ English and LZ Uplift.

Date:31 Oct  02
Name:Jan Hornung
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:  
E-mail: Book212121@aol.com
Message:I am a former U.S. Army Huey pilot turned author. I am now working on my 5th book, Spinning Tales -- a collection of helicopter stories. I'd like to invite others to share a story/poem about helicopters for the book. Please see my web site for details. Web site: www.geocities.com/helicoptertales/story.html

Date:28 Oct  02
Rank:CW3 Ret
Name:Charles Brady (CB)
Call Sign:Vulture 22 / DUSTOFF 85
Unit:507th, 236th, 247th, 1CD
Time Frame:1981 - 1997
E-mail: cbrady@vvm.com
Message:DUSTOFF! I enjoyed my time flying DUSTOFF (almost 14 years). I was a Los Angeles County Emergency Paramedic in the 1970's and returned to active duty. I was first @ Ft. Hood (507th Med Det under Dan Gower), 236th Med Det Augsburg Germany (Roger Opio), 247th Med Det (NTC Ft Irwin) Dennis Duffey) then I ended up in Air Assault Camp Page, Korea and the 1st Cav @ Hood. I retired and went to school and received my Masters in Information Systems. I currently work for Lockheed Martin here at Hood. Once DUSTOFF, Always DUSTOFF! Motto: On Time, On Target!

Hope to hear from some old DUSTOFF Buddies

Later Charlie Brady (CB)

cbrady@vvm.com (that is 2 letter v's .com)

Date:10 Oct  02
Name:Allan Scott
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 23
Unit:54th Med Det
Time Frame:Aug 1967- Jan 1968
E-mail: dustoff29as@aol.com
Message:I flew with the 54th from mid August '67 to early Jan '68. I had the dubious distinction of being the first Purple Heart recipient in the 54th, and the best distinction of being a survivor of the .50(.51) caliber club! Pat Brady, if you happen to read this, please call.(360)966-0402.


Date:2 Oct  02
Name:Tommy Markham
Call Sign:  
Unit:498th Med. Co. A/A
Time Frame:1965-66
E-mail: markhamt@norman.lib.ar.us
Message:Crewchief/maint. also looking for you 498th Med. Co. class 1965 landing in Nam. Yes you, and our new 25 UH-1Ds. We lost 3 crewmen in our first year (Aug65 to Aug66). So e-mail me. I be in San Antonio, TX at the next DUSTOFF Association Reunion 2003. I love wearing my cap with all those medals; DUSTOFF cap.

Date:25 Sep 02
Name:Jeffory Hall
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 10
Unit:377, 159th Med Det, 159th Med Co, Flatiron, 36th Med Det. 44th Med Bde
Time Frame:1978 -1992
E-mail: jhall5@bellsouth.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:18 Sep 02
Name:Namon L. Hart
Call Sign:  
Unit:237th Med. Det.
Time Frame:71-9/72
E-mail: Biubum@peoplepc.com
Message:Looking for others. This is a friend's e-mail address, but messages will be forwarded on the same day.

Date:5 Sep 02
Name:Leonard J De Zeeuw
Call Sign:DUSTOFF 17
Unit:45th Med. Co.
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: ljdz@surfcityla.net
Message:No message sent.

Date:28 Aug 02
Rank:CW3 (Ret.)
Name:Fred Thompson
Call Sign:Shark 7
Unit:174th AHC
Time Frame:70-71
E-mail: fdtthom@gte.net
Message:Chris Callas, drop me an e-mail as my address book went up in smoke . . Howard "Mo" Modjeski is a Great friend . . John Souther was a schoolmate, neighbor and Boy Scout in our hometown . . . The Very Best to You All . . . Fred

Date:24 Aug 02
Name:Frank Shuck
Call Sign:  
Unit:68th Med Det (Hawaii)
Time Frame:Nov 1981-Nov 1983
E-mail: shuckfrank@hotmail.com
Message:Great Web site. Was a 91BFM with MAST, currently a Seattle firefighter. Served with MAJ Michael J. Proctor, CPT Gilbert Ortega, CPT Carmen Van Beber (Cuta), CWOs "Moon" Mullins, Wheeler, Cochran, and Buford. Served also with medics...Dave MacFadden, John Moore, Jeff Versis, Jorge Bustamante, Renteria, Sherman Hao, Danny Goya, to list a few. Would love to hear from any 68th Med Det members that flew in the "Bucket of Bolts" UH1's.

Date:21 Aug 02
Name:Richard Bowden
Call Sign:  
Unit:247th Med. Det.
Time Frame:March 69/Oct 70
E-mail: bowden@charter.net
Message:Was a mechanic and a crewchief with the 247th Medical Detachment (DUSTOFF) from Dong Tam, Vung Tau, and Phang Rang. After being discharged from service I was employed in the Republic of South Vietnam under government contract working on military aircraft at Dong Be Tein, Nha Trang, Qui Nhon and Saigon. Worked with the military and four other countries under the peace agreement in Phan Thiet.

Date:9 Aug 02
Name:Kevin P. Roberts
Call Sign:  
Unit:USAAAD Ft. Polk, LA
Time Frame:May, 2002-
E-mail: robe8301@bellsouth.net
Message: Very nice site! I am newly assigned flight medic with the USAAAD FT. Polk, LA. I've been a combat medic for 6 yrs., and this is my first aviation assignment. I'm learning as I go and loving every minute of it!!!

DUSTOFF Makes It Happen

Date:2 Aug 02
Name:Clendon Raines
Call Sign:  
Time Frame:November 82 - December 01
E-mail: clendonr@stjoshosp.org
Message:Just wanted to update anyone of my whereabouts. Recently retired from the Army on 1 DEC 01 after 20 plus years. Presently, serving as Director, Ancillary Services at St. Joseph Hospital, Augusta, GA.

Served in succeeding positions beginning at:

HHC/218th Mech Inf BDE - 80-81, SCARNG, Medical Platoon Leader 659th Med Det (AA) - 81-82, SCARNG, Section Leader 247th Med Det (AA) - 82-85, Section Leader & Operations Officer 507th Med Co (AA) - 86-89, Service Platoon Commander Academy Brigade - 89-90, BDE S4 421st Evac Bn - 90-93, S4 Officer FLATIRON - 93-95, Chief DDEAMC - 96-00, Chief, Logistics Center for Total Access - 00-01, Chief, Opns

Miss the mission!



Date:4 Jul 02
Name:Allen Courser
Call Sign:  
Unit:540th Barc Det.
Time Frame:1968-69
E-mail: swifthorse69@hotmail.com
Message:Looking for a lifetime friend that I’ve lost contact with. He flew DUSTOFF in Vietnam in 1968-69 around the parrot’s beak area. Name is C@2 Marvin E. Hammond. Might have gone by 'Ed' in Vietnam, never cared for Marvin. Last I knew he was flying choppers to oilrigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Anybody who has heard of him, or other sites to check, please contact me a swifthorse69@hotmail.com. Great site folks, welcome home to the VN vets.

Date:4 Jul 02
Name:Al Lewis
Call Sign:90
Unit:326th Med.
Time Frame:1970
E-mail: alewis@innernet.net
Message: No message sent.